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If the Militants fail, who should be blamed: Shatta Wale or the strong four?

In the year 2019 if “Thunder” does not fire us to blow large and far, we will “Forget” the music industry and its issues because we have been praying to “Take Over” the game by hook or crook without looking at any body`s “Level”.

Link the dots to figure out where exactly we going to, straight inna the SM Empire where the overseer of the Emipre has been reigning supreme. Salute to the King Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale.

For the past three years or so, the introduction of some three talents was done by Shatta Wale to the music industry and especially fans in the Shatta Movement Empire with cheers and applauds.

To say the three were accepted by music lovers will be an understatement because SM fans like soldiers on the battle field, only listen to the commander general without complaints. (obey before complaint) The first three stars at the time were Joint 77, Addi Self and Captan with the group name MILITANTS.

Within a short duration, they saw and conquered that level many up and coming artistes were struggling to overcome because their launching pad was strong and powerful to say the least.

After some few months or close to a year, a new voice and name was added to the Militants group called Natty Lee. A strong Four they became enjoying all the fame and attention as signees or so it seemed under the SM label.

They have made a good mark for themselves releasing hits like Taking Over, Thunder Fire, Forgetti and others with various appearances on enviable platforms other artistes would love to pay to mount both in Ghana and abroad, thanks to Shatta Wale who was not selfish in that regard.

Indeed, they have become stars on their own and an envy of many young talents who wish to be in their position.

Over the past weeks, www.sammyflex.com has been monitoring news feed on social media and it feels fans from across the different quarters of the empire are singing one chorus. To the fans, they think the Militants have not been proactive enough with their music profession since they don`t make any move to release songs until Shatta Wale comes into the picture.

Some of these comments were not coming from common floor members of the fan base, but movers and shakers of the SM movement. (Names withheld for another time) One loud voice among the movement opined that the Militants have not utilized the active fan base of the Empire and that they don`t even connect to the core members of the fan base: the Dada Ba attitude has set in according to him.

From hindsight, I can predict the confusion happening inside but deep throat sources tell me that is not exactly the truth though I would like to share it regardless. Just may be, Shatta Wale has not given his blessings to them yet to go and fend for themselves so rushing to do things on their own might mean the Militants snitching on him or like we say in the music business “selling him out”.

There are historical antecedents to what i am saying here, emphasis on “Chameleon or is it Kamelyeon”, D Sherif and Ara B just to mention but a few whose stories became topics for discussion in the media space. Not to be regarded as “Sell Outs” in the same fashion and manner, the Militants might thread cautiously until the commander general aka Shatta Wale gives them their freedom to operate. This is my first prediction.

The second might be the fact that the guys themselves are confused as to whether they should continue their music career as a group or they should maintain the Militants as a group to make the work easily, though we know for a fact that some of them have individual joints they have recorded that are not doing well as compared to the songs with Shatta Wale.

Individually, they have their strengths and weaknesses as artistes so they can only thread cautiously not to disgrace themselves due to where they have gotten to. For survival, I am sure Shatta has his own ways of taking care of them and making them feel cool belonging to the Empire.

But on a real, that question of whether they should do solo projects or continue as a group, my candid opinion is that they should maintain the Militant group with guidance from Shatta Wale. I have listened to them individually over the years and my last best on them will be to come out as a group, with that they get the whole SM fan base collectively.

When I got information during my research to write this piece that they are still with the King in principle but not on paper, I also concluded that then they are being slow to themselves and to their own detriment. As much as Shatta`s influence still covers them, it means they can shine in different ways.

Why am I also hearing that they are not fit to attend their own interviews in the area of maturity and grooming when men like Chris Ross and Yaa Kolo are even sitting on Zylofon FM to grant interviews.

How long are they going to be groomed after following Shatta Wale to umpteenth interviews. If the Militants fail, who should be blamed is the golden question here begging for bold men to answer squarely.

Columnist: Sammy Flex

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