Intelligence is not for sale but does everyone has one?

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Wed, 23 Oct 2019 Source: Joel Savage

When we were children, we did a lot of mistakes. The more mistakes we did, the more our parents tried their possible best to correct us. It still echoed in my brain when my late mother tells me, “do it this way or that way," and usually concluding with “intelligence is not for sale God provides it free of charge to everyone.”

Human intelligence is not characterized as a coherent, rather it manifests and expresses itself through the set of abilities, behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. When it comes to intelligence does the genetics or the influence of the environment in which we live matter more?

King Solomon, according to Biblical account was one of the most intelligent kings, yet still, he asked God to give him the wisdom to solve problems. Why? That request by Solomon was really necessary as we see the continuous mistakes adults keep making today.

I can’t count the number of times; I have read this comment under an article: “This is another senseless article.” The question is if it is a senseless article, why do you read it? Why can’t you stop reading a senseless article?

They forget that such negative utterances reveal that they are the ones not intelligent. No one forces someone to read an article. If the heading of the article catches your attention, read it or ignore it.

What I have observed is that the reading rate on the ModernGhana news site often goes high and sometimes falls, depending on the subject.

There are times when the reading rate is low, less than 2,500 readers can bring your article to the ‘MOST READ,’ and at times, you need more than 12,000 readers to be in a second position, that means the first article may have registered over 13,000 to 15,000.

How can an article which has registered over 12,000 readers be called a ‘senseless article?’ Does this emanate from jealousy or ignorance?

In the big seas, the big fish always swallows the small ones. Intimidation, jealousy, and hate are everywhere, including social media.

Everyone is aware of that but the only solution is not to be discouraged when you encounter such lunacy experience, just focus and leave those people that use false names to advertise their own hate and ignorance online.

Columnist: Joel Savage