Inusah Fuseini's security installation: A case of mischief

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Thu, 13 Jul 2017 Source: Simon Aikins

One's security is one of the basic things that should not be toyed with irrespective of an individual's status in life. Whether rich or poor, your security should be of utmost interest to the individual and the nation at large.

It is not for nothing that, we lock our doors at night. So I'm not surprised Hon. Inusah was serious about his security. For a public figure of his status, his life and that of his family will always be under threat regardless of being in opposition or in power.

Revelations after hidden security gadgets were found in the office of Hon. Peter Amewu has given me cause to worry. That a whole minister never knew his office was bugged gives room for suspicion and a threat to his stay in the said office. It also shows how porous the security of the ministry is.

It is an indictment on the security of the ministry for their inability to detect the gadgets when they were planted. How safe are documents and workers at the ministry if we are to trust the security at the ministry with our lives?

Hon. Inusah's confession as the one who had the security gadget fixed in the office is fraught with a lot controversies.

According to him, he had the gadget in the office during his tenure as the minister to monitor happenings in his office. That reason in my opinion should not raise any eyebrow. The issue is why he refused to inform Hon.

Nii Osah-Mills who took over from him after he had left tells a lot about his intentions. Did he remain mute on the presence of the security gadget just to spy on Hon.Osah-Mills and Hon. Amewu?

Why did he confess? Did he do that just because he knew he would be exposed? What was his interest in the office after he had exited? I was happy Nii Osah-Mills did not mince words by condemning the actions of Hon. Inusah.

Hon. Inusah's excuse that the gadget was malfunctioning before he left office does not wash. That is the lamest excuse he could ever give.

Why keep it if is not functional and also create room for suspicion by keeping those who succeeded him in the dark about the existence of the gadgets. Was Hon. Inusah expecting them to know by guessing or what?

In this day that, people's nude images are splashed on social media after they were recorded without their knowledge or consent, as a minister whose office was bugged without your knowledge should send shivers the spine. It is a threat to national security.

Hon. Inusah may not have alterior motive for planting the gadget, but his refusal to make it known to his successors has cast a slur on the intended purpose which has pushed people to read meanings into his actions.

If he has broken any law by his deeds, he should be made to face full rigors of the law. We have to be responsible for our actions and accept the consequences in good faith.

I am happy Hon. Inusah has owned up and duly apologized for his actions. That's the hallmark of a man of integrity. We should be reasonable enough to admit when we err and not to be proud about it.

That is a sign of maturity and a departure from the usual propaganda attached to issues that need to be dealt with head on. Cool heads must prevail in dealing with this issue in order to ascertain true motive for the bugging.

Columnist: Simon Aikins
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