How was all the Meat eaten to the Bone

Sat, 11 May 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

, oh President Mahama?

Metaphorically, President Mahama informed Ghanaians of the total depletion of the nation’s coffers by saying, “all the meat has been eaten to the bone”. If the proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa had his own way, he would ask President Mahama the following questions.

1. How was all the meat eaten to the bone?

2. When was the meat eaten to the bone?

3. Why was all the meat eaten to the bone?

4. Who were those that ate all the meat to the bone?

5. Where was the meat when gluttonous persons ate it to the bone?

6. What meat was it?

In fact, almost all those in responsible positions in Ghana, politicians, traditional leaders and administrative heads inclusive, always take the rest of the citizens deemed commoners for fools. They seem to be laws unto themselves. They can make and break the laws of the land with impunity or simply get away with a slap on the wrist. How miserable the situation is?

If I should try to answer some of the questions, I will postulate as following:

A. The meat, which is hereby meant the nation’s money, was spent on dubious payments of judgment debts. The money was spent on electioneering campaign and on bribing or buying over some people for their votes and other assistance.

B. When the need arose that there was the unfailing obligation to rig Election 2012 in favour of one person and or a political party, some people in positions of authority took that decision to deplete the nation’s coffers.

C. All the money was spent to ensure the election was won in the first round, that is, at “one touch” for those stealing and spending the money. They did not want to give in to chances that may in the end scupper their dream of staying in power to continually perpetuate corruption, lord it over Ghanaians, put up mansions for themselves, ride in luxury cars and chase beautiful women and handsome men.

D. They are the metamorphosed Vice President Mahama- Presidential-candidate Mahama-dubiously elected President Mahama, NDC Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers, the Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs) and District Chief Executives (DCEs). Additionally, the beneficiaries of the dubiously judgment debt payments, e.g. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, are inclusive.

E. The money was in the care and control of the President and his bunch of insatiably greedy Ministers, Deputy Ministers, government appointees and connivers in crime.

F. It was the money for the entire nation meant to use for developing the nation, creating jobs for the people to better their living standards.

These are the very people alleged to have abused their incumbency, rigged election 2012 in order to continue to stay in power to protect themselves against possible prosecution for embezzlement and other statutory violations.

Ghanaians, do you still want to entrust your lives, taxpayers’ money and the safety of your property into the hands of voracious meat eaters who will leave you nothing to lick on?

No wonder the meat eaters go by the slogan, “Ede bee keke” – they just came along as aimless as they are, to squander the money. As their slogan goes, so they are!

I shall come back to treat this subject matter more seriously. This is just a warm up to the real fight in which I hope to floor the greedy meat eaters to see their arse off in prison.

I dedicate this article to the sons and daughters of Asiampa; oh that wiped off village lying in the forest of ….., where one only hears the chirping of birds while all else remains silent. However, the departed souls will be happy and proud to see and hear from beyond the grave that one of their great grandchildren has risen to be a force to reckon with in Ghana via the internet propagating his views and stamping his authority on certain issues. Like him or hate him, he will express his genuine views as and when, they come across, or, he feels.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson