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How right is this assertion by the Deputy Foreign Minister?

Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong  Deputy Foreign Minister, Kwaku Sarpong Apratwum

Fri, 21 Jul 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

The mentality of the Ghanaian politician can oftentimes be dubious and doubtful. The lack of love of the country and the people they are supposed to serve makes many Ghanaian politicians a misfit in their positions and roles.

The other day, was it yesterday, Thursday, 20th July, 2023, when I heard the Deputy Foreign Minister Sarpong Ampratwum who doubles as the member of parliament for Mampong in the Ashanti region, grant an air interview to Kwame Nkrumah Tikese?

On the question of who he supports and is campaigning for to become the NPP flag bearer-cum-presidential-candidate going into election 2024, he said without mincing words that it is Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia.

Who he supports and does not support is not the issue, and it is irrelevant to the reason for today’s publication. However, his reason assigned to why he supports his named candidate is what has engendered this publication.

He said, “I support Dr Bawumia because he is the one who can win the 2024 election for NPP”.

I listened attentively to him for a while and all that he kept saying was, that Dr. Bawumia is the only candidate who can win the election for NPP.

I had expected him to proceed further to say something like, Dr. Bawumia is so far the most farsighted, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving his people and nation, among all the competitors. However, he dwelt only on the fact that Dr. Bawumia could win the election for NPP owing to the politics of ethnicity as practised in Ghana, exacerbated by the once infamous utterance of NPP being the Akans’ party by Nana Akufo-Addo.

My beef with Sarpong Ampratwum is his failure to comprehend that leaders are appointed, or voted for, to come and serve the nation but not only their political parties, the warped thinking of the Ghanaian politician hence the level of incompetence, corruption, nonchalance and malevolence associated with them.

Dr. Bawumia is desirous to be of selfless service to the nation. This is a fact! Why could Sarpong Ampratwum not declare that on air in his favour but kept repeating that it is only Dr Bawumia that can win the general election for NPP?

I, Rockson Adofo, will in any day and time, go for a candidate that will be ready to seriously serve the nation but not the one that can only win the election for their political party.

If Sarpong Ampratwum is looking forward to the electorate electing someone who can win elections for NPP, he would not have misconducted himself in the not-too-distant issue involving the principal of the Mampong Nursing and Midwifery Training College and the then level 200 students callously unprofessionally dismissed from the college.

Does he know how many of the students, their families and friends that have vowed to vote against NPP should he, Ampratwum, ever again contest for the Mampong parliamentary seat on the ticket of NPP?

If he wanted NPP to win the election 2024, he should have been fair, firm and friendly in his involvement in the students’ saga rather than being partial, unprofessional, myopic and deplorable.

Anyway, I find Dr. Bawumia was able to win the election to develop Ghana. Nonetheless, Kennedy Agyapong whom some NPP parliamentarians and others are rubbishing is more able and capable of enforcing the obedience of the laws of the land to bring about speedy development to the nation and the people.

The Whiteman’s lands have developed to become a magnetic green pasture attractively pulling Ghanaians toward them. That is the type of country I wish to see Ghana become.

All the current NPP flag bearer aspirants have their strengths and visions for the country so none should be denigrated for all malicious reasons or else, you put asunder to the party.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sarpong Ampratwum has no moral right to speak on who can win or not, the election, for NPP in 2024 since he has done something silly that has already cost NPP votes in advance.

I am not going to open up old warts because they hurt. Nonetheless, Sarpong Ampratwum is put on notice to be mindful of his actions and pronouncements as they can come back to haunt him.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo