How we can transform Ghana’s football economy

Tue, 6 Aug 2019 Source: Wilson Arthur

Football people are rivals by nature scheming to conquer each other - fact.

But we do have a mutual interest - getting well paid for our trade.

We produce to entertain and supply talents for national assignment.

Over the years we have been using ‘Tonaton’ Rear players for quick sale concept and depended largely on GFA initiated sponsorship and insignificant reducing gate income. We are in debt now, right? This model has made Ghanaian teams weak at CAF level. No Ghanaian team is on top 40 Clubs in Africa.

Two things must happen

1. We need to stand in front of the mirror and accept to assume responsibility for where we have taken Ghana Football

2. Cooperate to develop a new model for our football business - as the Kotoko’s have started where the focus is on producing attractive quality teams that fans will fill our stands to watch week after week. Feed media with positive strategic news to grow club brand and hype players, coaches, team and matches to sustain good gate income and attract club sponsorship as well as league sponsorships

3. We need to renegotiate with Govt for players we supply for national assignments. When clubs compete internationally, they become national brand assets, foreign policy tool and as such must be sponsored by State just like national teams. National anthems are played before they play anaaa?

4. Business model for the league must also be reformed - auction management of Professional leagues- Premier league and DOL and let’s get a consortium or Business Entities with right resources to put up the cash we need to take off - advance participation fee and pay match Officials etc and come up with how they will recoup their investment. They will package Media sponsorship and invest in other attractions along with teams to sell quality entertainment to customers to fill stadia - it’s about selling compelling experiential match days at our stadia.

5. Locals to be licensed to take over Football training Kits and wear manufacturing so they contribute to funding the game at base level.

6. Adopt new Statutes and Regulations that guarantee better corporate Governance to restore integrity and strong brand value for GFA.

The writer is the DCE for Wassa East and the CEO of Skyy FM

Source: Wilson Arthur