"I am the President" - the late President Mills wrote

Tue, 7 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

on the morning of his death.

If truly the late President Mills scribbled the words, "I am the President" on a piece of paper left on his Castle desk on the morning of his death, then I call for an extensively unhindered official investigation into his sudden death. It is not for nothing that he wrote that if indeed, he did as alleged on one of the country's FM radio stations following his demise. How would somebody who knew he was the sitting President of Ghana ever do that? Was it not to rebuff someone who was trying to usurp his powers, as usually did the Castle boys of which, this time around, he totally disagreed with hence the written words? To me, it was an attempt to stamp his authority even though he might be frail.

Why are the NDC not enthused about the call to conduct official investigation into the late President Mills' death? He was the first citizen of Ghana so we deserve to know the circumstances surrounding his death without any blatant political propaganda to shroud the truth. Did he die of natural causes? Did he succumb to his diagnosed throat cancer or hounded to death by some unknown persons?

The little known about his death and his activities prior to his death a few hours later from one of his siblings who granted live interview to Nespa radio UK, requires that we probe further into his death. We need to uncover the truth, as things do not add up.

President Mahama is resolutely determined to have the body of late President Mills interred in Accra as against the wish of his relatives to bury him in Ekumfi Otuam. The NDC with that notorious hooligan Nii Lante Vanderpuye came out with varying statements on the President joining or refusing to join them on their campaign trail. He will not join campaign 2012 for national security reasons, Vanderpuye asserted. Others said, he would attend campaigns but will not talk. He would only come out to raise his hands at rallies, another said. All the while that they were lying to us, the President was sick and in dying throes.

The greedy sycophantic Castle boys should come out with the truth about the late President Mills' health and death to save Ghanaians from needless speculations. Why at all would the late President Mills write, "I am the President" a few hours preceding his death?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson