If only the Special Prosecutor will not become another politician, Ghana will be a better place

Martin Amidu Appointed Martin A. B. K. Amidu, Special Prosecutor

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 Source: Evangelist Samoa Mensa

"I know you are the happiest man now" is the text I received from a friend just when Martin ABK Amidu was announced as the Special Prosecutor nominee. The obvious joy in me is not because of his proven abled personality to fight corruption in Ghana. Forming the 'Office of the Special Prosecutor' is the only reason I voted for the candidate Akufo-Addo in the December 2016 Presidential elections. I voted to fight corruption; I voted out corruption. Hence, I am finally happy that there is finally a Special Prosecutor.

I always live by one principle that "you can only think right when you are willing to do what is right". On this, I laud the President for taking a bold decision of appointing someone who has over the past three decades been his political opponent. Mr. President, you have gotten this very right. I believe you are very willing to do right. You have earned a lot more respect from Ghanaians with this.

Why will Ghana be a better place if the Special Prosecutor is to be a Special Prosecutor and only that; prosecuting all offenders without political colours? Yes, a lot of revenue the Government lose through corruption shall be retrieved from the pockets of these thieves. In the long term, public and civil workers will be deterred from involving in such acts. It will save Ghana billions for the country's developmental projects. Ghana will be a better place.

However, Mr. President, just as in the content of my first letter to you when you assumed office, I am reminding you to in addition to this form the 'Special Anti-Corruption Office'.

People are suffering a lot of injustices in the system; but where do they report their grievances to without fear of being victimised? Please I want you to within any legal means create the 'Special Anti Corruption Office' that will work directly with or under the the Special Prosecutor's Office. The Special Anti Corruption Office shall be a complain office where acts of corruption in public offices known to citizens at the communal, local and district levels can be reported to via mails or in person without fear of being victimised.

To show your commitment to this fight against corruption, I plead on you not to interfere with the Prosecutions of the Special Prosecutor especially when it involves people in your political party. Also, I plead on you the President to personally place broadcast on Television and radio platforms and advise the whole citizenry to desist from the conduct of bribery and corruption; and also pledge your support to the section of the public who will boldly step up to report corruption to the designated offices.

Mr. Special Prosecutor, we are hoping the Parliament to promptly approve your nomination. Ghanaians are really expectant that you live by your rich anti corruption standards you have exhibited in the past in this Office too. Good citizens of Ghana wish you the best.

When Ghana saves billions out of the fight against corruption, the overall beneficiary is the citizenry. Ghana will be a winner.

Let's together stand and fight against corruption.

Columnist: Evangelist Samoa Mensa
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