If Kofi Adams Is A Hero, Who Is The Villain?

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 Source: Bawa, Abdul Razak

Dear President Rawlings

A dog that barks all the time is given little attention.

It is with a heavy heart that I write you this letter, considering how much I admire, love and revere you. But I am compelled and motivated by the statement you issued recently, admonishing President John Evans Atta Mills in what you describe as, going into the ditch and walking in darkness.

Ever since I became conscious of politics and as I develop the interest to also let my views and opinions be heard. I have heard you on countless occasions used words such as ‘man of integrity’; I am tempted, after critical examinations to come to a firm conclusion that you don’t sometimes understand the meaning of these words, as they have come back to haunt you.

Sir, you are the same person who said that weak and incompetent leaders prefer to ride a crippled horse, so why must you not have solace in the fact that President Mills is not a weak leader who is looking for a crippled horse to ride, or is it a case of another phrase that you don’t understand? Once upon a time Sir, your spokesperson was Victor Smith, who defended you to the point of death, he lost every credibility that an average politician must have. And let me hasten to say Sir, that being your spokesperson is a job that I don’t envy at all, in fact I pity whoever is in that position because you are a non-conformist, you say and do whatever comes into your mind at any material moment.

Back to Victor Smith’s dismissal, Mr. President, in a text message sent to him and copied to the media to relieve him of his duty, you mentioned simply that you were firing him because of what you described as ‘obscene loyalty’. Whatever that means, I don’t think what Kofi Adam has done and continue to foolishly defend is far worse than that. What is your definition of loyalty Sir?

Principles are principles, and one need to hold fast unto them, no matter whose axe is gored. Kofi Adam has sold his soul to the devil and must be axed from the party.

Sir, the only reason why you have such a large following is because you are a stickler of principles. Unfortunately, you are losing the steam and certainly disappointing a lot of people who look up to you.

Corruption Sir, as former President John Agyekum Kufuor said, is as old as Adam that is why after 19 years in office as a military despot and a democrat, you (Rawlings) could not uproot corruption despite your high handedness. President Mills did not come into office wielding a magic wand to rid this country of what even you could not do after 19 years, in three years. Sir, let me refresh your mind a little, and you will realize and accept that you are not a saint, and did not preside over a saintly government. Do you remember the Quality Grain Scandal, where Mrs. Renee Woodard Juliet Cotton

who had no business acumen and no track record in her home country (USA) came into this country, looked you in the face and made away with millions of United States Dollars, without any qualms?

Your wife, Sir, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, known then as ‘Madam’ used her influence as the First Lady, and under the cloak of 31st December Women’s Movement bought the Nsawam Cannery at a paltry sum letting the country lose a lot of money in that divestiture, the same money she is using now to destabilize your legacy, as well as erode your essence and importance in our politics. When Sir, you mentioned of greedy bastards, did you include your wife, and please Sir, have you asked her or ever questioned the source of her wealth to run such a campaign? Please Sir, the devil and the enemy is in your house, look no further! Sir, when you handed over power in 2001, some of your ministers were tried, for embezzling or misappropriating funds under the law of ‘Causing Financial Loss to the State’. Justifiably or unjustifiably, some of them were found guilty, by a competent court of jurisdiction, for acts of corruption. These acts Sir, took place under your watch.

Sir, we cannot reverse the past but we can learn from it, and it is to guide us as we chart along. This country has moved on. Do you think, Sir, looking at the way you want things to be done, your dictates are the most appropriate way to superintend this country at this stage of our democracy?

Sir, you are aware the President is presiding over 24 million people and he is working with not less than 200 people he has appointed and he can’t be everywhere, you of all people should know this, as the saying goes, they are bad nuts everywhere.

Sir, the President is less than four years in office and you expect him to just by word of mouth end corruption and jail people you perceive are corrupt. We are governed by the rule of law and things must work accordingly. Things can’t be done arbitrarily. Sir, if you had created heaven when you were the Head of State for 19 years, all President Mills will be doing is superintending over it and sharing it not to create it. So you see, you did not leave behind milk and honey flowing through our taps, at the least it is work in progress, and we hope to get there soon. Sir, most of the people who laid their lives down for you whiles in office as well as out of office are the same people today who are running the country, since when did you realize that the people you worked with and called ‘men of integrity’ are greedy bastards ?.

Sir, I know you know that for eight years, from 2001-2008,during Ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor’s reign, a lot of people who were associated with you lost their jobs and in turn their livelihood. They can now heave a sigh of relief that if for nothing at all, their party is in office and although they don’t have the spoils of power, they can comfortably and conveniently do their business without any fear or favour.

A lot of people lost their jobs; even those who took the matter to court and secured judgment in their favour were denied re-instatement. Sir, I don’t think you have soon forgotten how your wife was treated, in order to get to you. She was arraigned before court and humiliated publicly for her role in the divestiture of Nsawam Cannery. Today she is a free woman and you also have your peace of mind. If you can be fair to yourself Sir, and to members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), you will agree with me that the number of people who would line up in front of your house for favours and hand-outs might have gone down now considerably, primarily because the NDC is office. So Sir, something is happening, the President can’t do it all in four years, we are witnessing unprecedented performance in setting sectors.

For the first time in the history of this country, we have managed for two years running maintained single digit inflation. So Sir, we are progressing, and something good is happening.

Last week, Sir, I was having a conversation with my father, and he asked me if I can ever have the opportunity to meet you, I told him no, but I could humbly write to you as I am doing now.

He said, I should tell you that history will never forgive you; you will not have a favourable place in history, if you sit aloof and continue issuing statements that are disjointed, uncoordinated and far from the reality, to discredit and hurt this government.

I could not agree more with him. You are and will remain the founder of the NDC, no matter how bad your brother is, he is still your brother. It was former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who said he would rather be a proud messenger in a party which is government than a proud General Secretary in a party which is in opposition. If you are not aware Sir, because of the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’ Kofi Adams can also boast today of having a house of his own. So is it ungratefulness, sheer envyness or what could have influenced Kofi Adams to confide in Gabby Asare Okyere Darko, promising him that they would do everything possible to make sure President Mills is a one-term President? Kofi Adams and who are they?

Sir, Kofi Adams is feeding fat on this mischief, using your office and selling information to people who wanted you dead, people who stripped you of all your privileges.

Honestly Sir, are you not better off under President Mills, would you rather live with Nana Akufo-Addo as the President? Where are your principles, what have you not said about Nana Addo?

Your wife, Nana Konadu, made a very big mistake when she contested the President to lead the NDC for election 2012.

Sir, I want to believe you were not in support of our wife’s decision to contest President Mills for the leadership of the country. I know you know that you and your family have served your due, Ghanaians are grateful and would forever hold you in high esteem. We don’t practice dynasty in this country, where only you and your family are the people who are destined and fit to change the fortunes of this country.

Sir, the supporters of NDC would never forgive you should you sit idly and watch the party go into opposition.

Finally Sir, remember history beckons you to rise above this pitiful folly and self interest to the challenges of national survival. And remember the two halls of Fame and Shame are there for you to choose from, which one do you want history to build for you. All the best, with Allah’s blessing, Amin. May God lead you in the path of justice, fairness and the truth that have eluded us all?

God bless you,

God bless Ghana,

Yours faithfully, Abdul Razak Bawa

Columnist: Bawa, Abdul Razak