Iinspector Koti, Mzbel Virus Attacking Your Boys?

Thu, 18 Aug 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

It was a nice morning relaxing at my entertainment centre whiles listing to news items on myjoyonline via the internet when the story about Mzbel’s attack on the police officer was reported.

Just goggle Mzbel attacks police officer in Ghana and you will see the websites that brought the story for people to read and know what exactly happened.

Yes she denied battering the innocent blue uniformed officer who was doing his work but the evidences which were tendered in court proved that she actually assaulted the officer who was doing his work.

A lot of commentaries were posted on various websites which carried the story with some attacking the police service describing it as a body of unprofessional men.

Others insulted the police officers of being bribe gurus and that the officer might have stopped the musician for money and as she was not ready to dole out money to the officer, he went to fabricate stories to tarnish her image.

Some commentators as well as writers brushed aside all these comments and dealt with the issue head on. Weather the officer asked for money or not was she right to assault him by holding his throat? No.

It was unusual of me to attack somebody who expresses his/her opinion but this time I attacked the president of MUSICA who came out pleading that the security service should temper justice with mercy.

Many were those who did not agree with me and posted damning comments insulting me for not agreeing with the MUSICA president that the police service should temper justice with mercy.

But I quite remember somewhere in the article, I posited that if nothing is done to bring the musician to book, it would be conceived that one can attack a police officer in whatever form and get away with it whiles there are laid down rules and regulations to follow in seeking justice since no one is above the law in Ghana.

Oh yes you do remember I stated in the article that she held the throat of the officer, next time she will squeeze the balls of the officer and someone insulted me for stating that?

Here you go, it has happened life. This time a nurse who is a health professional and must know better in treating human beings in whatever means has allegedly slapped a police officer detailed to accompany her to the police station for a resolve.

It is true in America and Canada; a policeman won’t stop you for whatever offence and sit in your car asking you to drive to the nearest police station.

They will call a tow truck to tow your car to the nearest police station whiles you enjoy a ride with them in their cruiser the police station for your charges to be stated to you and tell you when to appear in court to answer charges..

But if we believe that Ghana is a police state, then why should an individual slap a police officer for doing his work for preventing her from driving unlicensed vehicle?

The issue here is that in these two countries that the commentators have cited to buttress their points against the police officer, you dare not drive unlicensed vehicle. First of all you do so at your own risk of driving a coffin into your grave.

The second thing is that when you get involved in an accident, no one will waste time to fight for you to claim your benefits from the government so you dare not drive unlicensed vehicle in the first place.

To the commentators, my name sake is the IGP right, how can he and his officers make Ghana a better place for of all us to enjoy if we do not assist them?

We can better assist them to make Ghana a peaceful place by knowing what is right and what is wrong. Hate crime and live a simple life by avoiding things that will make us come face to face with the law.

An instance was given where a driver was over speeding in Toronto and was stopped by the O.P.P. after he has given the police a good exercise of cruising.

When they gave him a ticket fine to go and pay at the court, he raised a finger and made a gesture which was an insult to the officers.

Having realized what he meant by making that gestures they pulled him by again and issued more expensive ticket fines for him to go and pay at the court whiles they entered it on his record as well.

As we sympathize with the police service for being attacked by these uncivilized people who have been infected by the Mzbel virus, it will be proper to suggest to “INSPECTOR KOTI” to propose to parliament to consider the purchase of more cruisers for the blue uniform officers to carry out their work in a more professional manner and not jets for fun.

It is time the arm of government, I mean the information ministry and that of the NCCE, embark on a serious public education on civil rights and responsibilities with more emphasis to how to be courteous as a patriotic citizen and not harassing workers to go and lie to the people about its failing promises.

Yes the police might be wrong in certain areas, but when they get things wrong does it mean that the ordinary person must take the law into his own hands? No.

Therefore as we try to clean the system of Mzbel virus from infecting Ghanaians so we must educate the people to void the acts that bring about the virus which when infected makes you to attack only the police officers for discharging their duties.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.