I Will Support A Winning Team – That Is My Stand

Sat, 30 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

As the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is preparing to go to Sunyani to elect its flag bearer, some strange things are happening through out the party structures, every day and night.

We now have some MCE’s and DCE’s, Regional and Constituency Executive Members busily identifying innocent people whom they will use as SCAPE GOATS in order to project themselves – How sad! However, they would end up targeting their own supporters who will eventually vote against their preferred candidate at Sunyani on July 10th 2011.

Instead of threading very carefully, these stomach politicians and professional opportunists are falling over each other by using unprintable insults on perceived supporters of a particular candidate who is incidentally the First Gentlemen of the Land. Whether we like it or not, he remains the President of the Republic of Ghana and so THE BUCK STOPS AT HIS BECK and no where else.

If Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings had NOT declared her intention to contest the sitting President, will such insults have arisen in the first place? Not at all. If President Mills was going to contest the flagbearership of the NDC UN – OPPOSED, will such unguarded utterances and unprintable insults had arisen? The answer is NO, and if so, why now?

The problem with the NDC party is that, we have people whose umbilical cords are NOT TIED TO THE NDC, and they are the very people whose DIVISIVE and RECKLESS utterances have led to the resignation of Nana Konado Agyemang Rawlings as the 1st National Vice Chairperson to contest the sitting President of Ghana. These characters can be found in their numbers ranging from ministers of state, top party gurus from the National and Regional Levels who should have known BETTER. At the grassroot level some MCE’S, DCE’s and Constituency Executive Members of the NDC are also falling over each other to identify Rawlings’ Boys who must NOT GET ANY JOBS in their constituencies nationwide. As if that is not enough, they will gang up and frame up cadres in the party, portray them in bad light in their impossible attempt to sack them from the NDC – the party they (cadres) risked their lives to establish since 1992. In an article written to asegbefia@hotmail.com by a group calling itself the Change Mills 2012@g.mail.com dated April, 14th 2011 with its subject: NDC must Rid Itself of Strangers And Saboteurs – A press statement issued by the U.K. branch of Nana Konadu for 2012, some people were described as strangers in the NDC and I want to set the records straight:

1) Comrade Totobi Quakyi joined the 31st Revolution in 1981 and rose through the ranks to become a secretary (minister) of information in the PNDC regime. When the NDC was found, he was again appointed a minister for National Security in the Rawlings government of NDC 1, so he is NOT a stranger at all in the NDC.

2) Comrade P. V. Obeng was also the Presidential Adviser or governmental Affairs (P.A.G.A.) infact he was a de facto prime minister and one of the strong pillars of the PNDC from 1981 – 1992 until the 8 year rule of the NDC led by Rawlings.

3) Comrade Kwamena Ahwoi was the Co-ordinator of Investigations, Vetting and Tribunals in the PNDC era and he investigated massive corruption in the Ghana Education Service where billions of cedis were embezzled nationwide in 1987. He was also the Minister of Local Government whose hard work led to the establishment of the District Assemblies in Ghana. Ato Ahwoi and Kwesi Ahwoi were all cadres in the PNDC era, so they are NOT STRANGERS AT ALL because I was in the trenches with all of them during the PNDC era. If you are talking about President Mills – Who brought him to the NDC? Was it not Jerry Rawlings who has NOW REGRETTED BUT IT IS TOO LATE? President Mills is doing his best any way, but those around him are always MIS – INFORMING HIM and KEEPING VITAL INFORMATION away from Him. So what can he do alone if the NDC loses power today, 2011? Some people will remain rich men and women in the NDC and the vast majority of NDC supporters will remain poor for donkey years, this is what some of us are kicking against because NOBODY HATES Prez. Mills like some NDC appointees hate Rawlings. Didn’t Prez. Mills say that nobody will buy his name for GH¢1.00? Talking about the CPP too, if we should be honest enough to remove CPP members from the party, there will be no NDC in Ghana, because 90% of the cadres in the NDC including this writer are CPP members. I perse, was a Young Pioneer Cadre from 1959 – 1966 under Dr. Nkrumah’s mighty CPP regime and Mr. A. Asumda was the then Regional Minister of the then Upper Region. While the Late E. A. Mahama, father of our Vice President was the Northern Regional Minister. 10% of the PNDC and NDC members also come from the Danquah Busia tradition namely the late D.F Annan, Obed Asamoah, A.A Munufie, Owusu Acheampong, Alhaji Iddrisu Mahama Issifu Ali and Several others who formed the PNDC in 1981. Those who always insult Rawlings and His Wife are the very people who rode on the back of the cadres of the revolution and are now Reaping where they did not sow, and will never keep quiet but always decide to use their acid tongues to insult well meaning Ghanaians and we (the cadres) who made the NDC what it is today. They must prepare for Fire Works from my pen if they don’t stop insulting Rawlings and his wife. Mark my words.

It is very dangerous to chase a coward too far if you do it you will surely meet his bravery. For three solid years, the cadres have been at the receiving end because of the utterances of Jerry Rawlings about President Mills since 2009.

We (cadres) are now fully prepared TO RETURN FIRE and CASUALTIES WILL SURELY FALL HEAVILY IN DISCRACE since we will never SPARE these destructive infiltrators calling themselves “staunch NDC members” in this country. Cadres know how to RUN, only the time is NOT YET UP.

As a God fearing man, President Mills is so honest that if he is really sick and CAN NOT SEE because of his alleged poor sight, he will NOT contest the flagbearership of the NDC at all in this country, further more, he will inform the nation about his ill-health, so why should people pledge support for him and then turn round to TALK RUBBISH AGAINST HIM?


Elections are NOT WON at the Castle and the Ministries. We don’t win elections at the NDC National Headquarters and the Regional Offices of the NDC neither do we win elections at the various constituencies. Elections are WON AT THE POLLING STATIONS which we refer to as Branches in the NDC and I have been with the masses at the branches since the PNDC era from 1981 to date 2011, and I know what to tell them after the NDC primaries on July 9th 2011 as well as my fellow Northerners who have always been mis-used by t he NDC and NPP since 1992. So, without the support of the people, we are nothing and yet when you talk about this, those who claim to be wielding immense power, will NEVER LISTEN. When I refer to the Castle, I don’t mean the President or his Vice, but all those who have been mis-informing him at the Castle to the extent that he came out to tell the media that nobody will buy his name for One Ghana Cedi. Keep your fingers crossed I shall return as the battle lines are now drawn in the NDC camp because whoever emerges as the winner at the Presidential primaries will need the support of the Rawlings Boys and Mills Boys to unite behind that person to campaign for votes in the 2012 general elections in Ghana.

President J. E. A. Mills, former President Rawlings and his wife are NOT IMPORTANT, but the NDC PARTY and OUR COUNTRY, GHANA, so all TRUE NDC members must think seriously about that until we go to congress at Sunyani to elect a flag bearer for the NDC from July 8th – 10th 2011. The future growth of the NDC is very very important Now and forever – Amen.


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement