Is Kofi Adams the richest farmer in town?

Kofi Adams322 Kofi Adams, National Organizer, National Democratic Congress

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 Source: Badu, K

By K. Badu

My admiration for farmers increased exponentially when I read Kofi Adams farming exploits about how he has been feeding Ghanaians and at the same time reaping tremendous benefits from his farm proceeds.

Apparently, Ghanaian farmers work extremely hard, yet they do not normally receive the befitting rewards from their seemingly hectic schedules.

Disappointingly, unlike their counterparts in the developed countries, Ghanaian farmers do not reap satisfactory benefits from their farming business.

Take, for example, in 2012, agricultural subsidies totalled an estimated $486 billion in the top 21 food-producing countries in the world (Worldwatch Institute, 2014).

Interestingly, these countries—the members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and seven other countries (Brazil, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine)—are responsible for almost 80 percent of global agricultural value added in the world (Potter, 2014).

However, agricultural subsidies are not equally distributed around the globe. In fact, Asia spends more than the rest of the world combined. China pays farmers an unparalleled $165 billion (Worldwatch 2014).

Also, significant subsidies are provided by Japan ($65 billion), Indonesia ($28 billion), and South Korea ($20 billion) (Potter 2014).

Moreover, Europe contributes a great deal towards agricultural subsidies due in large part to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union (EU). At over $50 billion, CAP subsidies accounted for roughly 44 percent of the entire budget of the EU in 2011. And this figure does not include EU price supports, in which governments keep domestic crop prices artificially high to give farmers a further incentive at the expense of the consumer. Including these price supports, the EU spent over $106 billion on agricultural subsidies in total (Worldwatch 2014).

Furthermore, North America provides almost $45 billion in subsidies, with the United States spending just over $30 billion and Canada and Mexico spending $7.5 billion and $7 billion respectively (Potter 2014).

Juxtaposing the huge incentives the farmers in the developed countries receive with their counterparts in Ghana, one would not be mistaken for suggesting that Ghanaian farmers are only carrying out penal servitude.

Given the circumstances, it would take only an exceptional farmer like Kofi Adams to be able to afford umpteen luxurious cars.

Thus, it leaves many observers with unalterable puzzled countenance when the hitherto unbeknownst farmer, Kofi Adams passionately ascribes his wealth to his farming proceeds.

I must admit, however, Kofi Adams farming experience has rekindled my long-held interest to go into full-time farming.

Somehow, the hitherto hand-to-mouth venture has become so lucrative according to Kofi Adams.

My heartfelt gratitude, though, should go to the firebrand NPP’s Sunyani Youth Organiser, Kwame Baffoe, alias Aboronye DC, for igniting the flame.

It all started when the NPP government took over the presidency and the news spiralled around that some officials of the erstwhile NDC government are unlawfully taking possession of the national assets.

Consequently, the intrepid and patriotic individuals like Kwame Baffoe took it upon themselves and carried out citizen’s arrest by seizing the alleged stolen national assets from the suspects.

Kofi Adams subsequently came into the scene when Kwame Baffoe and his patriotic team seized a number of national assets including about five luxurious cars from the NDC Party Organiser.

As it was expected, Aboronye DC and his team actions received mixed reactions from the general public.

There were those who admired Aboronye DC and his compatriots show of patriotism and vigilantism, while other people viewed their actions as disgusting and unlawful.

Apparently, there were accusations and counter accusations from the accusers and the suspect. The police subsequently took on the case, albeit their investigations tilted in Kofi Adams favour.

Upon the police exoneration, we hear that Kofi Adams has instructed his lawyers to sue his accusers for what he anticipates as slander.

According to Kofi Adams’s legal representative, his client has not done anything wrong as he acquired all the numerous luxurious cars through the proceeds from his farming business and other blissful ventures.

Well, elsewhere, the issue would have been laid to rest easily by now.

Obviously it would only take a simple tracking of Kofi Adams sources of income. This could be done by examining his bank accounts, tax records and pay cheques.

Further still, the investigations could focus on the car sellers, including the mode of payments arrangements or how the payments were made.

In any case, the law enforcers must not and cannot continue to disappoint us with their shoddy work.

They should, as a matter of urgency, carry out proper investigations to ascertain whether if, indeed, farming business now pays well.

Columnist: Badu, K