Is It Democracy Or Demo Crazy?

Sat, 21 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Come Again – Ghana Palaver

Many Ghanaians including this writer were shocked to read a banner head line in the Ghana Palava “Captioned – EXPPOSED – NPP Rented Crowd for Konadu – on its Friday May 6th – Monday March 9th 2011 edition and I wish to ask the Editor whether it is Another new NPP or the NPP that we all know with Nana Akuffo Addo as the flagbearer, I am advising the Editor of the paper to go and ask Hon. Kojo Bruce Quansah the former editor what happened to him when he was slapped with a one billion cedis court fine and all his assets were to be sold out and the police station became his second home between 2006 and 2008 during the NPP regime under Kuffour. He must ask the same former editor whether ANY NDC MP or the NDC LEADERSHIP went to his aid and you finally ask him whether they were being paid their meagre salaries before trying to publish Trash and False stories in order to please your pay masters, and if you want to descend into Gutter Journalism by describing party supporters and invited cadres to the Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings presidential launch, as peeved and rejected party members, then be fully prepare to open your pages for a Serious debate with this writer and Ghanaians will see who will RUN AWAY OR HANG HIS GLOVES for deceiving Ghanaians by publishing FALSE STORIES. Did you publish that story because of Dr. Sekou Nkrumah who attended the campaign launch or what? I was invited by the Campaign Team of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and I honoured their invitation and I attended that press conference which was well patronized by NDC youth and NOT NPP youth. Can you give evidence of ANY NPP guru who printed “T” shirts and sponsored Konnadu’s Campaign Lanch? The answer is no. I borrowed money from my brother and went to Accra and saw things for myself and returned to Obuasi. Even though all NDC delegates in the constituencies and Regions were duely invited, none of them honoured Konadu’s invitation.

Are we now really practicing Democracy or Democrazy, political intolerance and greed in the NDC today 2011? When President J.E.A.Mills also went to pick his Nomination Form that day, I was again there even though I was NOT INVITED by anybody, and NOT EVEN my Constituency Executives informed me or my MCE, but I was only informed by a sitting Cabinet Minister via phone, and I went to the Kuku Hill Campaign Office of President Mills and later slept in Accra and left the following day.

President Mills has SURPASSED Rawlings by appointing scores of cadres as cabinet ministers Regional Ministers and DCE’s so I respect and admire him for his honesty and fairness. I attended the occasions as a senior cadre and a staunch NDC supporter. Now, the NDC is heir to June 4 and if you claim to be an NDC and you always condemn June 4 and 31st December Revolutions then you must condemn yourself and consider yourself as a MOLE in the party who is worse than an NPP supporter.

Were you referring to the same NPP with Nana Akufour’s Addo as its flagbearer or a different NPP in this country? Was it not Kufour’s NPP government, that made several attempts to KILL RAWLINGS and JAIL his wife who went to and from the court for 8 solid years, or were you not in Ghana? How can such a vicious Political Party like the NPP sponsor Konadu’s Press Conference with NPP supporters?

Can you look straight to my eyes and describe me as an NPP SUPPORTER in this country? In your own interest and that of your paper’s Credibility, please stop attacking the Rawlingses.

I attended both Nana Konadu’s Press Conference as well as that of the sitting President, now which camp do I belong to? You see, if care is not taken by the Mills Camp as well as Nana Konadu’s Camp, both Camp will antagonize their secret supporters to become apathetic and very angry because they will feel insulted. On both occasions, I borrowed monies to and fro without collecting a pesewa from Nana Konadu’s Camp or The Mills camp because I went there as an NDC cadre who wants the Party to come out from the Congress very strong and united and nothing else, but if you want to descend into Gutter Journalism then You must be prepared to meet your Waterloo and I dare say that you are no match to me. As if that was not enough, you published another insulting Editorial in the Monday May 9th Tuesday may, 10th – 2011 edition of the “Ghana Palava” entitled “following the path of A political Suicider will “Nanaa…….. , Drive Jerry Rawlings to the political Grave yard? Reading that offensive editorial of yours, you again stated that both contestants in their bid to show their support base organized press conferences which in the case of Professor Mills turned into a well attended Mini – Political rally BUT that of Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was an Assembly of Rejected Political Opportunists and seemingly Disgruntled Peeved and Renegade Back Benchers. Like I said earlier, I attended both Press Conferences together with scores of party supporters and cadres, Are you describing us as Rejected Political Opportunists or what? In short, you are the Leading Rejected Political Opportunist, “if you don’t know death, look at sleep” – so goes a Ghanaian Proverb. Instead of using the pages of your widely read paper to promote UNITY in the NDC party – you are rather TAKING SIDES, it will not sent you any where if your aim is to use the pages of your Now Bias news paper to DESTROY RAWLINGS and his WIFE, then you are making a very grave mistake because even Adolf Hitler who died 66 years ago still have supporters in Germany and so whoever Hates June 4 must leave the NDC party, and any attempt by any person or group of persons to demonize the cadres by calling then Rawlings Boys will all fail miserably – mark my words. You are now destroying your paper. If you like assemble all major media houses in the world like the CNN, BBC, NBC, DEUTCHE VELLA TV and all the FM RADIO STATIONS in Ghana against Rawlings and his wife as well as the Rawlings Boys and see-

All of them will flop because Rawlings is a Gem and he must be preserved. It is a contest among three honest party members and any of them who emerges as the Presidential Candidate – it means the NDC has WON, and not that individual aspirant – period – is that clear?

The Ghana Palava that we know from 1992 – 2010 is NOT THE SAME PAPER we read this year 2011.You check it out. For heavens sake, if you do not stop publishing destructive articles against June 4 and the 3st – Dec. Revolutions as well as the Leader of those two revolutions which you never took part, then I will definitely descend heavily on you in a manner, determined by the undying spirit of June 4 and the 31st – December revolutions, which you love to hate and yet claim to support the NDC.

Mr. Editor, can you stand the heat or the Fire works if I decide to take you on for your false and offensive publications? If yes, then, on your marks, Get set, Ready – Goooooo!!!!!

I beg to drop my Bic here in the name of the Father, Rawlings, AND The Son, Atta Mills, and the Holy Spirit, Nana Konadu – Amen.

I shall Return when The Need Arise. We are all behaving as if we have never governed Ghana before – how sad. A Word To The Wise Is Enough!

“Jaan bie I waii”



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The NDC is heir to June 4, and June 4 is NOT about speaking out against WRONG THINGS done by our opponents, and be QUIET when same WRONG THINGS have been DONE by our party members and friends, because WRONG IS WRONG regardless of who commits it.

However, this is what some government appointees including DCE’S and MCE’S as well as Regional and constituency Executives LOVE TO HATE, but it is the TRUTH that will make the NDC attractive as a political party.

After the extreme sacrifice during the 31st December Revolution for 10years from 1982 – 1992 we WILL LEAVE THE NDC IF WE ARE TO TALK OF OUR BETTERNESS during the revolutionary era and the 16years of the NDC in government and in opposition until we won the general elections in 2008. Today 2011 most government appointees will meet you and behave as if they have never known or seen before.

Almost 3 years in to President Mills administration have no work and somebody who did not even vote in the constituency has been given appointment because he is the friend to the powers That Be. However, I am still riding high because I am serving the Umbrella Representing the NDC party and Not individuals who incidentally came and met me in the NDC. If due aim of the so – called New NDC members are to tell lies cheat others and some of us are very Happy that Presdent Mills have finally DENIED THE GH¢90 MILLION campaign cash allegation thrown A BIG CHALLENGE TO HIS ACCUSERS saying is he had such a huge amount, he will use Tetteh Quashie inter – change and the Ofankor where drivers find it difficult to drive through.

We have won the flage membership already a long time ago – says President Mills, and if you want to give me the GH¢ 90 million five it to the are also happy that the President has instructed the security Agencies to conduct an intensive Investigaions into that wild allegation against him. Nobody joins a political party to SACRIFICE FOREVER so the NDC must learn from the NPP. President Mills will go down in the annals of Ghana’s history as one leader who has refused to take his per diem when ever he travel out of Ghana – what an honest patriot he is. Let Mr. Herbet Mensah substantiate his allegations. Even though the General Secretary of the NDC has welcomed Nana Konadu’s ambition when she went to pick her forms at the NDC National Headquarters – The NDC is now awash with Hate, suspicious, bitterness, greed, fat lies, loose talks, and a whole lot of negative machinations that takes place day and night to the extent of assassination plots against fellow party members. You are a suspected enemy EVEN if you are Neutral in the NDC.

Having identified the above negative activities in the party, can we ever unite the party after the Delegates conference in Sunyani? Can you described me as your Enemy and expect me to go out there and mobilise my fellow Northerners to campaign and Vote for you to insult my intelligence again by employing somebody who did not vote and allow me to remain jobless? We me come out clean and united or come our divided and better after the Sunyani Congress ? If you were to be in my shoes, will you do it ? No. Let them misbehave and come round to meet the Northerners once again, since they falsely believe that they are Bull Dozers. We hold power, we are in power Alright, but we are now trying to throw that power away through Backbitting character assassinations, rumour mongering, and these problems does not lie in INSULTS, it does not lie in DIVISION, it does not lie in jumping from one Radio station to another to wash our dirty linen in public by destroying one another.

I am writing from the heart of the beast,I mean, the Ashanti Region, an NPP strong hold where one needs special balls in between one’s legs in order to even wear the NDC “T” shirt and go and talk in a Radio station.

We now have 3 contestants for the 2012 president ticket. Will people be prepared to do the same work as we did in 2008 because this cheating,injustice and insults now taking place in the party. All of you must Read this book entitled“Chasing the Elephant in to the Bush”

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement