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I Am Not Charlie and I Am a Proud Muslim

I Am Not Charlie and I Am a Proud Muslim

Thu, 12 Mar 2015 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

I Am Not Charlie and I Am a Proud Muslim #JenesuispasCharlie

By: Fadi Dabbousi

Ok, so a few bigoted fools were slain by another bunch of passionate fools. There is an English adage we learnt as children, “Tit for tat and butter for bread”; this seems to be a strategy apt for a lopsided justice system that seeks to prosecute anything anti-semitic and free perpetrators of anything anti-islamic.

In the wake of these events, I decided to retire my pen, temporarily, while the hullabaloo quelled down. This, I thought, would give the reader enough space to put emotions aside and look at issues with an objective lens, as it were.

Where has it been that Muslims have offended Jesus Christ in any manner or where have Muslim Clerics gone overboard against Christianity? Where has Islam transgressed against Christianity? Interestingly, being a Muslim, I still attended the funeral service of a lady whom I had known since childhood and it was held at a charismatic church (Covenant Family Church). I do not know if the priest administering the service was high on drugs or totally drunk but his offensive sermon was quite unacceptable, especially where he ranted about the need to be consumed by the belief in Jesus Christ otherwise all would go to hell continuing to say, “All other religions are bogus”.

I sat there and took this insult because I wanted to pay my last respects to a revered woman of my past. Had it been the other way round and a Muslim cleric uttered this insensitive statement, how would others have reacted? It would come to me as a surprise if any Christian at the funeral remained. This is a small case scenario of a colossal problem that Islam and Muslims have to live and deal with. In the past two decades, a crusade was started against Islam and the verbal bomb to that effect was thrown by George Walker Bush Jr, the terrorist former president of the USA; hence the birth of Islamophobia, which paranoia has deluged the entire world because of the effective propaganda of a few unruly nations governing us.

More bedevilling is the inability of people to think and analyse for themselves. The poisonous Western propaganda has turned almost every head around in much the same way as the fictional movies of cloned people who submit to a single leader’s commands. In fact sinister plots and ominous ploys against minorities, Islam and coloured folks, are rife in Hollywood movies, yet we do not see the significance in the traces that are left in our minds. There is a movie called ASHANTI in which Arabs were depicted as slavers and it was filmed by none other than Zionist Jews in a desert location in occupied Palestine (sorely and illegally named Israel). The irony of the situation in this case is that the first slave ship that carried our forefathers from Africa to work under the miserable sadism of American invaders, rapists and thieves was called “The Jesus of Lubeck Slaveship”; it was not “The Arabs of the desert slave ship”, so please to all those who cannot muster their own senses, I say, “go and get a life”.

If anyone has ever practised syncretism, it is the neo-christians of the USA who have mixed the doctrines of Judaism with that of Christianity to create a concoction of malice. Their general belief is that with the vanquishing of Islam, the second coming of Christ would be nigh; quite an unethical litany of corrupted religious leadership, for it is known that the plan of GOD cannot be hurried or delayed. So to speed the ordinance of GOD to send HIS Messenger Jesus Christ is blasphemous enough as it is and worse is the preposterous plot of setting up the world in a hoax-after-hoax campaign against Islam, ultimately targeting Muslims who are, usually, very passionate about their religion. Contrary to the label of terrorism tagging Muslims, Islam means peace and for all those who think Boko Haram, Alqaeda and ISIS are Islamic, you must wake up from your slumber instead of lapsing into parasomnia. Have a second thought by visiting the following links:



Suffice it to say that the Charlie Hebdo crack is a dirty scheme against Islam. It is no news that a cartoonist, who once worked there, was fired for not apologising to the Jews for a cartoon he drew that was deemed offending to semitism; double standards? Hell yes…even more!!!

Check this link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1529695857283657&set=a.1501339453452631.1073741827.100007297728773&type=1 (hypocrisy of Charlie hebdo)

There are those who have tried to draw a balance in their criticism but still infuriated the extremist western propagandists all the more. Check this link:

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/09/opinion/david-brooks-i-am-not-charlie-hebdo.html?_r=0 (refuting negative lopsided criticism)

Then others thought that a better way to explain lopsided freedom of speech is by cartooning the whole Charlie Hebdo crap. Check this link:


The attacks in France seem to have been choreographed in a well-executed movie-style attack. Check this link:


What would be the onslaught against Muslims and Islam were the scenarios reversed? Supposing a Muslim ridiculed Jesus Christ or Christianity, the whole world would have gone bonkers. I want to state on record, albeit, that it is un-Islamic to refute Jesus Christ in the belief of a Muslim. In fact, Muslims believe that there will be a second coming of Christ; they believe that he was born of a miraculous feat and all that but as Islam would teach us, he was never crucified, so there is where the slight schism is between the two religions plus a few other doctrinal controversies that is not within the context of this write up to discuss.

What percentage of terrorist attacks in the USA and Europe are perpetrated by Muslims? Not even 2%. Anders Breivik killed 77 people and injured 319 in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011. Most of his victims were children but he was declared “mentally challenged”; were the perpetrator a Muslim, the whole world would have gone up in an uncontrollable furore of negative and bigoted media clamouring with all sorts of rants and offensive language.

The Ohio State bombing was planned and executed by Timothy McVeigh but when it happened, it was labelled as an “Islamic terror attack”. Even when it became evident that same was not the case, a simple apology was not rendered to Muslims yet Germans are made to pay for the Nazi mass executions of Jews up until today with repetitive apologies. When the Zionist of Israel were called upon to apologise to Arabs and pay the Egyptians for the murder of thousands of their brethren, there was denial, refusal and outright rejection by those narcissists.

Horrendous acts of terrorism have forever been perpetrated by non-Muslims yet nothing is spoken of them. Besides, was not free speech part of French belief when they slaughtered people who voiced anti-French campaigns on African territory? Who burned people at the stake? Who shot students innocently going about their education in schools and universities? Certainly, it is neither Muslims nor Arabs but the very advocates of free speech and anti-Islam. The greatest irony lies in the owner of Wikileaks, who for freedom of speech and right to information as enshrined in all laws and legislations is wanted for prosecution.

So on which side of the scale do you stand in this lopsided justice system of erroneous belief in a shameful freedom, which I am inclined to reject so long as it borders on the dignity and respect of man’s rights to doctrine of choice? This may be a tardy wake-up call but one worth the calling.

I certainly stand on this side #JeNeSuisPasCharlie…IAmAProudMuslimAndNeverATerrorist.

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi