Increased Police Visibility: Kudos to the IGP

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 Source: Rahman, Abdur

The police in any jurisdiction are crucial personnel whose job primarily is to safeguard the personal and collective security of all persons and their property.

Time without number, we have heard that there are thousands of Police personnel in the security force, yet the question has always been where are they and what exactly do they do?

Over the years, the most visible police personnel are the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) personnel. Their visibility is tied to their mandate which amongst others is to help decongest traffic situations and ensure sanity and safety on our roads.

Now, there is hardly any traffic intersection in town that does not have an officer stationed there; and that I hear is the policy, call it line – of – thought of the current police leadership headed by Inspector General of Police [IGP] Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan.

There still exit the incidence of high robbery and other crimes which can only be eradicated, yet the kind of presence that the Police have established if is anything to go by, well meaning people would feel safe to the chagrin of a few dissident/rogue elements.

What the police presence does primarily at least as I see it is: it ensures sanity amongst motorists who would ordinarily flout ‘common sense’ rules of traffic regulations.

I am advocating for if nothing at all, an intensification of the new phase of the force, so much so that even if the officer is not there, psychologically people are made to believe that an ‘eye’ is watching.

I admire same the urgency with which ‘spot fine’ regime for MTTU offences was promulgated and instituted. It is admirable to me as a member of the public as it is challenging to the service.

The challenge to the service stems from how far this action would go to entrench the perception of corruption that has long been hanged around the neck of the police.

Ironically however, just a few police officers on the road, gave it so bad a name, now here we are with so many officers at least around the capital and I am asking albeit rhetorically; how further can the ‘corrupt perception’ be tamed?

The political calls would come, for your resignation etc. lobbyists to occupy your seat at any given opportunity plus the criminals in society not so much as bad nuts within the service are enough a challenge and I wish you and well meaning subordinates well.

Between now and when you leave this post; however short or lengthy the stay, leave that mark that would become synonymous of your tenure and a signpost for generations yet unborn.

So far so good, the Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan reign has started if you ask me on a bright note and given that we all play our citizens role properly, undoubtedly ours shall be a more peaceful and serene society.

Allah bless our homeland Ghana.

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban newcguide@gmail.com, alfarsenal@yahoo.com

Columnist: Rahman, Abdur