Is General Mosquito Asiedu Nketiah a con Bui Project Board Member?

Sat, 19 Feb 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I Doubt it.

What is a conflict of interest, one may ask? It is the circumstance of a public

officeholder, business executive, or the like, whose personal interests might

benefit from his or her official actions or influence; or better still, a situation

in which someone who has to make a decision in an official capacity stands to profit

personally from the decision. For example, a judge who rules on a case involving a

corporation in which he or she owns stock has a conflict of interest.

I could hardly make out what Mr. Asiedu Nketiah a.k.a General Mosquito was trying to

put across when questioned about issues involving the Bui Dam project by Kwami Sefa

Kayi on the Peace FM's "Kookrokoo" morning show of Thursday, 17th February 2011 at

about 07:20. He was not only fumbling for words but just going in circles in an

attempt to extricate himself from the intricate maze he has stupidly got himself in.

Mr. Asiedu Nketiah, a Board member of the Bui Authority, had threatened to summon

Former President Kufuor before the board to account for his supposedly dubious

stewardship as the former Board Chairman. He had prior to being exposed as a con

Board member, Mr Asiedu Nketiah, an obnoxious NDC General Secretary, had vaunted to

publicly expose and shame the nude intentions of Kufuor about a supposed Bui City,

an affiliation of the Bui Dam project. According to Asiedu Nketiah, there has never

been anything like Bui City contracted to be built by the Chinese in view of the

entire much talked about Bui Project.

Anyway, the Former Chief Executive of the Bui Project, Mr Fred Oware, rubbished

Asiedu Nketiah's empty boasting by submitting documentary proofs to the Peace FM

radio station for the public perusal. His lack of appreciation for the job done by

Kufuor boiled down to the fact that Asiedu Nketiah had not bothered to read all the

documents on the project as handed to the current Board of which he is a loquacious

member without substance.

Asiedu Nketiah has been exposed as a man without integrity. He is without ethics of

a public holder culture. He has engaged in private business which in any civilized

society would have made him unfit to be a Board member of the Bui Project.

Manufacturing blocks to be sold to the Bui Project at a price almost twice as higher

than that of other block manufacturers in the area is as nonsensical as his attitude

borders on the show of "conflict of interest" What makes his blocks to be of more

quality than that of his competitors hence selling them at that far exorbitant

price? He is using his influence as not only a Board Member but also the General

Secretary of the ruling party to sell his blocks at that higher price to the Bui

Project contractors. How much of his earnings realised from the sale of the blocks

is paid back into the NDC's kitty, a curious enquirer wants to know?

I never knew this skinny mosquito-like being could be as corrupt as those he always

accuses without justification. He should be forced to resign from the Bui Board. His

acts contravene normal work ethics and having compromised his status quo as a Bui

Project Board member, the decent thing to do is to resign. He has in a way

contributed to the additional cost of over a $150 Million needed to complete the

dam. He is in a way stealing from the tax payers.

No body is asking him not to produce blocks for sale. But he cannot produce blocks

to be sold to the Bui Project without first declaring his private interests to the

Board. He should also justify why his manufactured blocks are superior to all else's

in the area hence selling them at that twice as higher price than anyone else's.

Simply put, Asiedu Nketiah is a thief who is cleverly causing financial loss to the

State, period!


Columnist: Adofo, Rockson