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Thu, 30 Oct 2014 Source: Andoh, Isaac Kyei

It’s allover the news, internet and social media; supposed clinical psychologist, relationship counselors and other social commentator have aired their views, with many condemning the Action Man.

I beg to differ though. Before going into the very details of the issue, I want to state emphatically that marriage is not everybody’s irrespective of one’s sexual orientation.

It is not a requirement for salvation or a visa to heaven. In fact, many people are going to hell because of marriage. Jesus never proposed to a woman.

That said, marriage is a beautiful thing carefully crafted by God to provide man an earthly companion for this lonely world. In the process to marriage, a man is the hunter whereas the woman is the hunted. Genesis 2:24: Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (NKJV)

God requires the woman to be submissive to her husband who He has designated as the physical and spiritual head of the union.

The woman is also supposed to be dependent on her husband for all her needs.

This was a little issue when men only tilled the land and hunted for beast before food is served. Civilization and man’s quest to even the burden of keeping the home has made women mandatory contributors to the upkeep of the home and this has drastically gone against man’s supremacy. In this generation, men ask women the work they do even before proposing marriage to them

Women getting competitive in wealth creation as good as it is has affected the harmony in marriage with the man’s position as the undisputed head increasingly being threatened.

Only a few women are able to remain submissive when they rise in wealth and wealth and wealth.

Now back to Arch Bishop.

Christian Action Chapel is a predominantly elitist Church with many rich self dependent single women who just can’t see themselves taking orders from a man- worse so if he has accomplished less.

As a shepherd, he has to adopt a tailored message for the needs of his flocks.

It wasn’t that he was addressing the whole nation at the Independence Square or on National Television. For God sake, he was speaking to his congregation; dealing with their problem head on.

Marriage is the dream of virtually every woman but those who do not attach importance to it at the early stage of their lives end up seeking it when it is almost too late and finally settle for so much less than they deserve. The Archbishop wants to prevent that and people are peeved.

Thousands of women will give up their PHDs and mansions for marriage- including those who were hostile to men at their youthful stage.

Can all those condemning him tell how many women request for prayers to receive the favor of marriage from him? Can anyone tell how many he is currently encouraging not to give up after blowing their chances?

He was speaking like a father to his children, who cares if outsiders won’t obey?

I got your back Archbishop.

Isaac Kyei Andoh (isaackyeiandoh@yahoo.com)

Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei