I Care For You Or I Am A Curse On You?

Sat, 14 Apr 2012 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

Ask: Stephen A.Quaye.

Are Ghanaians asking themselves this simple question which has one million answers?

I can not give you an immediate answer as to yes or no.

But can you get the picture of people gnawing their teeth as they watch fellow human beings being butchered like cows or being slashed like grass in a nearby bush?

Guess what they might be asking themselves this question as the so called Asodwehene looks on unconcern or rather decides to insults those raising concern about these assaults, quizzing “ AM I THE POLICE OFFICER OR PROSECUTOR?”

Was he not the same president who during his swearing in as such promised to be the farther for all? Was he not the same person who when campaigning won the votes of the electorates by his” I CARE FOR YOU” assurance?

Then why is he sitting down unconcern whiles industrious and enterprising citizens are being butchered just because they belong to a political party that opposes his party or government.

Come to think of it. President of an African country called Ghana which prides itself of being the beacon of democracy.

A president who is the commandant of the security forces that has to ensure total security of each and every individual is quiet whiles people are being butchered left; right centre and he can not stop it.

Quite recently we all heard him telling Ghanaians resident in Canada specifically Ottawa that violence and bloodshed does not have a place in his government.

Can he tell the whole world what is characterizing the biometric voter registration exercise is not violence and blood shed?

Oh he knew exactly that the powerful Ghanaian Private Newspapers and other electronic media will present the exact picture of violence and bloodshed to the whole world that was why he said,” do not believe everything you read or watch on certain media websites”.

Ghanaians have to wake up and start fighting for their rights because from what is happening there are clear indications that the old man is preaching peace but practicing vice.

If that is not the case how can a whole presidential staffer Nii Lantey Vanderpuye lead a group of people believed to be NDC thugs holding cutlasses and sticks butchering, beating and chasing people identified as opposition people from a constituency he has declared as a no go area?

It is very clear that all these tactics have been adopted by the incumbent party hawks in order to put fear in people to keep them away from registering to get the mandate to vote against the NDC party come December this year.

After all when people are scared of how others are being stabbed, beaten, slashed and butchered with cutlasses many will stay away from the registration exercise and they will not get the mandate to vote thereby able to slash the opposition NPP votes to lose the elections.

Of course, then why is the old man at the castle not charging on his minister’s of interior to also make sure that the security capos who are serving under them ensure that total security becomes the order of the day?

Suppose he fired his ministers who are to ensure total peace and order during this exercise and not violence and bloodshed, the officers and men will have also acted according to the law.

But Ghanaians have to put away the fear those blood thirsty party gangs seem to be putting in them and go to the centers to register so they could get the mandate to vote come December since it is only through the thumb that they can say good bye to this incumbent bad government.

Once again looking at events unfolding does the tax professor care for you or he is being a curse on you? Now you have a clue to provide the correct answer.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.