How to Thwart the NDC's Tactical Diversionary Agenda from Succeeding

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The NDC, are noted for devising and championing diversionary tactics. Whenever they are caught neck-deep wallowing in gargantuan crimes, they quickly resort to blame game in the hope of exonerating themselves from blame and possible punishment. They come up with fabrications purposely geared towards diverting people's attention from their committed or committing evils.

Hon Kennedy Agyapong has made Ghanaians aware of the institutional thievery within the NDC government. They have been availing themselves of a loophole in the system to enrich themselves and their party through what is judgment debt payments. They secretly team up, and facilitate the chances of certain individuals, to make financial claims on the government for non-payment of purported legally executed work, services rendered, or contracts abrogated. In all, or in almost all of these situations or cases, the individuals involved had not signed any contracts with the government for the provision of work or services. On the other hand, the client, thus, the government, has already paid or is to pay the person or persons concerned the exact amount due them rather than the bloated figures of sums of money they dubiously claim. It is all a plan to swindle Ghana. When the person or persons they are conniving with take the government to Court to seek judgment for the payment of what they pretend to be due, the State Attorneys refuse to show up in Court, same as it was with Alfred Agbesi Woyome's case. The judge hearing the case then declares default judgment in favour of the complainant, exactly as happened with Woyome. Whoops, the greedy bastards have succeeded.

To avert public anger directed at them on discovery of their committed heinous crimes, the NDC switch onto their propaganda mode. They begin to accuse their political opponents of unfounded crimes in the hope of diverting public attention that is very damaging, from them. They send out their radio phone-in serial callers to lambast and accuse their political opponents of more serious crimes. What a display of utter ignorance, malevolence and underestimation of their own intelligence by the radio serial callers.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the NDC have dispatched their corrupt foot soldiers to the villages in the Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo and the Eastern, regions, with a message of deceit. They have been telling the unsuspecting villagers not to register with the Biometric Voting machines, else the one registered is more likely to catch cancer disease or suffer impotency of erection if he is male, and infertility if she is female. This is NDC propaganda at its highest absurdity.

I will not suffer a fool kindly. This action by the NDC shows how they are desperate to win election 2012. Upon all their committed gargantuan crimes of embezzlement with the concomitant fruitless attempts to cover up their tracks, they are shamelessly seeking to downplay the severity of the attendant repercussions. As criminal as they are, they are intentionally by falsehoods frightening people off voting. It is a crime to seek to prevent people from voting by spreading false information.

I have come up with a clever and most effective way to nib the problem in the bud. Please, do pass on the underlying weapon to fighting the NDC's evilness pertaining to the biometric registration to your friends and families. Was anyone to tell you the lies as stated above with the aim to scaring you from registering, tell or do unto whoever is misinforming you as following: Get yourself an egg or a cup of water? Then invoke a curse upon him/her by calling any of the dreaded fetishes and say, "Nanamon, be a witness between this person (name mentioned if you know) and me. He/She says if I register biometrically intending to vote at elections, the machine will cause me to suffer cancer or some illness of some sort. Should this person be trying to scare me from registering by his alarming message with the intention of unduly helping his party, strike him/her dead? If he/she or any member of his/her family, or friends do register biometrically to vote or not to vote, kill him/her" You should know the words to choose when invoking the gods to make it difficult for the person lying to you to escape punishment. I am sure if you do that, they will stop going out seeking to gain undue advantage at the impending elections through threatening misinformation as stipulated above.

If the NDC were competent enough, and delivering in line with their manifesto, they will not have the need to go out misinforming the public.

My eyes are heavy and hurting so I will stop for the day to come back another time. Before then, I will advise all reasonable Ghanaians to bear in mind that the Bible says, "Resist the devil and he will flee" Let us all unanimously resist the desperation, the malevolence and the criminalities of the NDC and they will fall face down on to the floor. Falling from grace to grass awaits the NDC come December 2012 elections!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson