I will Continue To Grant More Interviews To The Media

Sat, 28 Dec 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

You Lie, I will Continue To Grant More Interviews To The Media If ……………….

The purpose of journalism is NOT DEFINED by technology or by journalism, or the technology they employ, BUT THE PRINCIPLES and PURPOSES of journalists are defined by something MORE INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT. That is the function news play in the lives of the people world wide.

Most journalists prefer negative news like the detention of political opponents by ruling governments, Human Rights Abuses, Gagging the press, corruption in government institutions like the Ghana Education Service and CHASS etc.

However, the Criminal Libel Law was enacted by Parliament in 1960, and the NDC government under Rawlings had to apply it on some wicked journalists like Merss Eben Quacoo of the Free Press and his publisher Thommy Thompson for publishing complete false stories about Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, so the action by the former First Lady was proper.

Therefore, the Criminal Libel Law was NOT passed into law by the NDC government as the opposition NPP wants unsuspecting Ghanaians to believe. Let them prove me wrong here. As a cadre, if you know all these facts, you can grant an interview to any media house in Ghana and abroad, be it Al - Jezeera, V.O.A; CNN, NBC or BBC the world over. You see, God in his own wisdom created everybody with their various talents, so if you can not write articles to the media and I am doing it, why should you envy me? If you are so naive, weak and ignorant that you can not grant a simple interview to the press and talk about the June 4 and 31st December. Revolutions and yet you describe yourself as a cadre, whose fault is it? You lie, envy or no envy – I will grant interviews to the media whenever they invite or host me on their programs and I will do it today, tomorrow, the day after, the morning after, I mean forever because nobody can intimidate me, so those who envy me and attack me because of the articles I have been writing since 1984 and the interviews I have been granting to the press must find their OWN LEVELS WITHIN THE CADRE CORPS IN THE UCF and stop such attacks on me since it has already back fired. I never saw such characters when Col. Ojidja, the former Director of the Military Intelligence and his dreaded Military Intelligence (MI) chaps were chasing J.J. Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata and all June Four members around between Oct. 1979 and 30th Dec. 1981with an order to shoot them on sight, so why should I talk to the press about such incidents and some cadres decides to become jealous? They can burn the sea or commit suicide and it will be my back case. I was involved in organizing the masses for the Dec. 31st Revolution in my capacity as a June 4 member which succeeded in over throwing the PNP Government and I have no regrets for doing so.

You claim to be a member of the June Four Movement and some young journalists from the various media houses including T.V. stations decide to interview you about the relevance of June 4, and you can’t tell them the truth or anything meaningful about that violent Uprising in 1979 because these journalists were not born 34 years ago when the June 4 Uprising took place, then what shows that you are a June 4 cadre in the first place? And how do you understand the reasons for that God sent Uprising by Patriotic Junior Officers of the Military on June 4, 1979, if cant explain or express yourself – it means that you are a useless cadre . it will be recalled that I was given a plat form to speak during the 34th anniversary of the June 4 Uprising in 1979 at Rawlings residence on June 3, 2013 right in the presence of J.J. Rawlings – the world President. Then on June 4 2013 I was again interviewed by some young journalists from T.V. 3 at the Revolution Square that morning, and I was subsequently invited to the T.V.3 studios that evening to speak on the relevance of the June 4 Uprising and I hit the nail on the head by telling my host and the nation in general why the June 4 anniversary must never be swept under the carpet, and after the said interview – ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE IN THE ASHANTI REGION by some few cadres and for what reason, I can not tell. Are they telling me that, if your are a cadre and you are interviewed by any journalist, you will have to seek permission from J.J. Rawlings, the leader of the two Revolutions before you talk to that journalist or what? Are they telling me that, one must keep quiet when some young journalists decide to host you on a T.V. programme to enable you throw more light on the relevance of the two Revolutions or what? Are those cadres telling me that some of us were just supporting the June Four Uprising blindly or what? Finally, are they telling me that cadres must remain ROBOTS to be used and dumped by some CLEVER LATER DAY SAINTS in the ruling NDC government or what are they really talking about? Frankly speaking, the erstwhile C.D.R’s projected NONENTITIES TO FAME only to be called names. Again, C.D.R’s dressed KNOWN CROOKS in saintly gabs all in the name of Nation Building and these recycled crooks have turned round to reward the C.D.R cadres with insults and disrespect.

You see, Ghana’s problem is neither political nor extreme tribalistic, but is is 100% economic.

After I was interviewed at the Revolution Square on the June 4, 2013, the T.V. crew again went and interviewed Comrade Huudu Yahaya too, and none of us condemned the June Four Uprising or spoke against the principles of June Four. So why the ENVY and JEALOUSY of some cadres in the Ashanti Region as they made ugly noises against me but what pains me most is that those making the said ugly noises are NOT MEMBERS OF THE JUNE FOUR MOVEMENT in the Region at all. For their information, and all those who think like them, they should never expect me to seek clearance from ANY OF THEM before writing on political issues or granting interviews to the media whether in the print media, Radio or T.V. stations in this country, and I have no regret whatsoever for honoring the invitation of the T.V. 3 Management by granting that interview on June 4, 2013 and I stand by whatever I said in that studio and will continue to talk whenever ANY JOURNALIST from the print and electronic media decide to interview me on the June Four Uprising or the 31st December revolution in 1979 and 1981, so, all Journalists are welcome especially members of the smelly press of the NPP whose leaders love to hate the June 4 and 31st December Revolutions. I will continue to grant more interviews to the media if they come to me and damn the consequences.


We are, what we are, because WE DON’T LOVE ONE ANOTHER, so when a cadre is given an appointment, his fellow cadres would gang up and try to destroy him leading to his dismissal from that position. If we don’t stop this negative, nasty and envious behavior nation wide – cadres would forever remain willing tools in the hands of all those who did not help to build the party, but have being enjoying the fruits and pecks in the NDC since 1992 to date 2013, while cadres continue behaving like crabs in a bucket with their vicious Holier Than Thou Attitudes. This was said by a former Regional Organizing Assistant of C.D.R.S in Kumasi during the election of Regional leaders of United Cadres Front at the Prempeh Assembly Hall on Friday 22nd November, 2013. Well those who have ears to hear let them hear. For me, I will never allow any lazy and jealous cadre to mislead or intimidate me – YOU DARE NOT. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done; ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii’’ Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement