I Strongly Believe President Mahama is a Thief

Sat, 30 Mar 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I know for a fact, that President Mahama does not live on his genuinely acquired salary and allowances alone. He certainly lives on other monies he embezzles or dubiously acquires. If so, this young man born after Ghana obtaining her independence from the British Colonial masters is in for trouble under the hands of a Gold Coaster.

I have been throwing challenges to him to accompany me to "Nana Antoa Nyamaa shrine" to prove his innocence that he is not corrupt. He has never availed himself of this golden opportunity presented to him on a silver platter to clear his name of alleged corruptions he is involved in. For the corruptions hanging conspicuously around his neck like an albatross, giving him away as a thief without comparison, I will advise him to seize the opportunity now. He must bear in mind that "Opportunity knocks but once". His thievery may only be surpassed by those of some of his Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers or by that of Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

President Mahama came out saying, "I am not corrupt. Anyone who thinks I am corrupt can take me to court, and I shall make appearance". He said this knowing very well that a sitting president, even albeit dubiety cannot be dragged to Court as he enjoys Constitutional immunity against any such moves. However, the Constitution allows him to be challenged in court when he steals the winning verdict from an opponent at elections.

The fetish called "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" is no respecter of persons. The fetish is not bound by the articles and clauses enshrined in the Constitution that bestows upon, or grants undue immunity to, presidents, even if they turn out to be unprecedented thieves and perpetrators of gargantuan corruptions as it is the case with John Dramani Mahama. The fetish has his rules that transcend the limits of human thought. He will deal you a fatal blow if you are found to be lying, or guilty, but pretending and insisting to be innocent. He does not take into account one's social standing in society when administering his dosage of justice, which in most cases are lethal to the person lying. No wonder therefore that John Mahama did not accept that olive branch offered to him by Rockson on a silver platter.

I can conclude without prejudice that the President is corrupt. His corruption is as red as crimson and it smells far worse than a decomposing dead body. I base my assertions of him being corrupt on the following two reasons.

1. Taking the case of the Guinea fowl project where the government has dished out GHC15 Million to a privately owned company via SADA but without enough to show for that capital outlay. It has turned out that almost all the money was secretly diverted to Mahama's wife to enable her import, although banned, turkey tails and wings, into the country. The money in effect, has allegedly found its way into the purse of Mrs. Mahama, the President's wife. The money finding its way into his wife's purse is not only corruption but also, a daylight robbery on the people of Ghana. Moreover, it is criminal for his wife to continue to import banned turkey tails into the country. Importation of turkey tails into Ghana is banned because of the health issues it raises.

2. He has been presiding over dubious judgment debt payments to some unscrupulous persons in the country e.g. Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Most of his Ministers, Deputy Ministers and government appointees are embezzling funds day in day out. He sits with his mouth shut as my wife would put it, "wa ka wanno ato mu se apataa mmono a 3da nsuo mu". He sits without opening his mouth, or saying a word, but watching while his party members, Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers and government appointees loot the coffers of the State. How can a thief advise his fellow thief to stop stealing when he, the first thief, has got his hand right inside the pocket of someone pick-pocketing the person?

I will come back again to expatiate on the points I have made if anyone requires further details.

President Mahama wants to hear the truth and it is the truth I am telling him today.

With the following statement made by David Goodhart in his book titled, "The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-War Immigration" as read from the Evening Standard of Thursday 28 March 2013, John Mahama and all the corrupt Ghanaian and African leaders are in to be whipped by me. He says, "Why do you want everybody who is footloose in Africa to come to live London? Why don't they develop their own countries?" You are all aware today of the racism Africans suffer abroad. I do not blame our White hosts but our African governments and us.

How can Africans develop their countries with Corrupt, Lawless, Incompetent, Mediocre and Bastardised (CLIMB) persons at the helm of affairs? Africans have no respect in the eyes of our White contemporaries all because of the silly acts by our leaders and our failure to react or take actions against them. I have vowed to fight this cancer by first holding John Mahama responsible for the gargantuan thievery ongoing in Ghana as spearheaded by his government and party.

I wish all Ghanaians a Happy Easter.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson