Investigate Mr. Abu about the Distribution of RLG laptops in Sisala East District

Wed, 9 Dec 2015 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

As a concerned citizen of Sissala East District of the Upper West Region for that matter of Ghana as a whole, I write to petition the Ministry of Education, Director General of Ghana Education Service, the Regional Director of Education and District Director of Education to as a matter of urgency conduct a thorough investigation into the aforementioned topic.

All the information thus far given by Mr. Abu the District ICT Coordinator on the laptops conflicts with records from other districts and even with information from the Regional Representative of the Company. Some few months ago, RLG supplied laptops to the aforementioned district to be distributed to teachers whom the company had earlier trained.

According to statistics from the district office, 275 classroom teachers partook in the said training. On behalf of the District Office, the investigation-bound Coordinator received 160 laptops. Albeit being less than the beneficiaries, the 160 supposedly received laptops have been ill-accounted for. Most reliably, a whopping number up to 45 of the laptops were mysteriously missing at the point of delivery to the bona fide owners. Thus, only 115 were reportedly distributed.

Despite records showing that 160 were donated to the District, the Coordinator CLAIMS to have received 158 and further claims to have distributed all except 2 or 3 faulty ones. First inconsistency is that 155 or 156 teachers never received laptops in Sissala East as the Coordinator attempts to say non-evidently.

The second loophole in the Coordinator’s information is the beneficiaries. I strongly suspect that some teachers who received the laptops never took part in the training. In consequence, I pray the District Director of Education (DDE) to set the records straight by publishing the names of the beneficiaries as against those who are trained.

Third, Mr. Abu ICT Coordinator’s CLAIM that TWO or THREE laptops are faulty is suspicious because Mr Prosper, the Regional RLG Representative, stated categorically that all faulty laptops were to be returned to their office immediately. If the said 2 or 3 laptops are indeed faulty, why is the Coordinator is still keeping them? Is it that this simple instruction couldn’t be understood or it was misinterpreted? If so, I am reminding the Coordinator to send them to the RLG office for replacement. The over 150 trained teachers who never received theirs are painfully waiting.

These inconsistencies, emanating from nowhere other than Education Office where records talk louder than thunder, are a damning indictment on nation building. One need not see the Coordinator in person for any explanation on the whereabouts of the laptops—all that is needed is the documents at the office showing the trainees and the beneficiaries.

In conclusion, I'm calling on the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, the Regional Director of Education, the District Director of Education and all concerned stakeholders to investigate this matter urgently and feed the hungry public with the required information. More importantly, the culprits should be punished according to law books of the land.

The author Mr. Prince Justice Ali is a sentimental advocate for development and positive change.

Cell: 0204803328.

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice