I am still Guessing why and how…

Sat, 12 Jan 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

In this day and age that every nation and people are aspiring to be great, initiating sound policies to move their country forward, Ghana is beset with numerous but self-made stagnating or retrogressive problems. Most people in Ghana are easily persuaded and misled. The detrimental negative attitudes by many a Ghanaian influenced by self-centeredness, tribal inclinations, pure greediness and selfishness are impediments to the socio-politico-economic advancement of Ghana.

With Ghana's current democracy, I wonder if we are on the right course to attaining our purpose for going democratic. Many are those unconscionably abusing their democratic rights when it comes to elections. They needlessly inextricably saddle themselves with difficulties by not exercising their God-endowed gumption, as they should. Unrelenting political party persuasions take the better side of them in clear contrast to wisdom and common sense. I think you should chastise me for my allusion to common sense here. Common sense means differently to many or different people. What may be common sense to me at a time may require an explanation from a rocket scientist to another person before he or she appreciates the import of the act. Therefore, common sense is vast and vague.

I am still guessing answers to why and how a great sizeable number of Ghanaians, if not all, have made it their unflinching duty to grace evil at all time. How on earth, I ask again, how on earth, would a reasonable person cast their vote for the most incompetent, corrupt and visionless candidate just because he or she has wherewithal to offer bribe?

Every Ghanaian is aware of how the Atta Mills/John Mahama-led NDC government and party perpetrated and perpetuated obnoxious unprecedented corruption in Ghana. They were always conniving with certain individuals, companies and complete phantoms to swindle Ghana. A classical example is one Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, that notorious similitude of armed robber, who robbed Ghana of GHC51 Million in a broad daylight by the connivance and help of certain high-ranking NDC apparatchik. Someone like Okudzeto-Ablakwah instead of serving the nation was rather serving himself and other foreign interests. He was always on the side, and defending them, all those seeking to dupe Ghana yet, Ghanaians have elected him into parliament. Ghanaians have also elected, albeit dubiety, the NDC and John Mahama to power?

Is it an act of inhered stupidity on our part to behave as though we have lost our head and flapping about like a headless-chicken? For voting back the NDC and John Mahama to power, or better still, re-electing them for another four-year term, I doubt the integrity and credibility of most Ghanaians especially, those supportive of the NDC and the Electoral Commissioner's fraudulence at Elections 2012.

I know democracy is about according all individuals of a country certain freedoms. The Constitution and the charters that are, guarantee diversity of opinions and expressions, equally as much other known freedoms. It is a question of how sanely or absurdly one exercises those pertinent rights. How did Ghanaians end up re-electing the NDC and John Mahama back to power? How, I yearn for answers. Why should one desire to disenfranchise his fellow Ghanaian by buying off his or her vote at elections? How is this possible if both the buyer and the seller were not criminals without shred of patriotism in them?

Now, someone like Alfred Agbesi Woyome is able to dictate his terms of conditions to President John Mahama, telling him who to, and who not to, appoint for position in his government. Because Woyome has threatened to cause tsunami in Mahama-led NDC government should his order be flouted, many are those in NDC that are very jittery about Woyome's intention. It may happen that President Mahama will appoint him the Minister of Finance whereby he can steal as much as he wants to share with the NDC.

If Ghanaians were that intelligent beyond the stretch of tribalism, acts of selfishness and greediness, they would in no way have voted for, and stubbornly defending, the NDC, as does one so-called "Mr. Beautiful" of the Ghana Film and Entertainment Industry.

I cannot say much. Democracy requires us to behave responsibly but many decide to act irresponsibly. I am still guessing why and how Ghanaians desire for, quick buck, intemperate tribal cohesion, riddance of inferiority complexities and abnormal rubbing of shoulders, make them vote for a party and people even though, they are insatiably corrupt and without great farsightedness?

I am still guessing….

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson