Is Feminism The Right Path?

Thu, 29 Dec 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

An experiment is of no use if what is being experimented has already been tried and tested. The end results of feminist ideologies and laws application are not uncommon. Trying them in Ghana is an unnecessary adventure, given that the results of it is all over the world.

All over Europe where I have been living for most part of my adult life, America, Espanic colonies and many other places have held on to feminism and the good and bad of it has been exposed.

I personally have no worry if women call for equality with men. At one point I even think that it is not really worth crying for, because to me we are equal already. Feminists push becomes mischievous when instead of equality they intend to ride over men and put men in a place where they might be tempted to also cry for equality.

Any abuse, undermining and ill-treatment of womanhood is my worry. I have two baby girls and I am the only man of my mothers five children. I see my wife as a friend and a partner whose say and contribution I uphold with the highest respect. I try to train my baby girls to be in the same class as my two sons I don't intend to allow my daughters to ride over their brothers just because they are girls neither do I give way to the boys to feel more important because they are boys. They are all my children and I love all of them equally. When am providing for them I am even more cautious about the girls because their needs are more. But as much as I want the girls to be comfortable I equally make sure the boys don't lack anything.

I am training my boys to respect their wives and any other woman in the future. In the same way I train my girls to also respect their future men and any other man.

When I first came to Europe I happened to sleep in a hostel meant for the homeless. And in this Hostel I found out that many men who were indigenous people of the country lived with us(poor foreigners without homes) in the same place. As time rolled on, I had conversations with some of this people. And believe me 90% of them had homes of their own. Some had bought houses during their working days and had successfully paid for the houses. Some had worked from their youth till pension. I met one who had served in the army for 25 years. Almost all of them were victims of harsh feminist laws which forced them out of their houses because a former wife did not want to live with them. Some could visit their own children only once in a month or in some case every two or three months on the approval of the women who chased them into the cold.

Feminist laws have cowed the men and have handed over every say to the women. What the woman tells the law enforcer is final men have no defense nor protection. She points the exit to the man out of his own house and he has to take the orders. In my working days here, I met men who told me that they knew how much they earn only by looking at their pay slip. The woman controlled anything that came into the house and gives the man what she desires, this is a reality. The end result is that most European men do not want to hear about marriage. Some have gone to the extent that they will prefer to marry and live with a fellow man.

Feminists entered this countries with the same message they are using in Ghana today. A claim for equality. If my understanding of equality is right, why should women pay less to contest for parliamentary positions in their parties? Why will anyone suggest that girl children be made to pay less fees? Why will a law demand that if a man offends the wife she can dictate that the man be thrown out of the house with just his hand bag even if the house belongs to the man? If a woman slaps a man in Europe it goes nowhere, but if a man dare raise his hand against a woman he will be thrown in jail in.

Fairness should be the bedrock of any law and by fairness I mean our men should not be turned into slaves because we want women to come up. The same opportunities should be given to both our girl and boy children. Let us not open the doors to the culture which has left Europe in shambles. As a nation I recommend that we leave a level playing ground for both the girl and boy child. Protecting the girls because of their vulnerability strength wise and also protecting the boy child because of their vulnerability opportunity wise.

Finally, I will want to make it clear here that feminism should not be tolerated in it's sense of the western culture. Because in their own homes it has caused more damage than repair. We need to build our own society of fairness where a woman will not be looked down upon because of her gender. A society where the men will still be men and the women respected individuals not any less than a man. A society where the laws of God will govern us. A society where we will have it in mind that nations are made up of communities and communities are made up of families and families are built through strong and disciplined marriages where both men and women play their rightful roles. Not when women will like to be men and men turned into women. Any living thing with two heads is a dragon, evil. A marriage like any other institution must have a head. When both couples becomes heads, chaos cant be avoided. This forcible change of positions and status in marriage has led to many broken homes in states where feminism is at it's peak resulting in many wayward children. Children who lacked the full compliments of parental training because either the man or the woman had to do the work of both parents.

Indiscipline can be brought down if good and strong families are built. Children will be trained as responsible citizens from this families and they will grow into responsible adults. Feminism has the ability to destroy the very family units which will lead to more chaos in our society.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame