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How genuine is the Prophet who predicted the death of another Prophet

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Fri, 11 Sep 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

There is this prophet called Bishop Kwasi Appiah in Accra. He claims to have had God's revelation about the Head Pastor, Prophet and Leader of the True Faith Church in Ghana which has branches throughout the world.

In the revelation, God was going to call the Great Prophet to Heaven. He made every effort necessary to communicate the revelation to the Great Prophet to alert him to the looming death coming upon him.

As this publication will come with the video in which he announces and explains the two revelations he has had to his congregation, I have decided not to go to the length of writing all that he said. All can be heard watching the video. However, I disagree with him on at least two or more points that he raised.

He said that although the Head Prophet of the True Faith Church has over two thousand genuine prophets under him, none of them could foresee the death that was coming upon him but he, a non member of his church. Thus, God did not reveal it to any of them but only he, Kwasi Appiah.

This assertion by Bishop/Prophet Kwasi Appiah is completely false. His impending death had been revealed to many of his junior prophets as far back as 2008. The prophecies about his death came in the form of warnings to him to refrain from certain behaviours.

I am myself personally aware of one such prophecies that came somewhere in 2008/2009. I am sure if some prophets within the church will be bold and honest enough to come forward, they will tell that it was not only Bishop/Prophet Kwasi Appiah of a different church that had a revelation about his death but many others from the True Faith Church itself.

I invite all public readers to take serious note of the following true story. Once a member of a church led a stranger to go and see his prophet in his house. From about thirty metres to the patio, the Great Prophet was seen relaxing in a reclined chair. As soon as the prophet sighted the two people coming towards him, he readjusted his chair into its normal sitting position. He then shouted to his church member, saying, "Who is this great king that you are bringing before me today…(name of the church member mentioned but withheld in this publication)?

When they reached where he was sitting, he offered them seats to sit on. He immediately revealed a lot about the stranger. He could not have known all the true things he said about the stranger if God had not made such secrets known to him. Knowing that God has anointed the stranger to occupy a kingly throne that has become vacant, he periodically held prayers with the stranger for God's promise to him to materialise. After a few months, he, the Great Prophet, started to sabotage the stranger. He aligned himself with the opponents of the stranger, those usurping his birthright from him. He became the very best friends of the enemies of the stranger, passing on God's revelations about him to the enemies.

Following his behaviour which was incongruent to God's purpose for, and revelation to him about, the stranger, God caused another prophet to see what the Great Prophet was doing. Subsequently, a prophetic warning was issued.

God might have had a good reason for revealing His secret purpose for the stranger to the Great Prophet. This is because the Great Prophet was until his demise a friend and Spiritual Father of the Great Traditional Overlord of the land who had become monumentally instrumental in obstructing God's purpose for the stranger from manifesting. Could the Great Prophet not have told the traditional overlord and his accomplices God's intention about the stranger so they had better recede from their evil machinations against the stranger rather than aiding their evil cause?

God would clearly not take it kindly to what the Great Prophet was doing to thwart His plans hence the revealed punishment to come upon him if he continued in his evil ways as told above.

Many such unheeded revelations were made to the Great Prophet. In the end, another stranger, a seeming mad person, visited the Great Prophet almost exactly two weeks to his death to announce to him that an angel of death would be coming to him. After announcing what was coming upon him and praying with him at length in tongues, the stranger after stepping out of the house could no longer be found when the Great Prophet and his wife had come out of their house gate to see him off.

Could someone disobeying God be called to Heaven? Anyway, man's mind is not that of God, and God's mind is not that of man's hence the saying, Man proposes and God disposes.

I totally disagree with Bishop/Prophet Kwasi Appiah if he says that no prophet from the True Faith Church saw the death of their Great Prophet coming but he.

What was the purpose for the Bishop boasting to his church members by the death of the Great Prophet? Is it for them to see him as a great spiritual individual or what? As promised, I am not going to tell all that he said since readers will hear it for themselves from the attached video. He is not far from one of the many fake pastors or prophets Ghana abounds in.

He went further to announce the defeat of the NPP in election 2020. In his dream, Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP were the snake that climbed the tree into the nest of the hawk. The hawk was John Mahama. The chicks of the hawk could be Ghana or Ghanaians. The hawk panicking and overcome with fright, flying away, abandoning its chicks, is an indication of the defeat of the NDC and John Mahama in 2016.

The hawk coming back to eject the snake from the nest signifies the successful comeback of John Mahama, thus the defeat of the NPP in election 2020.

He continues to say he saw in his prophetic dream a letter "j" coming down from above. When you turn the letter "j", it becomes the NDC umbrella, he says. Subsequently, in the spiritual realm, the NDC has won election 2020 so no matter what anyone does, the NDC will surely win election 2020.

I have no prophetic eyesight or foresight. Nevertheless, for him to say John Mahama was doing a marvellous job but for no fault of his he lost the election, I disagree with him. Was Mahama not presiding over a government that was bloating the costs of government or public contracts with intent to swindle the country? Was Mahama himself, wife and government and party members not involved in diverse acts of gargantuan malfeasances? Was he doing a great job when he incompetently, cluelessly and devoid of the spirit of can-do, threw the nation into a devastating four-year nationwide power outage, thus "dumsor"?

How can an upside down turned letter "j" become the symbol of the umbrella. When you turn "j", you get the lettering character "?". Is it not in the letter "J" form that one gets the correct handle of the usual curved umbrella handle shaped like the letter "j", although many brollies (umbrellas) of today are mounted on straightened wooden, metal or plastic pole or handles?

God knows best and does what He sees best for each occasion. Nonetheless, the claims by the Bishop/Prophet, his postures, body language and lukewarm response by his congregation to his questions posed, go a long way to indicate that his two prophecies spoken about here are questionable.

Yes, the Great Prophet of the Truth Faith Church is dead. However, Kwasi Appiah was not the only one that the then impending doom or demise of the Great Prophet was revealed to. It was revealed to many prophets within the church. They could see any such problems before anyone else sees it.

He did not see an actual NDC umbrella descending from the sky but a letter "j" that has to be turned upside down to show umbrella's handle.

Was it revealed to Bishop/Prophet Kwasi Appiah Ahoofe that the Great Prophet's right-hand man who supported him in all that he did, whether good or bad, was also going to die three days after the death of the Great Prophet? As I write, he is dead.

God says in Chronicles 16:22 – "Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm".

If a prophet connives with the enemies of he who God has anointed for a special purpose, what is the prophet doing? Is he not going against God's wish?

Again, in Galatians 6:7-8 it says, " 7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life"

You cannot for want of fame, money or whatever, intransigently go against God's determination in favour of his anointed one and go scot free, especially when He has repeatedly warned you through prophecies.

I rest my case. I leave it to the public to judge Bishop/Prophet Kwasi Appiah on his two prophecies.

NPP, do not be afraid, just do intensive campaign based on truth and showcasing what you have done, doing and can do.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo