Is Betty Mould Iddrisu a criminal?

Tue, 23 Dec 2014 Source: Yawose, John

Betty Mould Iddrisu, the former Attorney General, who resigned her post in the cross fires of the advent of the stinking judgement debt scandals, including the Woyome and CP indignities, during the last months of the inept Late President Atta Mills, has won one of the Vice Person positions in the NDC all right. In the run up to the congress, Betty Mould openly challenged those who still think she is corrupt to bring the evidence or they should forever shut their mouths.

I was busy preparing to travel abroad and I could not reply to her open challenge. And now I am back and laugh to realise that Betty Mould Iddrisu has actually schemed and had had herself eventually elected at the Kumasi congress. The issues about Betty Mould Iddrisu are just mindboggling. Tell NDC that they have banked their hopes on the wrong shambling limping horse. Betty Mould Iddrisu's iniquities are a lot and I wonder if she is not a sure candidate for Nsawam, Akuse or Ankaful any day. Is she a thief? Is she a criminal? Let us discuss just one issue.

Readers will recall that, when Mills came to power in 2009, the contractor CP presented a petition and a claim that his contract was revoked by Kufuor administration under dubious circumstances. CP stated that the contract was given him as far back as 1990's during the Rawlings administration by the NDC Roads Minister Dr. Atoh Quarshie to construct a group of roads in the Eastern and Central Regions. The roads were Akim Oda – Nkawkaw / Kade- Akim Oda / Yamoransa - Assin Praso Roads and others. The ministry of highways must have the details.

According to the proceedings at PAC chaired by Hon Kan Dappah in 2011, in the petition, CP claimed for mobilization and demobilization, compensation and Loss of Profit etc on the basis that Kufuor revoked his Eastern and Central Region contracts for no apparent reason and he incurred losses of €130m which was claimed by CP from Ghana government.

According to grapevine sources at the AG's office, that was about the same time CP correctly had been given some few millions of dollars award from arbitration which had taken place in London with regard to his dispute with government on the Obuasi town roads and NAM conference roads claims. CP, by all standards, took advantage of the change of government to press for further but undeserved claims from the Ghanaian tax-payer on the said group of roads including the Akim-Oda –Nkawkaw and Yamoransa Assin Praso Roads.

The truth was that the said CP contract was never revoked by Kufuor administration. CP just failed to perform after several warnings during Kufuor time. CP actually abandoned the projects before Kufuor left the scene.. There was no letter from the Ministry of Roads revoking the contract and CP never attached any letter in his petition to authenticate that the contract was revoked. So on what basis did Betty Mould accept to negotiate with CP? Clearly, the negotiations were non-starter.

Some questions which arise are that:-

1. why did Betty Mould as the Attorney General and the main government lawyer not request for a letter of termination from CP or the Ministry of Highways to verify the CP termination claim to form the basis of the negotiations?

2. How could a fine lawyer once touted to be groomed as Vice President of Ghana be so negligent?

3. Is it that Betty Mould Iddrisu connived with CP and awarded the latter €94m out of the €130m claimed on a phantom negotiation?

4. Was Betty Mould emboldened in her dubious action by a cabinet decision at the time?

5. What were the involvements of the then President Mills and Vice President Mahama in this ghastly illegitimate and horrible transaction which borders on criminality?

6. Did the architects of this illegitimacy just take advantage of the change in government at the time to unleash this gargantuan crime on Ghanaians?

7. Why did the then AG Kumbuor who appeared before PAC chaired by Kan Dapaah in 2011 promise to make the CP arbitration report available to PAC but he never did until that PAC wound up?

8. Is it that Betty Mould Iddrisu is seeking for political protection now which perhaps explains her rush to become NDC Vice Chairperson as a cover for her grave crimes?

Dear reader, put all the above together and tell NDC that Betty Mould Iddrisu who they have elected as one of their Vice –Chairpersons is a wrong shambling and limping horse who could be exposed badly sooner or later.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John