A Ghana without corruption

Sat, 16 Jun 2018 Source: Amadu Muntawakilu D.

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Some time ago, around August 2017. I saw a very nice article on this noble platform titled: “what if our leaders were not corrupt”. Where the writer deeply expressed his thoughts and emotions on the topic. This really touched me and compelled me to also give my thoughts on it; especially, with the recent trending corruption scandal within the GFA.

Among the thousands of definitions for a leader, I choose to simply infer that, a leader is a person in whom the well-being of a group is entrusted. Trust! Trust is a very expensive thing. An even more expensive thing to hand over to another. But as humans, we confide in faith and entrust ourselves, our families and our land to our leaders (traditional or political) who forget that faith is priceless! How many of our leaders ponder and realize the worth of the trust put in them?

How many of them live up to that trust?

When I look at myself, ponder upon the difficulties that I encounter every day, then consider the fact that I am considered to be among the privileged of our society; it makes me wonder, “does that minister who has stolen millions of dollars from the state understand the tears of a mother?”

Does he have a feel of what it is like to have dreams that never come true?

The state minister for roads and highways, does he sleep well after reading reports of bloody accidents that were caused by poor road maintenance whiles his accounts are well tarred? I can only wonder.

Ghanaian leaders, let us not misunderstand “kingship” for “leadership”. It is a king’s duty to rule and a leader’s duty to serve. Service to the nation first, before any other. It is high time our national pledge and oaths of office meant something to us.

Once I chanced upon a saying that relates in effect: “the biggest tragedy of a country is to be under the leadership of vile and corrupt men”. Is it not true that we have been living in tragic moments with the alarming increase in corruption in our part of the world especially, when efforts are being made to incorporate corruption into the norm?

“What if our leaders were not corrupt?” Our country would have been a better place. A happy place where dreams come true, even though the greedy will disagree because their bellies are insatiable.

Ghana as a country has significant problems across all sectors since time immemorial: our education, health, employment, water, electricity, food, finance and economic statuses are in a constant state of instability. Everyone keeps expressing the difficulty of situations under every government, it seems like nothing is getting better and our hope keeps shrinking.

We are still been praised as a Country with rich mineral resources, agricultural wealth, and oil! Taxes of all sorts are accumulated from each and every individual, private institution and government institution. Our tertiary institutions keep earning billions of Ghana Cedis from fees and so on, yet our educational system is collapsing!

We are still borrowing and seeking foreign aid, while foreign looters called “investors” troop into our country to treasure hunt. Our exuberant youth keep searching for means of flying, swimming or even trekking out of this country for meagre jobs in foreign lands.

Our leaders with strong religious backgrounds find it difficult to let go of corruption; why? Corruption is killing us, corruption is worse than Ebola! Our job insecurity, our educational fluctuation, high unemployment, poor health care, high cost of living and economic uncertainty are all the outcomes of corrupt leadership.

Our political leaders to be specific, make promises to better our lives across all aspects, but in power, it becomes clear that they only lied and that, state looting seems to be only aim.

How beautiful Ghana would be had our leaders had integrity.

Must we never grow? We had an economy far better than China’s at independence, but with our corruption and with their honesty, we have a Ghana under aid, while they have a China beyond aid.

When –should I say 'If'– our leaders set their minds right, we will build a better Ghana. Ghana would be an Eden on earth.

We all know the beauty in living and serving others, but we cannot attain that goodness if we do not get rid of our corrupt attitude. Let us serve the people right, but remember;

No matter what profession you may practice, you are a leader in a way. So before you blame or criticize the higher officials, let your conscience serve you right.

Always remember an ideal Ghana is a Ghana without corruption, a Ghana in which each and every person wakes up feeling blessed, positive and alive because there is work to do, good food and water, stable electricity, adequate health facilities, a well-established educational system among the many.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Amadu Muntawakilu D.

Columnist: Amadu Muntawakilu D.