In Pretence of Protecting Gay rights, the West are Ganging up on Ghana

Fri, 9 Dec 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The Whites have always within their innermost heart and mindset seen, and maintained that once Blacks are born slaves, so should they forever remain. They are always conniving among themselves and with a few of our myopic and insatiably greedy African black compatriots to subjugate the entire African continent with the people therein.

Now, all the signs are boldly written and correctly spelt out on the wall that the Western World, principally Britain, USA and probably France, will not hesitate to intervene in Ghana militarily, on pretence of protecting the gays but actually, coming to rob us of our newfound petrol. They are always finding ways and means to explore and exploit the African continent to a hilt. The Whites are clever at underestimating the intelligence of the African in general and the Ghanaian in particular. Sadly, we always by acts of mere stupidity go for the lethal poisonous baits they lay to trap us.

Ghanaians have their rich cultural and traditional values that make them proud. They have their Constitutional laws to abide by like any other nation. Why then is it that if our Constitution forbids open practice of homosexuality, or the practice of homosexuality in any form or shape, the Western bullies are compelling us to infringe the Constitution? They want us to bask in the sunshine of their vices while they keep us in the dark about the secrets of their technological knowledge. This is what "Agya Koo" will say with emphasis, "nonsenseeee!" of the highest degree.

Will they allow me in Britain to marry or have more than one wife at a time without their police arresting and charging me with Bigamy? Is it not my human right to possess as many wives as I can cater for sexually if these women will consent as adults to polygamous marriage? Why then this law of bigamy, which makes it a crime for already, married persons to marry again. It is because the British Constitution or Statutory law proscribes such act. That is why it is illegal to marry more than one wife or husband at a time. Therefore, why does David Cameron see it right to force homosexuality, a nauseating anathema concoction down the throat of Ghanaians or Africans? Is it because Ghanaians are stooges who are ever ready to do their masters bidding?

President Obama of the US has hurried to second the disgusting enforcement of gay rights in Ghana as proposed threateningly by Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom. Birds of the same feathers really flock together. Luckily, they attached conditions for the implementation of the gay rights in Ghana. They will no longer give, or, will reduce the annual financial or budgetary aid, they give to Ghana if we do not permit and encourage the ramifying propagation of homosexuality in Ghana. Fair enough. We as proud Ghanaians will advise them to keep their money and their ridiculous homosexual ways while we keep our poverty, proud and edifying homosexual-free cultural and traditional values.

Are Ghanaians going to sell their birthright for a pittance that normally ends up in the long pockets of our visionless corrupt politicians? This is a wake-up call for our discerning Ghanaians. We need to rise up against our selfish unintelligent non-farsighted leaders. If they had been using our internally generated and borrowed money wisely, we would not be sitting agape today having our superior White contemporaries forcing bitter homosexual pills down our throat.

The Whites prior to attacking a country to avail themselves freely of that nation's vast natural resources, always ensure they have created a tension within the country. They engineer or manipulate a section of the population to rise up against the other. This is evident in the Arab world with the ongoing "Arab Spring". They are doing it in Ghana by solidly backing a few homosexuals. When the nation starts cracking down on them as in line with our Constitution, these sly foxy Americans, British and French, will send in their armada to defend the homosexuals thereby overthrowing the government in place and install a puppet government answerable to them. They have done it in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ivory Coast; they are doing it in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and will do it in Ghana.

Again, our Ivorian neighbours are being pushed to reclaim Ghana's newfound black gold, thus, petrol. They are vociferously claiming that the Jubilee Oilfields fall within their maritime demarcation. Are their French colonialists doing the unthinkable goading them? Was it because of the oil that the French helped getting rid of the intransigent Ivorian Former President Laurent Gagbo who was not ready to succumb to the Overlord's cheating directives?

Ghanaians are to unite to fight their corrupt politicians whose cumulative corruptive acts have culminated in our present demise where the Whites are force-feeding us with homosexuality and nonsense. If they had not been corrupt and embezzling funds, Ghana would probably be a bit better to wane off her over-dependency on the Whites without which they could not have threatened us the way they are doing. Why is Obama not doing it to Saudi Arabia and the Arab Sheikdoms where they kill or imprison homosexuals? What a double standard! In the name of the British or the American interests, these countries will do whatever it takes to subjugate other poor and weak nations. They are the only ones with interests to protect but not others.

Instead of Ghanaians, especially NDC, worrying about these issues of national interests and concerns, they simply relish in stupidities. They love talking about where one urinates, the height of someone, and what a particular person wears. What a bunch of ignoramuses.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson