I am not too old, I am still strong-Nana; Rejoinder

Thu, 27 May 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Regarding to the Ghanaweb article published on Monday 24, May 2010 “I am not old, I am still strong-Nana”: The assertion of Akufo Addo that he is not old is total cynical nonsense. It is preposterous for this 70- year- old man to continue his disingenuous charade before the New Patriotic Party (NPP) national delegates and the entire country, the pretense that he is not old. When a man or woman reaches 65 years of age and is still working, such an individual needs to retire, go home and rest. How is this 70-year- old Akufo Addo now saying that he is not old? If this 70-year-old man Akufo Addo were fighting among his own family eldership position to lead his family members in Kyebi in Akyem then he has a right to tell them that he is not an old man. However, Ghanaians are not ready to elect a visionless 70 – year-old man arrogant who is a violent womanizer to lead our Nation. We need a young, energetic and intelligent person like Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng to rescue Ghana from its slump and the predicaments of unemployment and dire economic situations.

My fellow countrymen and women due to Akufo Addo’s power conscious ambition he has continuously denied his age to fool Ghanaians and NPP delegates. When this 70- year-old man Akufo Addo was addressing some section of the NPP delegates at Brong- Ahafo, he said “Not to heed to the propaganda about his age that he is too old to be the presidential candidate of the party” As the saying always goes if sunday will be a joyful day it begins on Saturday evening; I urge the NPP delegates to take a closer look at Akufo Addo’s personality when he stands in front of them and judge for themselves. Whether or not this 70-year-old man who stands in front of them can perform a presidential task on a daily basis they should judge for themselves. They should compare Akufo Addo to their own 70- year -old men and women at their family houses and think what type of work their grand Pa or grand Ma can do if something happens in their family? The NPP candidate is saying some pretty extraordinary lies about his age. For Akufo Addo continue to open his month without caution, he has displayed a propensity for inelegant, injudicious and a deeply unpleasant conduct. I urge the delegates not to waste their time on this 70 –year- old pensioner Akufo Addo. He is too old and again not a winnable candidate to lead the NPP to victory in 2012 general election. The NPP delegates should realize that the Party is not just looking for a mere flag bearer but a leader who is well liked by the Ghanaian populace. Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng is such person. He is visionary who will provide action leadership. He is energetic, charismatic, and enthusiastic .He is a humble, God fearing man. He is man with one wife—not a womanizer like this Akufo Addo. Obviously if the NPP delegates do not elect Alan the NPP victory for 2012 general elections is at risk. The NPP members across the nation must realize that the party did no nominate the right candidate to lead the organization for the 2008 general elections. Those Akufo Addo supporters who are bickering and bedeviling Alan’s supporters should stop their idiotic foolishness because this Akufo Addo will never become a president in Ghana.

According to credible information John Evans Attah Mills was Akufo Addo’s mate at the University of Ghana Legon; Akufo Addo went to school in United Kingdom. After failing to get a degree in London Akufo Addo found himself back at school in Ghana where he spent three years getting his third rate degree in economics. Akufo Addo is 70 years old. If he thinks he is not that old let him provide his birth certificate to the entire nation to clear his age dilemma. Only some Akufo Addo’s deluded sycophantic, idiotic supporters will not admit the truth about his age. No wonder why Akufo Addo had a third class grade in Economics-- this guy is not a smart politician if not he will not come and try to defend his age in the media. The reasons he will not address the simple question is that this is an indefensible issue because every Ghanaian knows that Akufo Addo is too old. Even if Akufo Addo were to come out and try to defend his age, he cannot come out and defend the drug addition charges brought by Kofi Wayo. He cannot explain the NPP campaign funds he used to buy a Mercedes Benz for his girlfriend at the university of Ghana. He cannot defend his intentional refusal to return the NPP 2008 campaign’s money. This is very interesting indeed.

To prove my point as if more proof were needed: here are some facts concerning age issues around some of the leaders across many of the developed countries in the world. Out of 20 leaders in the G20 nation (as the 20th member is the EU) only 7 are above 60 years, not 70 as is this Akufo Addo. The 12 other leaders are all below 60. This is not just it. Christina Kirchner, Argentina President the first Female leader is 57, but she was elected at the age of 54. Kevin Ruud of Ausrralla is 53, and was elected at 51; and Nicholas Sarkozy of France is 55 but was elected at the age of 52: In the United Kingdom Cameron was just elected at 43 years of age. Germany’s Merkel one of the most powerful European leaders around the world is now 56 and was elected at the age of 51: Russia’s Medvedev is just 45. He was elected when he was 43; Brack Obama 48 was elected at 46. Just to name a few males it is more than obvious that younger leaders appeal better than older once. Age is a significant issue. In choosing a good leader, the NPP delegates should consider the age and elect Alan in part because he is the young, visionary, energetic, affable man needed to lead this organization and the nation. The nation will never have a commander in chief who would have an age forgetful syndrome like this Akufo Addo and his friend John Evans Attah Mills.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi