Is Kwabena Agyepong the Blackmailer of the Century?

Wed, 2 Dec 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As Alfred Agbesi Woyome became the notorious swindler of the century according to Ghana court cases held on the duping of the State through the purposeful "create, loot and share" judgment debt payments, so is Kwabena Agyei Agyepong on his way to be crowned the winner of the Blackmailing Competition for the Century.

What is to blackmail, one may ask? Blackmail by dictionary definition is the act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them. Whoever blackmails then becomes a blackmailer, the noun form of the verb blackmail.

I have heard Kwabena Agyepong threaten to reveal some NPP secrets if people dared him or pushed him to the wall. Following whatever alleged knowledge of secret information, be they treasonable, corruption-related, murder, etc. held by him, he is using them as a weapon of mass destruction against NPP and her leadership and the entire suffering Ghanaian masses.

Subsequently, he is behaving worse than a rogue, but with impunity. He thinks nobody within the NPP can say anything to him because of how far he has weaponized his brains with the alleged poisonous secret information like a suicide bomber armed to the teeth in their suicide bomb jacket with additional AK47 assault rifles, hand grenades etc. and will not hesitate a second to detonate the jacket or go into deadly action. The detonation of such bomb jackets causes a lot of destruction e.g. death to people and damage to property with the additional fear of safety that it creates in the minds of people.

For how long are we going to sit down doing nothing concrete but to entertain such roguish attitudes by Kwabena Agyepong, a typically shameless Ghanaian individual who has sold his conscience and integrity, if at all he has any, to the killers of his biological father, the late Accra High Court Justice Ayepong, for money?

We had better take the bull by the horns than to allow him to continue to cause a seemingly irreparable damage to the party Ghanaians are expecting to come to power to redeem them from, or to alleviate, their financial or economic burdens.

In pursuit of his selfish aspirations, he wants to hold NPP and the suffering Ghanaian masses to ransom. Like most of his corrupt NDC colleagues that he is currently in bed with, he thinks only about himself and the welfare of his wife and children. He does not give two hoots about other Ghanaians. Has his wife Lawrencia Agyepong not made this assertion of mine obvious in a statement she made recently in the United Kingdom where she is a student and has DJ Sources of Sources radio UK Online not got a recording on this?

Greediness has blinded Kwabena Agyepong. I pray that NPP will deal ruthlessly with him if he still does not see any sense in our efforts so far made to reconcile things amicably in the party. We should not allow him and his colleagues in crime, Paul Afoko etc. to take the party and the good but suffering Ghanaian masses to ransom.

I promise them that we have people who care about the suffering Ghanaians hence will do damage control to put things quickly back to normal if he does reveal whatever damaging information he holds. He is said to be talking about financial impropriety on the part of certain NPP leaders. A true member of the party will never use this if it was true, to sell the party to NDC to be taken to the slaughter house to be slaughtered and flayed in public, the way he is doing. He is only looking to satisfy his insatiable quest for money regardless of how wickedly his current newfound political friends butchered his father, who in the traditional Akan belief was my uncle, being a member of the Agona clan.

NPP is bigger than Kwabena Agyepong so we should not continue to sit with hands folded around the chest doing nothing while he conducts himself like a foolish criminal who thinks tomorrow will never come hence behaving irresponsibly by each passing minute to frighten NPP about losing election 2016 if he does not have his way. What is his way? His way is to have NPP lose election 2016 to project his agenda 2020. NO WAY FOR SATAN, a clear message to Kwabena Agyepong.

I am sorry to tell this obstinate gentleman that he will surely reap the bitter generational fruits of the curse he is today bringing upon himself and family by way of his never changing, but condemnable roguish attitudes.

As long as many mouths are deploring his attitudes, he is in equal measure being cursed, he should take note of that. "Ano a adi mako ne nkyene..." I pity this poor guy who has been baited with NDC MONEY STOLEN FROM THE NATIONAL COFFERS!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson