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Is John Dramani Mahama the Saviour Ghanaians are expecting to come and redeem them from?

DM John Dramani Mahama VOA.png Former President, John Dramani Mahama

Wed, 2 Nov 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Many Ghanaians are yearning to see former President John Dramani Mahama come back to power to redeem them from their harshest conditions of living come about as a result of the current economic crisis Ghana is deeply inextricably plunged into.

They have come to see John Dramani Mahama as a Saviour they inadvertently rejected, but now feel sorry for their action.

Oh, Ghanaians of little faith but overflowing with abundance of teasable short memory, when did you come to realise that John Mahama is a Saviour who holds the abracadabra wand in his hand to undo the economic crisis Ghana is going through?

Unless he has a magic wand to command the cessation of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, to get the shipments of grains, cooking oils, fertilizers, etc., from Ukraine to parts of the world where they are needed most, and to get Russia to start to export more petroleum and gas to Europe and shipping liners reduce drastically their freight charges, John Mahama cannot do anything to ameliorate the conditions of living of Ghanaians. This is a stark fact, concluded from evidence on the ground.

Destructive criticisms, the trademark of John Dramani Mahama, and his bunch of clueless NDC sycophants will not be able to solve the economic crisis Ghana is going through today. The current economic problem is not unique to Ghana but a global phenomenon, if public readers, especially Ghanaians, care to know.

Destructive criticisms are like sorry which does not put bread on the table. This is in reference to the saying, “Sorry does not put bread (food) on the table”.

John Mahama must declare his suggested alternatives to solving Ghana’s economic crisis in what is a constructive criticism, rather than his hopeless criticisms which are although, satisfying to many a little-minded Ghanaian.

Is it not John Mahama who supports illegal and small-scale surface and alluvial mining (galamsey) as a means of creating jobs for the Ghanaian youths despite the extensive irreparable damage it is causing to the nation’s water bodies, virgin forests, and arable/fertile farmlands?

Don’t Ghanaians know the roles played by rivers, thus water, forests, and land in the survival and sustainability of human lives on earth? Those who have studied geography and biology will be in a better position to tell us, or you had better revisit some of my recent online publications to know such roles.

John Mahama is the least capable person to solve the ongoing economic problems. Even when there were no global economic crises, John Dramani Mahama plunged Ghana into “dumsor” (perpetual power outage), for about four years when he was president of Ghana.

The corruption he involved himself in should be too fresh in the minds of Ghanaians to not want him back sooner but someone like Dr. Kwabena Duffour, if Ghanaians aspire to have a change in government as per their assured change in government every eight years. The damage the dumsor created with the culmination of unemployment in the country is still fresh in the minds of many discerning Ghanaians.

John Mahama is not a leader or a good politician who has the interest of his country and people at heart. He is just a greedy opportunist, a selfish individual who will do whatever it takes to come to power to steal, kill and spoil, the character of Satan as specified in the bible.

Ghanaians, you will live to regret, if John Mahama is your alternative president to Nana Akufo-Addo or any of the soon-to-be aspiring presidential candidates. What vision has he that inspires you to want him back?

I will come again with his many lies told and involvement in corruption of various forms and shapes. A person who is perceived to have bankrolled people like Kevin Taylor to insult his political opponents is unfit for the post of Ghana president.

Ghanaians should ask him to tell the nation how he could have solved the current economic crisis differently if he were president.

The underlying video on how galamsey is spoiling the very tap water we drink will give John Mahama away as a clueless, incompetent, and sheer opportunistic individual who as populist as he is, whips public sentiments to get them to support him for his selfish interests but not for the collective interests and welfare of Ghanaians.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo