Opinions Mon, 26 Aug 2013

Is All-Die-Be-Die - A Rendering Of Que Sera Sera

Whatever Will Be Will Be? It Might Be So

Even though there are many things in the world that are undefined, however, there is one thing that is undeniable. And that is “Death”.

Despite the fact that we were all brought up into this world, we will one day all go back into nothingness. Many fear death for the reason that we do not know the unknown. Learn how you can be able to not be scared of death and learn to accept that it is all part of life.

For most people "Death" can be a scary topic for discussion. On the other hand, it does not have to be such scary thing after all. If you want to learn how to be less fearful of death, believe in a religion. For example, Christianity reveals that once we die, we will reign in heaven with God and have eternal life. Putting your faith in a religion gives you that reassurance that there is life beyond the physical world.

We must learn to "Live" each day as if it were your last. Many people cannot do this because we take every single day for granted. One can only realize this if he or she were to live their last day on Earth. Learn to be more giving and serve others. Don't do things that will hurt others around you. We should learn how to "Offer" help to that elder person who is having a hard time carrying his or her groceries. The point is, live a righteous life. Help others, be kind and considerate, and have no regrets. Lead your "Life" as if it were your last day. Make each day special and make it your best.

A lot of us perhaps fear death because it might come sudden to us. What is going to happen to our children? What about my family? If this is the case, encourage yourself to prepare ahead of time for “peace” and make the most one “justice” one of your precious human life principles instead of wasting it.

Another way to be less fearful of death is to stop thinking about it! If a man were to bang his head constantly on the wall and ask his doctor, "What can I do to stop this headache?" What do you think the doctor will tell his or her patient? They will most likely tell him to STOP doing it! In the same sense, stop thinking about death! The more you focus about death, the more you will be paranoid and you will only fear death even more. Understand that "Whatever will be, will be".

If you were told that you could live forever, would it change the way that you live your life? Would you take more risks? Would you be able to live like more peacefully and at ease without at least a certain degree of justice? Think of all the things that are holding you back because of your fear of death.

Can it be said then that “All-die-be-die” is a rendering of “Que Sera Sera or whatever will be will be”. Yes, definitely so! The quote “Que sera sera whatever will be, will be”, was a popular song, sang by Doris Day. So one by one, slowly by slowly do well to overcome all of these fears because we can’t change the inevitable or the unknown. The point is, live without fear! If you are not going to die, what is there to fear?!

Catastrophe of great magnitude like tsunami had taken place. If you die in a car accident or burnt through fire, from drowning, through falling, due to choking, through war of words, through childbirth laboring or from illness, etc., is all about dying and the inevitable is death. Therefore there is nothing scary about “all die be die”.

This “all die be die” mantra that assumed a frightened proportion were all part of the propaganda tools used to imprisoned the citizens of the country of an impending implosion or firestorm.

All because it was given a Political Coloration and a Political Twist, and a similar event is happening.

Peace, peace, peace! It is a tactics that is been used presently with reference to “Election Petition”, that Peace must be cultivated.

Concerning the Peace we seek or the about Justice, it is an abstract thinking. They are strong feeling, without a rational basis, that something is going to happen. Whether Peace or Justice nothing whatsoever will happen.

Finally understand that death is a cycle. People are born, and people die. The truth is that everyone will have to die at some point or another. But, remember that life will still go on for those around you. Therefore why worry about death.

Even after you die, people will still think of you! Your energy will continue to exist, and you will be missed by loved ones who cared about you very much. You will stay in their hearts forever.

Lastly, be encouraged and talk to someone you can really trust. Talk to them about your fears about death and what you can do to lessen your fear. Take note of what the person has to say. Remember, our average life span is over 75 years, so many of us still have lots of years ahead! Don't lose hope and overcome your fear of death!

Que Sere Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be!

Columnist: Akwah, Nana