How These 30 Cardinal Points Would Militate Against The Mills’ Second- Coming

Wed, 16 May 2012 Source: Appiah, Kofi


How These 30 Cardinal Points Would Militate Against The Mills’ Second- Coming :

? Blasphemy – the president takes delight in being called the Prince of Peace (Ghana’s Asomdwoe Hene) and till date no caution has been given to the boot-lickers to refrain from that. He is not holier than Pope Benedict XVI and the earlier he halted it the better.

? The president’s special hatred for Ashantis, his tribal sentiments relative to the Great Ashanti Project trauma. What have the Ashantis done to him, his wife, clansmen et all?

? As a result of above, the president was alleged to have propelled Sallas Mensah’s NHIS to single out Ashanti Region for the Capitation Grant.

? The Odododioodioo episode – Nii Lante Vanderpuye’s effusions – his posturing that he would use his last drop of blood to fight non-residents of Odododioodioo constituency i.e. Akan residents In the area to ensure he won that seat at the peril of his life.

? The Yamin’s secret forces (NDC Ashanti regional organizer) to be deployed in Ashanti during the 2012 elections and as you read this piece, the police have failed to invite him, let alone get him prosecuted. Is he above the law, untouchable, or what is he and who is he at all?

? Dziboni’s political terrorism against opponents in Kumasi metropolis during the electoral registration exercise and the special call by Supt. Kwesi Ofori’s swift action to subdue him and the quick rebuttal and humiliation from the Ghana Police Queen, Auntie Rose Bio Atenga, who was gradually gaining notoriety for herself, integrity and profession to don the party’s garbs.

? The president’s failure to enforce that appointees and ministers’ declara -tion of assets were lodged with the Auditor-General thereby compromi -sing gargantuan corruption. This still hangs in the balance. A tax law Asso-Prof. indeed!

? The Ewe Hegemony as propagated by Prof.Kofi Awonoor (in his ‘book’ to suppress all Ashantis – because of his unprecedented hatred for them and their Great Project) has rather been commended, patted on the shoulder for good job well done camaraderie and senior brother; he’s been promoted to be the Chairman of the Council of State to continue with his inordinate ambition and nefarious activities.

? The continued retention of Hamza Yakubu (a retired but not reinstated police officer against the public services code of employment) still at post as Commander of the Police Armoured Car Squadron and his uncouth, unprofessional, unethical and irresponsible behavior exhibited during the time Hon. Ken Agyapong was to be chauffeur-driven on an armoured car and escorted by heavily armed to the teeth police with others manning the water cannons and the tear-gas from CID head -quarters to the BNI headquarters.

? The Ghana Police bias and connivance as evidenced by COP Rose Bio Atenga, DCOPs Gyamena, Gyenin and Timbila – for Eastern, Ashanti and Greater Accra regions respectively; viz. re the Okere incident, the failure by Gyenin to stand up to challenge headquarters to be counted as hero re the bluff of the queen of roses and Timbila’s blatant lies re Nii Lante Vanderpuye’s vandalism of Odododioodioo area in Accra and police inaction for which he explicitly distorted facts to the public for fear of being ostracized.

? The president’s inaction to caution appointees such as Nii Lante Vander -puye, Kwabena Nyamekye Marfo, Eric Opoku, Opare Addo and the snake-under-grass gentleman Collins Dauda, MP for Asunafo South in their sordid bestial acts re the recent past electoral registration exercise.

? The president’s tribal sentiments re ‘adze wo fie, oye’ to divide Fantes and Ashantis to win the Fante votes in the 2008 elections. To buttress his point, he illustrated it with ex-president Kufuor’s re-location of all the cold stores littered along the coast to Kumasi that were untrue.

? The inordinate ambition of Fiifi Kwetey that reinvigorated him to lie to the world that Mr. Kufuor had sold all of Ghana’s gold reserves at the Central Bank for personal gains and no reprimand from his paymaster.

? The Woyome Gate Scandal and the feet-dragging by the Attorney-General’s prosecutors from pursuing the case at the courts are clear manifestation and pointer that the president could be an accomplice otherwise there should be no ‘cat and mouse’ chess game at Betty’s former office. As for Betty, the less talk about the reckless payment to CP the much better.

? The president’s posturing re the complicity of another anticipated judgment debt of some Gh?80m that has been allowed a gigantic place in the 2012 national budget was to test the pulse of the supposedly daft and ignorant Ghanaians was to see our reaction. Why reduce your credibility and integrity to such unprecedented low ebb like that Kwabena, to pose a serious threat to your offshoots in future?

? The swift manner with which the Vice President’s ethnocentric senti -ments radiated in the Volta Region to, as it were, heal the wounds of the Voltarians in their convalescence period was just below the belt. Since when did he realize that the people who, for ages, were unprotected now needed government protection and security before, during and after the elections? Was this not a fallacy and baloney?

? The president’s inability, inaction to unravel the mystery surrounding the sudden murder and identities of the murderers of the Ya Na and some 40 others will still beat him in his own game for gargantuan lies and deceit of the general public. Trust me this will affect the voting pattern and effectively reduce the Andani votes of the Northern Region.

? The total disregard, disrespect and neglect of the Rawlingses who have made HE Mills what he was today would backlash him at the polls.

? The apathy shown in the mismanagement of the economy by the Mills- Mahama government and the touted accolades of single digit inflation makes the president a laughing stock and a hoax. The hypocritical stance taken by the duo as if nothing were at stake amplifies the position.

