Opinions Thu, 17 Sep 2015

Is Ghana still a democratic society?

Hello Ama Ghana,

I just tuned into my favorite news channel to have a clue on what's happening in my beloved country, Ghana, only to be hit by a news that has left speechless and perplexed. Is this Ama Ghana? What is democracy? Do we still believe in Human rights? "Hmmmn" are what came out of my mouth.

Ghana, a country that has been respected and envied by most countries in Africa for Her stance on DEMOCRACY is now practicing what I can't describe.

Ama Ghana, your children were crying, this time not of "DUM SOR" but CORRUPTION in one of your institutions. As this issue is being tackled, the rights of your children are thrown in the gutters by one of your institutions for seeking what's right in a peaceful protest. Ama Ghana, don't also tell me a protest can't be peaceful. I have read and watched people protest across the globe but I would beat my chest and tell you, your children protested peacefully and unarmed. But what happened?

The Ghana police personnel brutalized your children by pouring hot water on them, using of tear gas and beating them with some sticks. Ama Ghana, the police have not only insulted you but the constitution. They have not only mocked you but mocked humanity for denying and infringing on the rights of your citizens.

Eeeeiii, is this the Ghana you and I know? Who gave them the authority to do so? Under whose command?What is our beloved country turning into? Ghana is actually on a time bomb ready to explode and if nothing is done, this explosion would be very massive.

The perpetrators of law are now the institutions charged to protect and practice law. I still shiver as I pen down this article since I no longer feel safe in my homeland, Ghana. Where should we run to if the beacon of light in terms of democracy is now against what it preaches?

Ama Ghana, you won't believe CHELSEA just won a match after losing many matches. I think they are back to business and so should Ghana be back to the Ghana we grew up to know.

I personally challenge the leadership of the country to wake up and protect his citizens from the hands of injustice. To the human rights activists, this is the time to wake up and fight for the rights of the oppressed.

Columnist: Abdul-Jawad Tiyumba