How To Identify Npp Supporters In Ghana

Sat, 7 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When the ban on party Politics was lifted on May 18th 1992 by the former Chairman of the PNDC Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings, the Danquah/Busia Club was turned into a political party called the New Patriotic Party which most well meaning Ghanaians prefer to call several names including,

1. National Pick Pockets – NPP

2. Narcotic Peddlers Party – NPP

3. Non Performing Party – NPP

4. Negative Peoples Party – NPP etc.

They are not correct men and women and

one can easily identify them in Ghana by the way they butcher the Queen’s English since God has overturned their acid tongues UPSIDE DOWN and they pronounce some English words wrongly and very strangely especially when the letter “R” is involved. Now, keep your fingers crossed and see how they pronounce certain English words nation wide.

Correct English Words NPP Members Wrong Pronunciations

1. Eric Elic

2. Roman Wroman

3. Correct Collect- what are you going to collect?

4. Pronounce Plonounce

5. Worry Wolly

6. Fry Fly

7. Merry Melly

8. Criminal Climinal

9. Rough Lough

10. Congregation Conglegation

11. Corinthians Colinthians

12. Corroborate Collabolate

13. Comprehension Complehension

14. Compromise Complomise

15. Prying Eyes Plying Eyes

16. Primitive Plimitive

17. Crane Clane

18. Frontier Force Flontier Force

19. Fabricate Fablicate

20. Correspondence Collespondence

21. Cripple Clipple

22. Cricket Clicket

23. Crooks Clooks

24. Ingredient Inglidient

25. Ingratitude Inglatitude

26. Gratitude Glatitude

27. Grasshopper Glasshopper

28. Graduates Gladuates

29. Surroundings Sulloundings

30. Prostitute Plostitute

31. Prosecutor Plosecutor

32. Front Flont

33. Drastic Dlastic

34. Prevent Plevent

35. Crash Helmet Clash Helmet

36. Grass cutter Glass cutter

37. Crocodile Clocodile

38. One Wayne

39. Drone Dlone

40. Drinking water Dlinking water

41. Forensic Audit Folensic Audit

42. Forest Folest

43. Ivory Coast Ivoly Coast

44. Horrible Hollible

45. Rough Road Lough Load

46. Kangaroo Kangaloo

47. Northern Region Norfen Legion

48. Karaga Kalaga

49. Laribanga Lalibanga

50. Principal Plincipal

51. String Stling

52. Arrogant Allogant

53. Period Peliod

54. Proud Ploud

55.Serious Selious

56. Trouble Tlouble

57. Crooked Clooked

58. Very Good Vely Good

59. Terrible Tellible

60. Congress Congless.

These dangerous species in the NPP are so arrogant and very proud that they always refuse to be corrected. Ghana is in a serious trouble because we must RE-EDUCATE THEM.

Even if their knowledge of English is good, they always have problems with pronunciations. But because they are very intolerant and hostile, it will be very difficult to tame these violent members of the UP tradition which the NPP represent today 2011, since they believe falsely that Ghana belong to them more than Any other political party or ethnic group in this country. I am therefore so afraid that they will continue to find it notoriously difficult to pronounce English words correctly from BIRTH to DEATH because as I was drafting this article for publication while sitting in front of my room, a group of known NPP members were saying that they had no problem with Nana Akuffo Addo since he is their Flagbearer and this was what they said when passing by my house:

Problem they pronounced it ploblem

Proof will pronounce Ploof

Prone “””””””””””””” plone

Prong “””””””””””””” plong

Project “””””””””””””” ploject

Profile “””””””””””””” plofile

Promote ‘’”””””””””””” plomote

Prominent “”””””””””””” plominent

Profit ‘””””””””””””” Plofit

Progress Party (PP)-1969 “”””””””””””” Plogless Party

Popular Front Party (PEP)-1979 “”””””” Popular Flont party

The tongues of the NPP members will remain overtuned if they refuse to join the NDC. The progress Party was formed by Dr. K .A. Busia in 1969 with him as the Flagbearer, the CPP was banned for 10 years by Afrifa’s NIC before Dr. Busia contested against His Own shadow and won the general Elections in a landslide. That was why their slogan was this ‘’Eye Progress, Eye sure”_” Eye Pro, _Eye sure”. They were Too Sure of winning that election Dr.Kwame Nkrumah’S well organized Party, the CPP was totally banned, so when the late K.A. Gbedemah even won his seat as an MP in the Volta Region , he was still disqualified from taking his seat in parliament on the ticket of the National Alliance of Liberals (NAL) the political party he formed in 1969 to contest that election. In 1979, the Second political party called the Popular Front Party (PFP) was also formed by the late Victor Owusu, a former Attorney General in the Busia government in 1969. Victor Owusu was a fine lawyer who could have won the general elections but lost it to the late Dr. Hilla Limann’s Peoples National Party (PNP) in 1979 and power was handed over to him after the House Cleaning Exercise by the No Nonsense AFRC Military Junta chaired by J.J Rawlings on June 4 1979 in this country –but for that Uprising, the elections would have been RIGGED in favour of the late Victor Owusu who paid a heavy price in the Volta Region for saying that “Ewes were inward looking people, and whenever an Ewe becomes a Department Head, 80% of his staff will be Ewes “ and that ethnocentric remark has been haunting the UP tradition which the NPP represent today 2011 since 1979. Even though he apologized to them by slaughtering 2 bulls the Ewes rejected his apology for good. When Ex-Prez. Kufour was elected the President of Ghana, didn’t we see 90% of his appointees coming from the Ashanti Region from 2001-2008. I am done. ALUTA CONTINUA!

“Jaanbie Iwaii”





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement