President Mahama relishes the Fantasies of his Ignorance

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It does not cost anyone anything to tickle him or herself and laugh hahahahahahaha. It does not cost an ignorant person with difficulty to understand the realities of daily life anything. However, it is a great cost to the populace to entrust their welfare into the hands of an ignorant person.

John Dramani Mahama alias JDM = Judgment Debt Manager, is purely ignorant of the hardships confronting the majority of Ghanaians today. He is also ignorant of their real aspirations. He only hopes to dwell on the sycophancy of the NDC propagandists to run the nation. Let him understand that we do not run a nation on propaganda, sycophancy and utter perpetration and perpetuation of official corruption.

Caretaker-President Mahama claims he is not corrupt and thereby dares anyone who believes otherwise to take him to court. He asserts with certainty his readiness to appear before any Investigative Body to answer any perceived allegations of corruption relating to him. He purports to be as sparkling as the Sun or snow when it comes to declaring his incorruptibility.

I strongly believe he is as corrupt as the word corruption. Was he not in charge of the Presidential or Ghana Economic Management Team during the Mills/Mahama led government? Was it not under his watch that crooks as Alfred Agbesi Woyome fraudulently availed themselves of dished out gargantuan "judgment debt payments?" Did he not come to tell Ghanaians the late President Mills gave him unrestricted powers and limitless space to run the affairs of Ghana? Moreover, what became the order of the day - unprecedented ascendancy of official corruption? Were Government Ministers and some NDC gurus not always siding with, defending, and assisting pure crooks to swindle Ghana on "let's chop it waawaa" basis?

President Mahama as completely ignorant of the major enabling factors for economic and human resource development of a nation, he made an initial big fool of himself by rubbishing Nana Akuffo-Addo's flagship free Senior High School (SHS) education. Having concluded that Ghanaians have rallied behind Nana on that one note, he is now embracing same policy by arguing blindly that, that policy is not the brainchild of Nana Addo since it is enshrined in the nation's Constitution. How confused this caretaker-President is, is amazing. Implementing a policy is different from the policy sitting in the Constitution collecting dust all over it.

He is again rubbishing Nana Addo's policy on free National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) by saying it is not possible to achieve. Was it the reason why they have almost allowed the NHIS to collapse? To the NDC and their leader, there is nothing feasible except the policy of conniving to pay out huge judgment debts to fraudsters of all sorts and shapes.

How would Ghanaians see themselves if they vote President Mahama for power? His incompetence, mediocrity, visionless amidst pomposity will plunge Ghana further down the abyss of poverty, lawlessness and economic doom.

It does not take youthfulness, corruptibility and levelling of vain accusations of "he can't do it", to rule a nation. Nevertheless, such is the persona, John Dramani Mahama? that we are dealing with.

Finally, my late father of blessed memory kept on imparting to me one useful message I want to share with my readers today. He always said, "When a father falls ill, the wish of his nephew is, uncle should die so that I can inherit his property. Whereas the prayer of his son will be, God please allow my father to live so that when he eats, I will also have something to eat". When President Mills passed, I heard then Vice President Mahama was jubilant. He said, "It is within the design of God for President Mills to die so that I can also become the President of Ghana. He never felt pity for the demised President much as his only son did. Yes, Atta Mills died for you and the NDC but I assure you that your joy will only be for a short while regardless what the Electoral Commissioner does. It is within God's design that you rule until 7th or 13th January 2013 then you hand over to his appointed one, Nana Dankwa Akuffo-Addo alias "Obuggie"

I therefore call all on discerning Ghanaians, regardless of which political persuasion you belong in to vote for Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP. Your future is in your hands. The decision of how you chart your life belongs to you. However, I appeal to you to be sensible. Vote as I have pleaded for.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson