"If It Is Cocaine, Then It Is NPP"

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Bagbin Fumes"Peacefmonline.com / Ghanaweb.com 11/26/14).

So Mr Bagbin, can we also say that if it is Rape, Then It Is NDC?

Bagbin has no moral right to tag anybody or party with a moniker. How can somebody who rapes her 16-year-old sister in law and impregnates her has the audacity to call others names? Bagbin is a sexual molester of children and should be in prison instead of being Majority leader of Parliament.

Since Bagbin the child sexual molester and the NDC Catalyst Newspaper wants want to be the moral crusaders of Ghana, I will call them to the carpet and ask them to address the many charges of rape leveled against him Bagbin and other NDC leaders then we can address which party is a cocaine party.

If NDC Catalyst newspaper want to turn politics into a moral crusade,they and their assigns should realize that, theurgy is a reality in this world and what you don't want to be done to you, don't do to others. NDC has turned Amoateng's cocaine conviction which he did as an individual and indicted the whole NPP as a cocaine party. If NPP is a cocaine party because of one person's criminal behavior, then NDC IS A RAPIST PARTY

The NDC leaning newspaper, The Catalyst on Saturday December 6th published an article demanding to know if the Minority Leader in Parliament, Osei Kyei-Mensah was the same Lawrence Addae who attended St Peters Secondary school at Nkwatia-Kwahu in the Eastern region. The said Lawrence Addae broke into the school store and stole some provisions and this NDC paper wants to use this teenage mischievous escapades to paint the Minority leader as a bad person and not fit to be in Parliament. WOW!!!!, is that what NDC want to do? Dig into the teenager bad behavior of NPP members and use it as a political dagger?

Did this NDC Newspaper check about President Mahama's alleged raping of a school girl with his two friends when he was 13 or 14 that forced him to change schools?

I will not even fall for this newspaper crass nonsense so I will rather ask the NDC's The Catalyst Newspaper to check the background of the grown-up members of NDC raping charges that have been leveled against some prominent NDC members including the Speaker of Parliament, Doe Adjaho who was alleged to have raped an NDC DCE in 1999.

"Accra - The Member of Parliament for Avenor and Majority Chief Whip, Edward Korbly Doe Adjaho has gone to court over allegations that he raped a married woman on the night of March 27, 1999.

It would be recalled that back in April this year, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Akatsi, Victoria Nazzah Gidigloh sent a seven- page petition to the President of the 31st December Movement Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and other leading members of the NDC that recounted acts of the MP aimed at destroying her "person, destabilize my administration, the NDC party and the District.The DCE also accused the MP of attempted rape in her room "in the middle of the night of March 27, 1999."

Since the NDC Catalyst Newspaper wants investigation to be done to weed out the amoral members of Parliament, I will also suggest they investigate the NDC Majority leader of Parliament too, Alban Bagbin who slept with his 15 or 16 year old sister in law and impregnated her. Alba Bagbin, who is a Catholic hid behind his primitive culture that allows such child sexual molestation to defend his despicable act and no charges has been brought against him for such a heinous crime against a child.

I am going to provide the NDC Catalyst newspaper more rape cases leveled against NDC members to investigate.

Have the Catalyst heard of one Captain Mfodwo from Volta region who gave a ride to his friend teenage daughter and instead of taking this teenager to her house rather drove the young lady to his house, put a gun to that girls head and raped her repeatedly? Is the Catalyst aware of that case that happened about five or six years ago?

What about Stanislaw Dogbe, a Presidential staffer at President Mahama's office who was alleged to have raped a University of Science and Technology student? Can the Catalyst newspaper investigate that too?

What about NDC Member of Parliament from Asawase in Ashanti Region, Alhaji Muntaka marrying a child of 16 years old? Is it not against the laws of Ghana to have sex with women under the age of seventeen? It might be legal to marry a 16-year-old girl but as a Parliamentarian and a man of 40 years or more as Muntanka is, is it not morally reprehensible to take a child bride?

I will rather have Osei Kyei Mensah even if he is the alleged Lawrence Addae to be my Parliamentarian for his alleged teenage indiscretion than all these NDC members of Parliament and leaders with raping charges hanging around their necks.

If we want Angels to be our Politicians, then our President will not even qualify to be head of state with his own record when it comes to morality. "There is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true. I have had children outside my marriage. But I am at peace with my wife. She understands the circumstances in which it happened and I have been a responsible father to my children"

------------President Mahama---------

That was President Mahama's answer to enquiring minds that wanted to know about his family background which one has to break Fort Knox security code to get to. I have been 'googling' the net trying to find out how many children this man has without success since that information is always missing from Mahama's biography provided on the net.I guess that rumour swirling around has got to him he chose to reveal a little bit of his lifestyle to douse the embers of his salacious interest and his reputation of having an elevator eyes in order to reach ataraxia.

Let the NDC Catalyst Newspaper and its staff know that any teenager that did not have a secondary or high school student indiscretion or mischievous activity had a boring secondary school life.

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice