Opinions Sat, 7 Jan 2012

I salute both Alfred Woyome and Kennedy Agyapong


Listening to most radio and FM stations across the country, the judgment debt that the court granted to Woyome has generated a lot of political discussions. I believe this is a topic worth discussing because the actions that both these gentlemen took will go a long way to deepen our democracy.

To begin with let us all understand that the issue regarding the debt the government of Atta Mills’ NDC came to meet after coming to office has been there and starring at them all these three years in power. Why was this not made known to Ghanaians by the government but rather has to go through this tortuous course for it to come to the fore?

What was the motive of Atta Mills and his government for not keeping the people of this country informed about this massive debt that they claim could have been avoided by Kuffour and his NPP government.

What is so shocking to me is the way Mills is going about it and the limitations that have been place on the body to investigate the whole issue. To find out whose action led to the country incurring this massive debt and how much and who it has been paid to. That all!

What I can infer from the action of Atta Mills’ government is that they just want to pride themselves of accomplishing a great feat by being able to pay off a greater part of this debt they claim and his government inherited from Kuffour’s NPP which could have been avoided.

But the question is does it just end there? If it is just for Ghanaians to know how good your government is in paying off debt while you go to China for a 3 billon dollar loan and being so desperate looking for the insurance money that would have covered the Korean STX project then I AM VERY SORRY, for what good does it bring to your countrymen just to know that you have been able to pay of debt you came to meet while basic amenities are so much lacking. If Kuffour cannot be held accountable for the debt incurred that the president claims could have been avoided then there is no achievement here.

The few questions I have for the government are

1. Could the money paid as judgment debt or part of it not be used as the Insurance for the STX project?

1. Could some have been used to purchase the Fire Tenders that was received by the country just recently?

1. Could some or part have been used to purchase the planes that our air force need and other equipment our security services are in dire need of to carry on their duties effectively?

If the answers to these few questions is ‘NO’ then need not write I any further. On the other hand if it is in the affirmative then the other questions that are ‘sooooo’ much begging for answers are

1. Does the President and the NDC just want to pat themselves at the back for being able to pay off most of the debt?

1. Is Kuffour and his cabinet culpable for causing financial loss to the state? If yes why have they not been held accountable or responsible for their actions?

1. What is your motive for not telling Ghanaians about the facts for all the 3 years you have been in power?

1. With less than 24 hours for Kuffour’s immunity to kick in, what do you your cabinet and attorney general intend to do to hold him accountable?

Is it not ironic that the President who claims to be a father for all is so swift at taking action against his own NDC people when there is a perception of wrong doing but will drag his feet at taking action against those outside of his party with regards to similar offenses? Case in point is the swiftness the president acted upon hearing that one of his ministers has bought an expensive BMW.

Thanks to Alfred Woyome and Kennedy Agyapong. Their bravery has exposed both Kuffour and Atta Mills for all Ghanaians to know. No matter which way one may look at it both of these gentlemen, whether you agree with me or not have done a great service to mother Ghana.

How many Ghanaians would gather the courage to take their government to court for wrong doing? Alfred Woyome did not chicken out when he felt he has been short changed by his government. He did not conform to the “fama Nyame” attitude of Ghanaians but rather, boldly took his case to a court of competent jurisdiction for redress and won.

Now for those making so much noise and press conferences about this whole Woyome issue, would the judge not have thrown out his case if he didn’t have any? Is it not a court of competent jurisdiction that ruled on the case? Are they not interfering in the judiciary?

On the part of Kennedy Agyapong, I say I salute you for your bravery. You did the right thing by sounding the alarm for Ghanaians to wake up. One might not like the way Kennedy speaks to put his point across but we should not lose the fact that he is a son of mother Ghana and has every right to raise his concerns about government decisions for the whole populace to know.

Even though they are on opposite side of the political divide, I believe that their actions will set a positive example for Ghanaians to know that they can and have the right to stand up to their government if they believe they have been wronged and this I believe would go a long way to strengthen our fledgling democracy.

Once again a big salute both of you, Woyome and Kennedy.

-- KA

Columnist: Addo, K.