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How the Mills aspiration could lessen the menace of armed robbers

M Ill Mill factory

Mon, 1 Aug 2016 Source: Badu, K

For the avoidance of doubt, we shall refer to mills in this instance as factories that process raw materials into finished or industrial goods.

The ongoing vocalisations about Nana Addo’s one district one factory policy may have become humdrum to some observers, nevertheless, this periodical grubs into a pertinent angle of the topic under discussion.

I must admit, though, it is somewhat heartrending to constantly hear the pessimists discouraging remarks about the feasibility of Nana Addo’s one district one factory policy.

The conclusion one may draw from such verbalisations is that our dubieties have beclouded our thought processes, hence the existential lousiness and the irrevocable can’t do attitude.

For if that was not the case, how can we not anticipate the viability and the numerous benefits that can spawn out of such an expedient policy?

Unfortunately, you hear all sorts of analysts, ranging from industrialists, economists, journalists, taxi drivers, columnists, politicians to market women, trying to shoot down such a fantastic idea with their clumsy explanations. How bizarre?

Tell me, how on earth would anyone endowed with critical thinking skills suggest that we cannot erect mills and develop through industrialization?

Of course we can. For if a visionary leader like Dr Osagyefo was able to build hundreds of industries despite all the exigencies, so could anyone who has the foresight and the commitment.

As a matter of fact, one does not require a philosophy degree to appreciate that Nana Addo’s one District one factory policy will be feasible.

Indeed, all that one needs is a reflective thinking skills to appraise the one district one factory policy’s feasibility and possible impact on our socio-economic standards of living .

I am also tempted to believe that the successful implementation of one district one factory policy will mollify the alarming criminal activities in our homes, on the streets and in our work places.

In this regard, I will urge all well-meaning Ghanaians to extol Nana Addo on his one district one factory policy which may turn out to be the curative for the existential armed robbery cases.

Of course, one may argue that armed robbers aren’t only reducible to those with idle hands. But then again, are we oblivious to the saying that “the devil finds work for idle hands?”

As a matter of fact, if we peruse our daily tabloids, turn on our Televisions and Radios; they are always reporting the abhorrent activities of armed robbers.

Obviously, I am not referring to petty thieves-pocket pickers, goat, yam, plantain or cassava thieves. I am referring to thieves who are often equipped with machine guns, semi-automatic weapons, bazookas, and rifles.

They, the scumbags, are well marshalled, and they routinely carry out their infamous activities with military precisions, and can strike as lighting, and as deadly and destructive as molten magma.

In fact, the armed robbers are merciless , thus, no one would want their dear ones, friends, minions, or even their enemies, ever fall a victim to these boisterous and homicidal scumbags.

These armed robbers are indeed brutal, heartless, vicious, and are scumbags of the highest order.

Truly, if you inadvertently come into contact with these ‘homicidal brats, and fortunate enough to survive the ordeal, you will remain the luckiest person on the planet. In other words, an unfortunate encounter with these brats is simply an illustrative case of “a dead man walking”.

The activities of these scumbags know no bounds. These scumbags wickedly go about stripping their victims of their hard-earned money and possessions. And, they rape, maim, kill, and leaving their victims frightened for life.

Actually, the activities of these scumbags do not end on the highways alone. They, the brats, carry their activities to our homes, banks, businesses, and market places. Therefore it is not surprising that after putting up beautiful houses, and installing doors and windows, you still have to fortify them with extra burglary iron bars.

In actual fact, people have become prisoners in their homes, primarily due to the activities of these homicidal hoodlums.

I strongly believe that we could disarm a large number of these scumbags if we managed to set up factories all over the place.

So I will urge Nana Addo to go ahead and implement his one district one factory policy if Ghanaians voted him to power on 7th December 2016.

For if nothing at all, the unemployed will at least find something meaningful to do.

And, in so doing, we shall prevent “the devil from finding work for idle hands”.

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Badu, K