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How smart is Okomfo Nana Agradaa?

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Mon, 22 Jun 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

From the expressed views by some Ghanaian bloggers and their commenters, a certain fetish woman in Ghana going by the popular name Okomfo Nana Agradaa is smart. She is too smart for her adversaries, they allege. In many occasions has she outsmarted her opponents, they say.

Out of curiosity, I decided to watch one or two of her television programmes as are found posted on the internet. In one such programmes, she was trying to pacify Kennedy Agyapong (Honourable), after previously slandering him, one could tell. She had regretted for her probably knee jerk reaction that could have possibly put her on a head-on collision with Kennedy if she had not come back to apologetically retract whatever insults she might have hurled at Kennedy.

Yes, she is smart to have avoided more trouble on her hands had she not come public to lick back her own sputum. If she was smarter, she would have had the patience to investigate whatever derogatory information some mischievous bloggers might have said about her as coming from Kennedy. To react before you think does not make one smart.

Again, she had in all probability insulted or attacked one Rev. Obofour, a probably doubtful man of God by his actions, on her television programme. She had no evidence, let alone, any credible evidence, to justify her likely thoughtless negative reaction towards Rev. Obofour. He subsequently sued her in court, from the look of things.

She then cleverly arranged her former enemy, one Nana Osei Bonsu Hoahi, a seeming loquacious loudmouthed person, to come on her TV programme to run his mouth against his former friend with whom they both appear to have engaged in the executions of nefarious activities. Hoahi, revealed alleged committed, and intended, crimes, by himself and Rev. Obofour against Nana Okomfo Agradaa. Once Agradaa had gathered on recording the evidence she needed to back herself up in court against the lawsuit by Rev.Obofour, she ditched Hoahi.

As I write, Hoahi who is on court remand to police cells for two weeks for allegedly making reckless accusations against Rev. Obofour has become the enemy of Nana Agradaa. She claims she was not stupid to have temporarily cozied up to Hoahi. She needed evidence from him to defend herself in the lawsuit brought against her by Rev. Obofour. She has got all the facts and evidence she needed on recording to use to defend herself, she says.

By this, some people count it to Nana Agradaa as being such a big mind that can easily outsmart her opponents. Sorry, I beg to differ. She is not that smart and she cannot be smart here. When did she attack Rev. Obofour? At the time of attacking him, she had no evidence yet, she went ahead to accuse him of whatever she thought was right, although, out of her fickle mindedness. After about say a month into the lawsuit, she desperately maliciously baited Hoahi, her all time enemy, to obtain the evidence she desperately needed.

The evidence she has obtained at such later date will not be enough and credible to exonerate her from blame and guilt because she attacked Rev. Obofour at a time that she had not got a shred of evidence. Her situation becomes worse, especially at a time that all the accusations levelled against Rev. Obofour by Hoahi, especially about the killing of a woman in Takoradi, are purportedly ascertained by the court as false and are under further intensive investigation.

To be a big mind and a smart person, first be in possession of credible facts and evidence before you accuse people of wrongdoing. Don't accuse them of crimes, then you run helter-skelter looking for evidence when you are sued in court to prove the veracity of your otherwise frivolous allegations made against the person suing you.

This is my take on Nana Agradaa's acclaimed wisdom and unrivalled smartness. She could be smart but not smarter.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo