How did you hear the shocking news?

Mon, 19 Aug 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince

Why Prof. Atta Mills Passed Away.

A message I must deliver. Don’t preach the peace and pinch it after the Supreme Court verdict.

It all came as a shock; it was just unbearable and an unbelievable news that everyone who heard it for the first time doubted. Phone lines were jammed, TV and radio programs halted, black and red cloth sellers got increase in sales suddenly, drivers blowing their horns, etc all in respect of the death of our humbled and peace loving President, the late Professor Fifi Atta-Mills. On that same day, his vice was sworn in and he declared that all national flags must fly half mast; he was truly a national hero. Even main opposition political parties couldn’t deny the fact all after his death, that he was their mentor. Those were some few things that happened on the 24th of July 2012, just three days after we celebrated his 68th birthday. It might be true that he was not in the best of condition health wise, but his death was the least expected news during that day. It was that same day that I got to realize that international media houses know a country called Ghana. He was a great man and a mentor that every one would like to have. Where were you? Some people received the news in their bedroo9ms, cars, at birthday parties, prayer camps and a whole lot of activities that 24million Ghanaians were engaged were brought to a halt just as mine. I was just returning to my office from a meeting with other two people in a car, but most surprisingly, on our way back to the office, just around University of Ghana, Legon campus, we saw this poster from the Youth for Atta Mills, (YAM) which was just launch to support the campaign of Prof. Mills in his campaign. We made fun of the group because of how other youth groups were being put up for the support, but my suspicion was that even though they were being formed to support a good course, they had some financial benefits which they would also enjoy. At that very moment when we were discussing that, the group was already dead, because the one they were supporting has just passed away but by then we didn’t hear of the news yet.

From all that time that we were in the car at around 2:30pm till after an hour of my journey back home, the news hasn’t spread enough because I was active on Facebook and not a single post was about the news but until I reached home when I saw people looking very sad and murmuring among themselves with the hope that it should be one of the fabricated past stories of his death. I heard it from my aunt who was also among the people outside our compound, after asking her what they were discussing; she just told me the news they have heard is “Atta Mills is dead”. She was even surprise that I was not aware. Immediately, I received a call from a friend, Edem who was seriously weeping on the phone complaining that with the few words “they have killed him”. How I felt, I can’t express, because I have just lost a mentor that I haven’t met yet. Shaking his hand to tell him well-done is one I am looking forward to do to him in heaven.

But the qualities of a dead person, is one that defines the respect given to his lost personality.

But one of the most carried news and discussions that still reigns is what caused his death, did he die naturally or he was killed are questioned that are still without answers. Just after his one year celebration, I saw someone that I have being seeing on TV with a sober face after his death, his spokesperson Koku Anyidoho. I just then confirmed to my self that all the blame we put on some people for his death were just political juices for political benefits and attention. His facial expression alone even though he was alone in his car when I saw him in traffic just encouraged me to write this article and tell you that Prof Mills Died on a purpose for a purpose. Do you believe that Christians do not die? But we rather go to our Father who art in heaven. So we can conclude that he died on a purpose to meet his Father in heaven. Our own archbishop Duncan Williams just recently advised us that we really need to put the cause of his death behind us but rather emulate his humility which was one of his numerous unforgettable qualities.

Why he died.

His title the ‘asondwehene’ meaning the king of peace became more echoed than when he was alive. So if this man passed away and still is being honoured as role model that stood tall among his peer presidents, by lot of international organizations, then I think I have released you from the suspense of knowing why he died. His awards were because of his contribution to the peace in Ghana and Africa and the developments that he brought. I must confess I never dreamt of having electricity in our rural home until Prof Mills became president that we benefitted from electrification project.

In a normal Ghanaian society, when someone dies, he/she leaves an inheritance that every family member is entitled to some. So I believe that if Prof. Mills would have owned a billion dollar, all Ghanaians would be yearning and calling on the current president for that money to be shared equally among us, even other African countries would be given some. To confirm that in this situation, as a statesman, what he left for us was the peace. Jesus Christ scarified himself for the salvation of mankind through crucification. Even though in this case I don’t intend to compare Prof. to our Lord Jesus Christ, he died so that we can recognize the importance of peace and very Ghanaian can know the word called peace. The tributes from every concerned Ghanaian came without Peace. It wasn’t long after his death too that appellations were pouring in about his contribution to maintain peace in other countries specifically neighboring Cote D’Ivoire. But what about his own nation, we never denied our chance that peace when he was alive. His death was simply because of our current situation that peace is what we need just after a month after his death that we would have the Supreme Court verdict.

If you want to survive then please let the peace king we once crowned be an attest that his followers would also take in his foot steps. Isn’t it surprising that the Supreme Court ruling is just fixed one month after his death, wouldn’t the acceptance of the ruling be one of those moments we can mark on our calendar as a day of celebration of peace?

Let us let the peace reign and put all our differences behind us for the betterment of our dear nation Ghana. I am proud to be a Ghanaians. Thank You.

Akpah Prince.

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Columnist: Akpah, Prince