? To quote a very celebrated Ghanaian businessman, the failure by the Mills-Mahama government to pay Contractors for GETFund projects, all the 230 MPs Common Fund for the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 as well as the alleged subventions for the Judiciary that were still unpaid, and salaries/emoluments for thousands of unskilled labourers under the NYEP will certainly work against them as great hurdles to clear. How does the government expect the bank loans raised by these contractors be repaid?

? The gradual loss of the Volta Region votes (popularly known as the NDC World Bank) to the NDC has psychologically affected their campaign strategy and more importantly, Mr. Rawlings’ decision to abstain from campaigning that has not been rescinded was yet an albatross on their necks.

? Prof. Mills probably has forgotten that ‘today was built on yesterday and tomorrow will be built on today’. This philosophical analogy simply means that if Mr. Mills were a good mixer and a listener without any malice, vindictiveness and vendetta, he would definitely forget about everything NPP and continue the good works – build his structures on the NPP’s gains i.e. infrastructure for instance, the over 10,000 blocks of flats littered all over the country for the security agencies today to help solve their accommodation drought while in first term of office (but not for fear that he would be criticized for not being the initiator) so that in the unlikely event that if he won the 2012 elections, he would actually concentrate and consolidate on what he had already embarked upon the so-called gains during the first term of office.

? As hinted earlier Mr. Mills would best be a mediator and peace-pipe smoker if he allowed private business participation by Ghanaians to help create jobs. The incessant persecution of private Ghanaian businessmen like the Kinapharma, Semanhyia Herbal and others that have been for ages been regarded as engine of growth will decapitate his party at the next elections because the multiple effects of the affected workforce is enormous and this will obviously translate into votes. Dr. Opuni should not be allowed blanket operation to incur the wrath and displeasure of businessmen to your detriment.

? The riddle and puzzle surrounding the damaged floating meter of the Osagyefo Vessel for 8 weeks that strangely rendered the operation of Ghana’s Oil incapacitated, leaves much room to be desired. The willful causing of financial loss to the State is quite alarming, unbelievable, unprintable and unprecedented in the history of oil production.

? The inexplicable Sovereign Guarantee for which the NDC majority MPs, allegedly with pressure from the Castle, quickly enacted an Act of Parliament for Ghana to pay some $250m to the Korean’s STX housing project smacks of a fishy deal; and the bizarre circumstances that were yet to be explained to Ghanaians have become an albatross hanging on the necks of the duo who cannot extricate themselves from blame. How soon do we retrieve that ‘good’ money? Abaa a yede bo Takyi no, yede bebo Baah dabi. Hmm. The tape measure that was used for Mr. ‘A’ certainly will be applicable to be used for Mr. ‘B’.

? The decision to spare the rod to spoil the child makes Mr. Mills the biblical Prophet Eli who failed abysmally to punish his notorious sons, Hophni and Phinehas till the time they were torn apart by the bear from the near-by bush. Persons like Nii Lante Vanderpuye, Yamin, Dziboni, Kwabena Nyamekye Marfo, Eric Opoku, Collins Dauda, Alex Kwakye Ofosu, Kwadwo Twum Boafo, Baba Jamal, Kobby Acheampong, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Fiifi Kwetey, Comfort Ama Benyiwa Doe, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Koku the ‘bully’ Anyidohu, Rojo Mettle Nunoo, Anita de Souza, Peter Boamah Otukunor, Dr. Annan, Queen Betty Mould-Iddrisu, - how dare they, Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, Ebo Barton Odro and the ‘inter -national’ celebrity Alfred Agbesi Woyome and lots more have been patted on the shoulders for job well done. The list is endless and hope Ghanaians were conversant and abreast with the names above when it comes to aiding and abetting electoral registration crime. Some of them could be legally prosecuted and charged by competent courts of juris -diction with ‘treasonable felony’ if Ghana were an advanced economy as well as in areas of gargantuan corruption and insults of first degree.

? The invasion of some parts of Ghana (Eastern and Ashanti regions) by the Fulani herdsmen and government’s inaction because it is alleged that there has been exchange of pleasantries (large number of cattle for ranching has been doled out to persons in authority) hence the adamant posture of government.

? The Mills-Mahama inaction and insensitivity to provide water for even the residents of the Accra metropolis and jumping the gun for fame by sending water to Togo makes the whole scenario a nonsensical issue to be understood by any discerning and well meaning person.

? The Philomena ‘Pettinga’ Nyarko’s proud defence of the Population and Housing Census for 2010 by the Ghana Statistical Service for which to date, no clue has been given and her ‘silly’ and unjustifiable rhetoric on air gradually erodes Mills’ chances. Who does she think she was fooling? Give us the figures, rather, you veer off and try to distract public attention and stray to the gutters. Idiocy, isn’t it? S H A M E unto you!

? The IMF fine of $38m was as a result of the incompetence and ineptitude of the duo (Mr. Amissah Arthur and Dr. Kwabea Dufuor) who, in their capacities as deputy Minister of Finance and BOG Governor, allegedly fidgeted facts and figures to merit sympathy but were found out. This same duo was being propped by the Mills-Mahama in the vice versa positions in government. How?

In view of the above revelations however, Ghanaians and for that matter, the majority who cherish principles, ideals and social justice, would not waste time but to definitely vote out the NDC that is pregnant with unguarded insults that have never ever been disciplined by the paymaster, gargantuan corruption that has never been checked, nor allowed for prosecution; and the countless number of gluttonous men and women of integrity who probably wash their faces from the chin to the forehead every morning and eat with both hands and legs but were allowed to loot the national kitty. Would they take a cue from Messrs Wade and Nicolas Sarkozy of Senegal and France respectively as yardstick to determine their fate? By: kofiappiah2002@yahoo.com

Columnist: Appiah, Kofi