Ignorance is a Disgraceful Disease – Asanteman Council

Sat, 23 Aug 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

“For lack of knowledge, my people perish” so says God in the Holy Bible. In passing judgment on a chieftaincy case that had been pending before Asanteman Council for years, one could clearly establish how ignorant the entire chiefs are. Before the open deliberation of the case; involving some additional reported complaints to the original case and some purported directives, many an Ashanti citizen respected the chiefs and held them in high esteem.

However, during the arbitration process; submission of conclusive views by the individual Council members, until then thought august Council of Asanteman chiefs, proved itself a total disaster. One could only see and hear a bunch of entirely ignorant chiefs, speaking. Being cheerfully supportive of a crime unfolding right under their nose, insisting all was in conformity with Ashanti laws, custom and usage, one could clearly tell how our chiefs may not be abreast with time. They are still dwelling in the wilderness of yesteryears.

The day has dawned since 1935, at the time of the restoration of the Ashanti Confederacy. Nonetheless, all the chiefs seemed to be deeply snoring, fast asleep on the oars, same as it was from the very inception when people first congregated to call themselves Ashantis. They are not aware of the written changes that came into place to regulate the excesses of the Ashanti customary laws and usages since 1935 through to the 1940s and beyond.

To some of the chiefs, what are statutes to them? Little did some of them, those openly depicting their naiveties, know that the Ghana Constitution and other by-laws supersede some previously known traditional laws and customs? Out of their abundance of ignorance, or cowardice or simply, lack of knowledge, they shamefully proved themselves accomplices of crime. Also, they proved themselves bullies in the course of ensuring their probably pre-planned or resolutely determined choice of candidate carries the day.

Whatever their further plans are, let me tell them without mincing words that they are in trouble. They are in deep shit, regardless of their status in the society. The law is designed to not be a respecter of persons and so shall GOD make it be, with regard to the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. No underhand dealings shall work as long as Constitutional and Ashanti by-laws have been breached.

The Overlord is still shamelessly arrogating to himself some powers of which he is not entitled to. Who conferred upon him the powers to enstool Kumawuhene or the vice versa? Does he know the status of Kumawuhene within the Ashanti Confederacy? He had better go back to learn his history very well.

He can continue to brag as much as he likes, his dubious intent will not flourish, but will be like the morning dew that dissipates with the rising Sun. Having developed that tough skin of the hippo, since the days of his sojourn in Canada and the UK until today, he obstinately believes he can forever breach the law with impunity.

Times have changed so our chiefs must change accordingly. Stating ones views threateningly to Kumawu kontrehene will not wash. The last time I checked, no-one or no law had bestowed upon Asantehene the absolute right to impose his choice of candidate on Kumawu as the Omanhene. My research work into the powers and position of Asantehene in today’s Ghana has conclusively established they are not more than a Ceremonial Head.

I shall be coming out with more information on a swath of one-million-acre Kumawuman land that an attempt was made to dubiously sell it to some Norwegian company. Must I say shame on that person who involved himself in that thievery that surpasses the “Woyomegate scandal”?

Kumawuman compatriots, arise to defend your property from being stolen by some rogues calling themselves kings.

The liberation war to end the suffering of the poor Kumawuman citizens from acts of daylight robbery in perpetration by some inherent crooks will have to end – “Ewo se etwa”.

Stay tuned for more info on the Kumawuman chieftaincy issue. Let me quickly borrow the following statement from a former Senior School Prefect of Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School, Mr Edward Adusei Pianim. He said, “If you do not learn history, geography will teach you a lesson” – “Kumawufo3, asem sebe”.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson