Is Kufuor Not Ashamed Of Going To The Castle?-Part 2

Thu, 10 Mar 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

After Making Several Attempts To Kill Rawlings, Is Kufuor Not Ashamed Of Going To The Castle?-Part 2

When President Rawlings handed over power peacefully to J.A Kufuor on January 7th 2001, all Hell Broke loose on Rawlings and his NDC party as the new administration was finding WAYS and MEANS to eliminate Rawlings as if he was overthrown through a coup de tat by Ex-President Kufuor and his NPP government. Ex-President Kufuor first withdrew all the bodyguards of Rawlings without having the courtesy to even inform him in a crude and primitive show of power. In Ghana’s Constitution, there is NO REQUIREMENT for an EXIT PERMIT before one travels out of Ghana. Neither is there a published list of former NDC officials who must seek permission from anybody BEFORE they can travel outside the country. Yet under President Kufuor’s NPP regime, there was a LIST COMPILED by that tribal and vicious government where innocent citizens travelling and were suspected of having NDC sympathies were stopped, embarrassed and either allowed to travel only after CLEARANCE FROM the Castle, or sometimes they were prevented from travelling altogether. Ghana’s media men and women WERE ALL AWARE of it but they deliberately refused to INFORM Ghanaians in their capacities as the Fourth Estate of the Realm. Under President Kufuor from 2001-2008. The Press became the FAKE ESTATE OF THE REALM. In Ghana form 2001-2008. Oh! Yes, I am a NATURAL JOURNALIST born to write facts without fear of favour and I always write to provoke debate as far back as the PNDC era in 1984.

Those who have suffered under that DIRECTIVE from the Osu Castle the seat of government in Ghana were the following former officials of the NDC under Former President Rawlings namely:

1) Mr. Kwame Peprah (Finance Minister)

2) Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi (Chief Executive of Ghana Investment Promotion Council)

3) Mr. Yaw Boamah (Vice Chairman of the NDC)

4) Dr. Ato Quarshie (Minister of Roads and Highways)

5) Mr. David Adom (Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service )

6) Mr. Simon Abingya (Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy)

7) Mr. Fred Ohene Kena (one time Minister for Mines and Energy)

8) Nii Adjei Okine (Commissioner of Customs, Exercise and Prevent Services)

9) Mr. E.L Quartey (Managing Director of Ghana Airways)

10) Mr. J.H Newman (Chief Executive of COCOBOD and Current Chief of Staff under

Prez. Mills)

11) Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata (Chief Executive of Ghana National Petroleum Company and the most HATED PUBLIC OFFICIAL OF THE NPP GOVERNMENT who was unlawfully jailed politically on the instructions of Ex-President Kuffour but was pardoned out of COWARDICE when Kufuor’s corrupt NPP government lost the 2008 general elections and Mr. Tsikata rejected Kufuor’s belated so called presidential pardon and refused to leave the prison but the Prison Officials released him .

12) Mr. Edward Salia (Former Minister of Transport and MP for Jirapa in the Upper West Region who has since died)

13) Mr. Ken Dzirasa (Former Deputy Speaker of Parliament and several others in the NPP government’s IMPOSSIBLE ATTEMPT TO DESTROY RAWLINGS and the GREAT NDC from 2001-2008 and the Ghanaian Media flatly REFUSED to inform Ghanaians and the world about Kufuor’s vicious, undemocratic behaviour as well as his sheer hatred for Rawlings JUST because the so called NPP was Media friendly. To be frank, Ex-President Kufuor BEGGED SEVERAL TIMES FOR A BLOODY COUP DE TAT from 2001 to 2008 but the Security Agencies IGNORED HIM and now, his Time is up to face a big disgrace. If the NPP believe falsely that Ghana belong to them, let them IMPLEMENT THEIR so called “All die be die operation” with Judas Nana Akuffo Addo as their “Supreme Commander” and we shall see who is who in this country. We however read the following NASTY Headlines from the Ghanaian News papers during the NPP regime between 2001-2006.

1) J.J Rawlings Turned Away

2) Police and Army Surround Rawlings House

3) BNI illegally Arrests Rawlings’s Bodyguard

4) Armed Troopers Shut Down J.J’s Club

5) Armed Robbers Attack Rawlings Guard

6) Assassination Attempt on Rawlings’s Bodyguard Fails.

7) Suspected Assassin Arrested Near Rawlings House! And so on.

All these NASTY state of affairs were undertaken under the instructions of Ex-President Kufuor from the Osu Castle to Mr. Francis Poku the then National Security Co-ordinator . Ex-President Rawlings was NEVER invited to the 44th Independence Anniversary in Ghana at all. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings spent the whole 8 years of Kufour’s Presidency going to and from the court.

The NPP government set out to out law June 4 as a Public Holiday and its celebration by way of a legislation that was BULLIED through Parliament without the Minority’s participation, Dear reader, All these were done as part of the grand design and Kufuor’s Cabinet Agenda to dismantle the formidable NDC, Ex-President Rawlings Party and create a defacto ONE PARTY STATE led by the tribal government of the NPP.

Therefore on June 4th 2001, former President Rawlings advised the NPP government not to engage in acts that would DIVIDE GHANAIANS and ultimately lead to a “VOLCANIC ERUPTION”. In that speech, former President Rawlings advised the NPP government of the LOOMING INSTABILITY” ahead that could undermine the democracy he had patriotically laid his life for. After that speech, the NPP government and its DEPENDENT MEDIA DELIBERATELY TWISTED the meaning of his speech from a piece of rich advice to a provocative speech –in an attempt to turn the NPP government and the nation against the Ex-President Rawlings. Four days after that historic speech, President Kufuor sent his security agents to Rawlings House and his family was invaded by a contingent of 47 fully Armed Military and Police Personnel who went there with FIVE COMBAT VEHICLES and surrounded the residence of Rawlings for THREE HOURS waiting for orders from their Commander-In-Chief, President J.A Kufuor to finally ELIMINATE RAWLINGS AND HIS WIFE and raise their residence to the ground. The former President boldly came out and enquired about the identity of the person who sent them to come and surround his residence with weapons ready for battle.

The Officer-In-Charge of the Operation told Rawlings in a cheeky tone that he did NOT KNOW WHO SENT THEM TO HIS RESIDENCE-Yes, that was Mr. J.A.Kufour, the so called Gentle Giant of the NPP for you. Former President Rawlings was NEVER informed at all about the Military and Police invasion of his residence. General Joshua Hamidu, the then National Security Adviser, the National Security Co-ordinator, Mr. Francis Poku and the Minister for Interior ALL DENIED FLATLY that they were NOT aware of ANY INVASION of Rawlings residence on that fateful day June 8th 2001 how could a security operation of that nature be carried out and the two senior ministers would not be aware of it? The uproar that the Invasion of Rawlings’House caused locally and internationally eventually brought the NPP government to its Knees because THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD TOUCH RAWLINGS and get away with it on the quiet – because Rawlings is a World President while Kufuor is a vicious and green eyed tribal bigot. The next day June 9th 2001, the BNI took over the invasion and illegally entered the three houses allocated to Ex-President Rawlings without his knowledge and BROKE DOWN DOORS AND USED METAL DETECTORS to comb the whole residence in search of guns, grenades and bombs but they found NOTHING incriminating on that fateful day. Rawlings used his own pocket money and bought the 3 new doors that were broken by the BNI personnel on 9th June 2001 in his residence and fixed them back. Ex-President J.A Kufuor, will you be VERY HAPPY if President Mills should treat you like this now that you are no more the President of Ghana?

Ex-President Kufuor made Ghana very RIPE FOR A PERMANENT REVOLUTION because he ruled Ghana as if it was his father’s cocoa farm from Jan. 2001-2008. Ghanaian Journalists stabbed all Ghanaians at their backs for being very bias so they must apologise to us and return all their so-called Awards given to them during the yearly GJA awards organized for the 8 years that President Kufuor’s NPP government was in power because they were all biased against objectivity in both the Print and Electronic Media. I now suggest that when Judas Nana Akuffo Addo implements his so called “All die be die” war slogan in 2012 Ghanaians must first look for the Heads of Radio Presenters at the various FM stations and the Print Media in Ghana because they are the Number One war mongers in Ghana today since 1992.


Another murderous plan was orchestrated by the NPP government to invade Radio Gold under the pretext of FOILING a so-called coup plot by heavily armed men from the RECCE Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces. The so called insurgents who were to be arrested at the Radio Station were among other things to give a false confession that they were instructed to do so by Rawlings so that the NPP could capitalise on that to arrest him. I can cite more and more but for lack of space. Once again, some Heavly Armed Personnel from the National Security trailed Rawlings all the way to Sogakope in the Volta Region ostensibly to make an attempt on his life. When they were arrested by CEPS Personnel after a tip of, the National Security Co-ordinator, Mr. Francis Poku SHAMEFULLY admitted having sent them to go after Rawlings I mean for what reasons did he sent those NPP goons after Rawlings? Only God can tell. This was the way and manner Ex-President Rawlings and his former ministers of state suffered in the hands of the ingrate tribal government of the vicious NPP from 2001-2008. The NPP was so bent on DESTROYING the legacy of Rawlings that they completely FORGOT THEIR numerous promises made to the people in the year 2000.

No wonder they have failed miserably in everything. They only succeeded in ENRICHING THEMSELVES through massive corruption, cocaine deals and collection of Billions of Kickbacks from contractors in Ghana as revealed by Mr. Haruna Esseku a former National Chairman of the NPP which cost him his position.


Frankly speaking, the NPP government of President Kufuor PRACTICED AN ALIEN DEMOCRACY WITH VENGEANCE which was doubled “Property Owning Democracy” throughout his 8 years in office form Jan 2001-Jan 6th 2009 where he announced HIGH SALARY INCREASES FOR WORKERS BEFORE HANDING OVER POWER TO PROFESSOR MILLS. He had wanted the workers to demonstrate against Mills for High wages but it failed. As a moderate democrat and a man of peace, President Mills ONLY INVITED Ex-President Kufuor rather to TEACH HIM that Democracy Does Not Mean War. Democracy Does Not Mean that Opposition Members’ Businesses should be destroyed and Opposition Contractors DENIED Contracts in order to compel them to join the ruling party. Democracy does not mean Political intolerance and murder. He again educated Mr.Kufuor that Tribal Politics as practiced OPENLY by the NPP can one day plunge the COUNTRY INTO A VERY BLOODY CIVIL WAR IN FUTURE. President Mills has nothing to LEARN from Kufuor who cannot even teach him. Finally, Democracy does NOT MEAN that the President of a ruling government must use its National Security Operatives to trail a former President or any opposition member in order to KILL THEM like President Kufour did while in office for 8 years in Ghana.

I owe NO APOLOGY to ANY member of the NPP including J.A Kufuor who is very greedy, wicked, ungrateful and vicious like Mr. Sam Jonah the former CEO of AGC. He forgot that it pays to be NICE to people on your way UP for it is the same people you will meet on your way DOWN, Now Kufuor has met the same people including this writer on his shameful way DOWN and he is now CRYING TO BE A MESSENGER in a RULING PARTY than being an Executive member of an opposition party. Was he not the one who started it all? He is very Lucky to have Prof.Mills as the President of Ghana or else he would have been paid in his own coin because Tit For Tat is no sin. As for Sam Jonah, it was the C.D.R’S of AGC who projected him to fame and he became the CEO of the same Company in 1984 but when he REFUSED to become a Vice President to Rawlings in 1992, there was BAD BLOOD between the two men. Rawlings was a POOR HEAD of state and Sam Jonah was a fabulously RICH CEO of a multinational company and therefore he was very influential in business circles than Rawlings. Despite that, Rawlings again approached him to be his Vice President in 1996 once again, he readily agreed but fled to South Africa thinking that the NDC will lose the elections that year, Rawlings then chose the then Vice President Mills and went ahead to win the 1996 general elections. Feeling ashamed, Sam Jonah returned to Ghana and DISMISSED all known CDR Cadres and NDC members in the MINE and refused to promote several miners numbering over 160 to senior staff positions including this writer and they remained in ACTING POSITIONS from 8 to 11 years after passing their examinations instead of the usual 6 months probation period, until their retirements. Most of them were laid off through a redundancy exercise. Why should Jonah punish innocent workers because of his quarrel with Rawlings? ONLY GOD KNOWS. I am writing this article for the general public and the Ghana Youth between the ages of 16 years and 50 years to know the facts since most of them were NOT born or if they were born at all, they did NOT know the DIRTY POLITICS of Ghana especially that of Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s NPP who used his position as the President of Ghana to travel over 300 times outside Ghana at the expense of the Tax payer and also destroyed the jobs of several businessmen and women suspected to be NDC members. From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee taking Mr. J.A Kufuor to the cleaners and giving him a perpetual heart beat. So Dear reader, this is only a tip of the iceberg, you keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more atrocities that the NPP meted out to all NDC members from 2001 to 2008.






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement