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How committed is Isaac Osei To NPP & Subin

It is my pleasure as a responsible party member and concerned resident of Subin Constituency to write to respond to your questions raised through the email under the above subject matter dated Thursday, August 2, 2007.

In the first place, I would like to assure you that Mr. Isaac Osei has been a card bearing member and met all financial obligations required of any full member of the Party since the formation of the Party in 1992.

His membership in the party dates as far back as 1992 in the Subin Constituency and for your information, just after the 2000 general elections, the Party issued new membership cards that superimposed the validity of the old membership cards. During this time Mr. Isaac Osei was serving as Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK but immediately after being called home, he took steps to get a new membership card.

I am also delighted you acknowledged the fact that Mr. Isaac Osei was an envoy of Ghana to the UK and as Diplomat, he was representing the entire nation and not just a section of the Ghanaian community in the UK. He could therefore not have chosen to be championing the course Of the Party alone but the Government of Ghana. In any case there was not even a single occasion where he was given an invitation to attend any gathering of a group of Ghanaians that he turned down. .

It is also never true that Mr. Isaac Osei denounced the tradition of Danquah-Busiah during a Republican Day celebration on 1st July, 2004. He has held the Danquah-Busia tradition in high esteem. Certainly, it would be at the height of political immaturity for Mr. Isaac Osei to pass naive comments that could undermine a political system that he was representing in the U.K. I would like you to take notice that, the fact that a member of Mr. Isaac Osei's family has been CPP activist does not make him a CPP activist. In any case, Mr. Osei's father, the late E.K Osei who was the first Asanteman Nkosoohene was a well known Ghanaian businessman and not involved in politics. The principle of freedom of association enjoins every individual to decide where he / she should belong. And for your information there have been instances where members from the same family have decided to join different political parties in Ghana, for example, Osafo Maafo and Adjei Marfo, and Mrs. Frema Osei Opare, NPP Deputy Minister whose father, C.E. Osei, was a famous CPP activist whose signature adorned the Ghana Pound.

The fact that somebody does' not share your political thoughts does not make the person an enemy. No! Any good politician does not see his political opponent as an enemy so as to prevent him from talking to friends who belong to the other side of the political divide. For this reason, classmates shall forever continue to be classmates and not enemies.

During Mr. Isaac Osei's tenure in UK as a Diplomat, never did he promote a particular group to the detriment of the other. As a High Commissioner and the representative of Ghana to the UK, he was obliged to respond to every invitation from any Ghanaian group that came to his office and everyone knows that the Ghana Union is never for only CPP and NDC activists but for all Ghanaians. Indeed, the President himself attended the Ghana Union Jubilee Dinner Dance this year in London

It is not true that, Nana Otuo Acheampong of Ghana Review fame is an NDC sympathizer and that he is a competent Ghanaian who has distinguished himself so well in his career. And it is on record that Nana Otuo Acheampong was the one who covered the President's visit to the UK.

It is never true to say that Mr. Isaac Osei was born and bred at Asante New Town. He has a family house at Ward 4, Amakom in the Subin Constituency owned by his father.

Mr. Osei has contributed immensely to the fortunes of the constituency. He has personally employed four members of NPP to work full time at the Constituency Secretariat and pay for their salaries since October, 2006 to date. This was to ensure that the office remains active and functional at all times.

The refrigerator, the 21 inch Colour Television Set and other indoor games you see at the office were also purchased by him. To ensure that staff employed work efficiently he has been providing monthly imprest to run the office since November, 2006 to date. , To empower individuals financially in the constituency, he has advanced credit facility, to many constituents to start their small-scale businesses. Besides, he has given countless financial support to Party activities not only in the Constituency, but many party functionaries can attest to his generosity and kindness of heart.

If your terribly derivative writing style is intended to have a malign influence on the local politics of Subin Constituency, then you have got it all wrong because Mr. Isaac Osei if he chooses to stand has the best chance of being the NPP candidate for 2008.

Finally, it appears that Mr. Yaw Mensah who sent the e-mail around and Mr.Mawufemo who posted the article on Ghana web are the same person. We hope it is true as is being speculated that the real person is UK based and attended Tech. Secondary School, Kumasi. His mother is a mid-wife and comes from Bamang and intends to stand as NPP candidate for Subin.

Edward Oduro
H/No.: Plot 40, Block 10
New Amakom, Kumasi

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Columnist: Oduro, E. K.

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