In defense of Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe Angry Grace Mugabe

Sat, 25 Nov 2017 Source: Arthur K

Since the Mugabes fell from Grace, it has become fashionable to blame Grace.

She was in line to become Vice-President with her husband as President but she would not have been the first; the Vice-President of Nicaragua is the wife of Nicaragua's President Ortega.

Yes, she was ambitious but so were Mrs. Bandaranaike of Ceylon, Mrs. Clinton of the US and Argentina's Eva Peron and Christina Kirschner.

Where are Mrs Clinton's admirers when the patriachial possy is piling on poor Grace? Where are those who danced to "Don't cry for me, Argentina"!

Do we know what Robert saw in Grace? Maybe, he saw leadership traits in her. Could Robert not have stopped Grace with one word?

What about all those in ZANU/PF and Zimbabwe who rallied to her banner?

She was going to be elected, wasn't she?

Are we insisting that the day Grace got her marriage certificate, she gave up her right as a Zimbabwean to aspire to the Presidency? If Lula could promote his chief of staff's ambition to be President and Clinton could promote his wife, Hillary's ambition for President, why could Mugabe not promote his wife's ambition, as long as it was within the law?

Finally, will Emerson Mnangagwa, the crocodile , the former security chief,who has the blood of many Zimbabweans on his hands, really be better for Zimbabwe than Grace, the former "First shopper"?

Come on,Give Grace a break.

Columnist: Arthur K
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