Opinions Thu, 31 Dec 2009

Impeach The McManu Gang

What is the difference between the James Gang and the McManu Gang? One is made up of trigger happy, pistol whipping, cold-blooded murderers, and social deviants and bank robbers whose eyes glint at the sight of money. The other is made up of tramples of democracy, primary’s stealers, character assassins, filibusters and power grabbers who will do anything to hang on to power and who have been inebriated by power

Curmudgeons have remarked with malicious glee that whilst NDC was loosing the 2000 elections, Prof. Ataa Mills was sipping Earl Grey tea in the comfort of his office at Kuku Hill. Arthur Kennedy, speaking from the belly of the elephant, has reported that whilst NPP was loosing the 2008 general elections, certain NPP leaders were busy with their backside in the air, panting and huffing like a train arriving at London’s Kings Cross, Paris’s Gare du Nord and the Accra to Achiase goods train, bonking. Others have ruefully remarked that monies, bags of rice and roofing sheets meant for activists and foot soldiers were diverted to fill pockets and the stores of the wives of the McManu Gang and their cronies.

NPP lost an election it should not have lost. President Kufour tenure of office was marked by remarkable social development including NHS, individual freedom and free enterprise unprecedented in the history of the nation. It was beset with occasional scandals. Which government is not beset with scandals? With the Kufour successes, the 2008 general elections should have been a ‘koko’ for NPP. All that was needed for NPP to continue was a discipline, well coordinated and superior organization. Instead, money was splashed like confetti at a Nice carnival and naira bills at a Yoruba party. If money won elections, Ross Perot would have been a president. Money is needed in elections. But more than money, is a disciplined campaign backed by a well knit organization led by a united front. In this, NPP was inexcusably lacking.

Led by the McManu Gang, an inquisition, worse than that of the Spanish Inquisition was unleashed on one group of NPP members. These were cut off from the elections. The primary’s between Obama and Hilary, was one of the most vicious in the history of America. Yet, at the end, for the sake of the Democratic Party, Obama and Hilary, like matured politicians, merged their supporters to forge a united front to work towards winning the election. This did not happen with NPP. One NPP group was cut off from the campaign. Instead of concentrating on the elections, the McManu Gang and their masters concentrated on a vendetta. With the efficiency and brutality of Hitler’s storm troopers, supporters of certain challengers in the primaries were hounded and persecuted. The elections had not been won but positions were being allotted left and right. To mask their ineptitude, disorganization, mismanagement and fraudulent intent, the McManu Gang indulged in vulgar display of money. Huge bill boards were erected across the length and breath of the country. Huge and lengthy media buys were made in print and electronic media. This is where money is made. From commissions. Pop concerts were organized that only satisfied egos and put money in the pocket of the McManu Gang. Money is not made from sending foot soldiers out in the fields.

Roosevelt has said that: ‘In New York, the first thing they teach us is to sit on the ballot boxes after elections”. The McManu Gang and its greedy lackeys and book lickers, were criminally remiss in their duty. Despite their arrogance and strutting, they let the side down. They will go down in history as the executive that lost an election that was a ‘koko’. They will go down in history as the executives that condoned and were party to thugery, persecution of party members and conduct unbecoming of the position that they were entrusted with: managing the affairs of the party and molding it into a unifying force.

In civilized a society where duty and responsibility is taken seriously and where one’s continuation in a position is based on performance, this executive will resign their position on their own accord. The McManu Gang, remarkably, is still in their positions and despite the fact that their tenure is ending at the end of the year, they seem not in a hurry to hand over as the constitution stipulates. They have postponed the national executive elections on two occasions. They have become expert filibusters.

The McManu Gang is at it again. Using monkey tricks and every chicanery available, they intend to extend their tenure beyond the year 2009. They have no shame in their quest for power. They are trifling with NPP constitution. They are making a mockery of democracy. By their attitude, one would think that they are the only ones within the party with brains to run the affairs of NPP.

The chairman, Peter McManu, has referred to his exalted position as ‘My Empire’. We would like to remind him that the Shah of Iran was disposed by force. We would like to remind him that the pretender, Emperor Bokassa was removed by force. If he refuses to be reasonable and respect the constitution, we will have to remove him through the courts if need be. The choice is his. He and his gang directed the shameless Legon Putsch where the primaries were stolen. He and his gang were responsible for the shameless Trade Fair Putsch. They won’t be given the chance to trample with impunity on the party anymore. They must honorably resign. They must resign if they have the interest of the party at heart. They must resign if they are not doing the bidding of ‘hidden persuaders’, who feel and think they have a divine right to be president of this nation at whatever cost.

The organizing secretary has said that the current executive needs to ‘finish what they set out to do’. What nonsense! It is like Jerry John Rawlings telling J.A. Kufour, ‘I need an extension beyond January to wind up my affairs’ after NDC lost the 2000 elections. They have not finished what they were mandated to do because of their criminal inefficiency and lack of management and organizational skills. They will have to go because the constitution spells it out. They will have to go because of their ineptitude. They will have to go because we can’t allow them to stay a day beyond 31st December to allow them the time to massage their egos, impose their will on us and sneak in puppets to replace them. They won’t be allowed to hold the party to ransom.

In case power has so gone into their heads and they have forgotten themselves, we would like to remind them that not all of us in NPP are spineless and can’t tell our way through the constitution. We would like to remind the McManu Gang that they don’t hold the franchise on cleverness. We would like to remind the McManu Gang and their masters that the elephant is stirring itself from the induced slumber.

Eeeeshi. Eeeshi rado, rado.

It’s time to climb down from the back of the elephant. The game is over. They have blown it. They have not led the party. They have fractured the party. They have lost an election. They must admit it and go honorably. They must go for a new dynamic executive to take over and start the unification process, team building and coalition forming to prepare the party for the future.

They don’t get it. The revolt against the McManu Gang has begun. It is an open revolt. Winneba is their Tiananmen Square. Their Berlin Wall rule started crumbling yesterday in Winneba. It is not posturing as Ohene Ntow would like to think. Posturing is what the McManu Gang is doing. This revolt is real. The McManu Gang will be impeached come 1st January if they are stubborn and are at their post . Democracy is on our side. The constitution is on our side. What is on your side Commisar Peter McManu? What is on your side, Commisar Ohene Ntow?

Robert Ayim *Patriot’s Club*

Columnist: Ayim, Robert