I am only trying to make life better for you, so don’t fight me

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Thu, 5 Jan 2023 Source: Joel Savage

It is very difficult and frustrating for individuals who reside in Europe and America to comprehend why they are attempting to improve the lives of impoverished Ghanaians, yet they are constantly being attacked by bigots of various tribes, illiterates, and supporters of political parties.

One can easily understand how ignorant and stupid many Ghanaians are when they often claim that the NPP or the NDC did that, therefore, why didn’t you complain? Only a fool or a moron would support corruption and crime under the NPP administration, claiming the NDC also engaged in those activities.

If we fail to combat crime, corruption, and any other undesirable behaviour that hurts the daily lives of the populace, society cannot be healthy. Ghana is in very serious difficulty; the government has already crumbled and things are getting worse faster than projected, but people don't like criticism.

As an individual, if your brain works like a normal human being, you'll realize that the promotion of corruption, crime, and immorality in the NPP government because of the claim that the NDC did the same thing, is what today has brought the country to its knees and the trouble is far from over.

There is crime and corruption everywhere; nevertheless, these issues can be lessened rather than eliminated from society. However, under this NPP administration, crime and corruption have taken over the nation amid hardships, unemployment, and a serious economic crisis, but when you speak about it, you'll undoubtedly face criticism from uninformed, stupid Ghanaians who put tribalism above development.

It is quite difficult to understand why a nation with so plentiful resources would experience such extreme hardships due to human error. You can be a gentleman or woman and wear the nicest suit or outfit, but yet be a complete moron if your brain is incapable of guiding you towards development.

This is the issue Ghana is currently dealing with, as various ministers in their positions are unsure of what to do to advance the country. Since they lack the necessary qualifications and, more significantly, are just concerned with accumulating a fortune, they neglect their duties, which causes problems for regular Ghanaians.

Ghanaians would observe that Akufo Addo has wasted all of his time since taking office without doing much. Due to his extreme corruption and lack of a clear political objective, Ghana has lost a substantial sum of money with no one being held accountable.

Akufo Addo has been preoccupied with the cathedral topic since he took office because he has nothing to provide Ghanaians. Now that he has a few months remaining in government, he has brought the cathedral problem back to the discussion table to keep him busy again without producing anything.

The president, who has never taken responsibility for his actions or admitted failure, informed world leaders at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 2022, that the global economic crisis has increased food prices in Ghana, making life difficult for Ghanaians.

He emphasized that "economic turmoil brought on by COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war has caused inflation to spiral out of control. He thinks he is smart because the people he was speaking to know he is corrupt and his government stole a significant amount of the COVID funds.

Ghanaians were convinced by the NPP administration that the NDC administration was corrupt and incompetent. The Christian Council should therefore ask the president: "Where is the $100 million missing oil money?" However, neither church leaders nor the Christian Council has been courageous enough to let Ghanaians acknowledge the fact that, apart from Nkrumah, Mahama has launched more projects in the nation than any other Ghanaian leader.

Hate, hypocrisy, and tribalism, have already ruined Ghana but that damage is just the tip of the iceberg because religion has failed mankind in Ghana.

No matter the difficulties I may encounter, I will keep writing about the plight of the underprivileged in Ghana since corruption has a highly negative influence. Even though it has disrupted the economy, health, and quality of life, the problem seems to be growing and unabated

I must caution those waging war against Ghanaians residing abroad who are seeking to improve their lot in life. They might not care because they are enjoying unlawful income, but I will kindly remind them that everything has its season. Including their children, they will pay a heavy price for the crime and corruption they have fostered, supported, and promoted within this NPP government.

Columnist: Joel Savage