Immigrants Have Invade Our Country With Vengeance

Wed, 8 Oct 2008 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Many of you who are familiar with the core immigration history of our nation will agree with me that the UP tradition has political means of putting the interest of the nation and its citizen first over immigrants. The majority of these immigrants who have now patronized our country are criminals and carpetbaggers who just wanted to seek their egocentric economic opportunities without thinking of our nation’s interest at heart or of the peace that Ghanaians have enjoyed before they arrived. This NPP administration whom many Ghanaians believed as the modern UP tradition, which have the tendency of taking draconian measures to carry out the UP principles to handle immigration dilemma in our country has miserably failed Ghanaians.

The fact that some Ghanaian politicians claim that Ghana has become the gateway of Africa does not mean we should allow criminals from other African counties to come to Ghana and destroy our motherland. These aforementioned individuals from Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia and other African countries have their criminal motives before they arrive in Ghana to recruit the unemployed youth and train them in how to use violent means to get rich overnight. These methods include robbing people, attacking had working citizens in their houses for their possessions at gunpoint, drug trafficking, using fake credit cards to purchase airline tickets, engaging in contract killings for huge sums of money and other violent means of making easy money. Due to these criminal activities these invaders always have money to use some foolish, gullible Ghanaian prostitutes as their sleeping bag for their personal pleasures. No wonder the public is cynical about the NPP administration on crimes committed by these immigrants and some Ghanaians This is what NPP administration has given to Ghanaians aggravating these social problems by allowing these criminal immigrants to enter our country without a background check.

Ladies and gentleman, if these immigrants continue to patronize Ghana with this behavior we have no future. These immigrants could influence our nation December’s general elections. Ghana is divided in large parts between rural and urban voters. Now the majority of these immigrants have found their way to the rural areas, where they believe they can vote in upcoming elections without any interrogation if they claim they are descendants from the Northern and Upper regions. It is imperative for this administration to realize they have no alternative but to act before the general election. In the Ashanti Region capital Kumasi these immigrants have been taking over the city. At night you dare not pass the racecourse between Ashanteman secondary school and the zoo at Kumasi. People have been robed at gunpoint. Others are intimidated and harassed for their cell phones. They are also training some Ghanaians along side them to do these killings in the region. In greater Accra some Nigerian immigrant have taken over some parts of Accra in some clubs to which they don’t allow Ghanaians to come; at Dansoman Tunga there is a children’s park which some Nigerian gangsters have taken over to rob people at gun point at night. These actions have prompted some citizens with combinations of police officers in the area to deal with them to secure the area for native citizens. The question is, when did this erratic NPP administration put an end to these immigrant criminal activities in our country? It is a political nonsense from this administration to think that due to the Nigerians oil futures trading with the government, their citizens can come to Ghana and act stupid and get off Scott free. Our great ancestors from the UP tradition were able to deal with this vital immigration issues in the 1970s, but now the same tradition has led the nation down to suffering. Recently, during the Nigerian general elections the Government deported Ghanaians and other African nationals out of their country. Why can’t we do the same? Is it because of their dubious bank investments in the country?

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi