Inside the trenches with J. J. Rawlings - Part 1

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

All political leaders always play on the Term THE PEOPLE. Government by the People, for the People. Food for the Masses. The People’s Interest First. More Water, Houses and Education for the People. However, the Insecure ones among the politicians would be filling their stomachs as they shout those slogans on political platforms and Radio Stations. It is very easy to find such characters in the various political parties when their Party is in government. They start undermining hardworking party members through vilification, character assassination and outright lies against their fellow party members who all helped the party to come to power. You can even see that there are countless within the ruling NDC government today 2016.

Natural Justice demands that those who toil must share the proceeds from their labour, yet June Four Members toiled in the trenches with Jerry Rawlings Rain or Shine, Day and Night Representing the Socialist Left in Ghana and brought Rawlings to power as he stood on the platform of the June Four Movement and finally overthrew the hopeless and Vicious government of the People’s National Party on 31st December, 1981.

In fact, It had not been easy at all in dodging Liman’s Death Squad- the M.I. It was a revolt of the ordinary Ghanaian against social injustice, against economic hardship and against the cancer of corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of the Ghanaian Society and is still in its worst form in the body politic today 2016, why should you blame Prez. Mahama for corruption in State institutions. When the June Four Uprising succeeded in 1979, it became clear that BY THE PEOPLE was meant for those who had no hand in the production of the basic items the political leaders were talking of. By THE PEOPLE was meant THE PARASITIC FEW who only complained when their personal interests had been affected, and its is happening today as some government appointees are seriously working against the victory of the President and his government yet they are paid by the same government. Such people are often AIDED by their Party Executives who create deep divisions within the Party. How can you fight for power on a divided front since every vote counts? Who the Cap fits Let Him Wear It – they Know Themselves these are not my words but I believe it is the stubborn Truth.

If the launching of the 31st December Revolution caught popular support nationwide, it certainly was not accidental because June Four Cadres penetrated the cottages, hamlets, Villages, workplaces, the Police and Military barracks to ensure that the Revolution caught popular support when it is finally launched.

We the June Four Members knew it was going to come, but we didn’t know exactly when because everything remained in Rawlings head. The original date for the launching of the Revolution was 24th December 1981 but a day before some Air force men were arrested by the Military Intelligence and the action was delayed because of their arrest. This happened exactly 37years ago and some people were NOT born in Ghana.


Seven of the June Four members including this writer went to Sunyani on our educational tour. We organized people in the various villages and assembled them in class rooms, football pitches, community centers when we are in the Urban Areas, we wore “T” Shirts of the Popular Front Party (PFP) Victor Owusu’s opposition Party in 1979. When we entered the PNP government’s strongholds, we wore PNP “T” Shirts to avoid detection by the numerous operatives of the Military Intelligence who were used as a Death Squad against June Four Members by Dr. Limann between 1979 – Dec 1981 some one gave a tip off to the Police in the night about our presence in Sunyani and the Chief of the Town who provided us with food and accommodation alerted us but since the road was a ONE WAY ROAD, we will meet them on the way, so the seven of us climbed a huge shady big fig tree full of bats and hid there. No sooner had we climbed the tree than twelve heavily armed soldiers surrounded the Chief’s palace – No Entry – No – Exit – They searched the Chief’s Palace thoroughly and found nothing from 12 am to 6 am and left. We the seven June Four Cadres also climbed down the fig tree and escaped.


On our way to Wenchi, through a footpath one of our comrades was bitten by a snake, we killed the snake and tied the above part of our comrade’s leg and carried him to the main road and heard that the PNP will be holding their Rally in the nearby village but since we had no car, we put a “PNP T Shirt” on our sick comrade and he was quickly conveyed together with the six of us to the government hospital at Wenchi. Incidentally, the doctor who treated him had been a PNP parliamentary candidate before, He detained our comrade for 4 days free of charge and later gave us food and money to go to Tamale since we lied to him that we hailed from Tamale but got stranded. We then continued our June Four campaign from Wenchi to Nkoransa. The Doctor was a “Fool” he did not know that we were working for the Return of Rawlings whom his government wanted to eliminate and continue mis-ruling Ghanaians.








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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement