I bet, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have forgiven the minority NDC

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Fri, 7 Jul 2017 Source: K. Badu

As a matter of principle, some of us cannot end our arousing disgust anyhow and anytime soon over the erstwhile NDC government’s inborn predilection, the irreversible incompetence and the corrupt practices which nonetheless destabilised Ghana’s macroeconomic indicators.

Whilst I do not want to buy the widely held assertion that politics is a dirty game, one would not be far from right to suggest that the political terrain is full of manipulating geezers.

Of course, political cozeners are not limited to Africa, it is a global phenomenon, as a matter of fact.

However, in my humble opinion, it is our part of the world (Africa), where political inebriations and gimmickries are so prevalent.

Perhaps, this is so because we have greater number of unlettered folks, many of whom cannot choose between tricksters and morally upstanding politicians.

In this periodical I intend to discuss the minority NDC’s apparent hypocrisy and their weird approach to providing opposition and alternative solutions to the NPP government.

Of course the opposition is obliged to put the incumbent government on its toes. But does the opposition NDC have to grumble and criticise for criticising sake?

In fact, one cannot help but to giggle over the minority NDC’s renewed zeal to expose and prevent perceived incompetence and corruption.

Bizarrely, the minority NDC operatives are gleefully hopping around the globe (from United States to Luxembourg) with a view to detecting a perceived corruption by the embryonic NPP government. How strange?

If they were that good at detecting and preventing sleazes and corruptions, why did they go to sleep over the scandalous corruption cases involving the infamous Bus Branding, Brazil World Cup, the Ford Expedition vehicle, GYEEDA, AZONTABA, SADA, SUBAH, the purported $200million debt incurred on the faded STS housing deal, the dubious Embraer 190 Aircrafts and hanger for the Ghana Armed Forces and over a US$100 million oil revenue loss between 2011 and 2013 as reported by the Public Interest& Accountability Committee?

Perhaps, the NDC Party apparatchiks are trying their level best to convince their aggrieved supporters of their consuming desire to recapture power in 2020.

Let us admit, Kweku Baako Jnr was absolutely right when he stressed that the minority NDC operatives were seeking to ‘internationalise their incompetence’.

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the opposition NDC operatives have soon found their voices and squalling and scolding at the roof top about alleged sleazes and corruptions?

To me, it is an illustrative case of let us give a dog a bad name and hang it. Obviously they are trying their level best to bring to the fore the non-existent sleazes and corruptions. How pathetic?

It beggars belief that despite the unbridled corruptions, the arrogance of power and the irrevocable incompetence by the erstwhile NDC administration which resulted in massive economic collapse, the NDC apparatchiks would still have the moral authority to accuse others.

All the same, that is the beauty of democracy. The minority NDC operatives are within their democratic right to whine and speak their piece and criticise the infant NPP administration as they see fit.

Having said that, they ought to exercise a great deal of circumspection and consider criticising constructively and put forward alternative policies and programmes.

Well, I would like to believe that the supposedly NDC corruption crusaders will give their full support to the much awaited Special Prosecutor, who will certainly detect, prevent and deter the corrupt practices in the country.

In any case, some of us will keep our fingers cross for the Special Prosecutor to make an appearance.

To me, the arrival of the Special Prosecutor will, arguably, remain the greatest accomplishment of President Akufo-Addo’s administration.

Indeed, it will be gratifying to witness the Special Prosecutor exerting dint of effort and retrieving most of the stolen monies in the last few years, which obviously collapsed Ghana’s economy.

Yes, the Special Prosecutor will legally go after the greedy politicians and other public servants who have shamefully stolen from the national purse.

And who says that the suspects and their apologists would not grumble and squall over the Special Prosecutor’s lawful and routine interrogations?

Whatever the case, there will be no mercy for the wrong doers. We shall claw-back all the stolen monies which were meant for various developments.

I would like to believe that the right antidote to the unbridled sleazes and corruptions is through stiff punishments, including the retrieval of all stolen monies, sale of properties and harsh prison sentences.

Trust me, not even Jesus Christ would have forgiven the corrupt officials who sought to starve and suffocate poor Ghanaians to death through the wanton sleazes and corruptions.

Columnist: K. Badu